Sep 29, 2009

Behind-the-Scenes Shots from Spooks

Here are a few from Season 7

It's the piercing stare via Lucas North!!!

I want that make-up artist's job!
Or better yet... I want to be the girl in the tank top who is just staring at Richard. 
That would suit me even better.

Nice shades. 
(Oooo... RA in a short-sleeved black shirt.  Me likey.)

Eating some grub.  RA even looks cute when he's chowing down.


Another make-up artist, this one giggling with joy.
I wonder if I could show up on the set of Spooks with my make-up caboodle and just blend in? 
I have eyeliner (although this isn't RH) and rouge...What color of base is she using? 
I must know so I can stock up on the off-chance I'm ever in England. hee hee.

To see more pictures from the set of Season 7, go HERE.

And of course, Season 8...

There is a Richard Armitage interview in the Oct. 2009 issue of Filmstar Magazine.
In it, RA reveals Lucas North will have a new love interest this season, and it's not Ros.
"Lucas gets a very tall, beautiful, blonde liason officer" and apparently sparks fly.
(Why not an average height, auburn-haired girl?  What's wrong with those!?)
I'm not sure who the actress is, or what her character's name will be.  Anyone know?

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WitchyWoman said...

Have no idea on the Lucas love interest name or the actress playing her. When I read the article(before seeing these pics) and it said CIA officer I thought "Oh god it cant be that annoying one who put Harry's back up last series(The bomb in the microwave episode) I thought Lucas cant go for that woman surely"

I'm with you Nat why cant he go for an average auburn hair typed girl but I guess she is someone who is the total opposite of Elizabeta.

Part of me reckons its all going to end in tears.

Was it wrong of me to squee inwardly when it said they are revisiting him in prison.Part of me wants to see him getting those tattooos done. Personally I hate tattoos(in real life) but seeing a shirtless Lucas and them is always a fine sight to behold.

Not long till October...cant wait!!

RAdored said...

Thanks Nat for the pics. Don't know where you got the first 2 as I have not seen them before but keep 'em coming as I keep saying.

I too am looking forward to Spooks starting again and this series sounds interesting from Lucas' viewpoint - love interest - woohoo. I just have this awful but nice feeling it is going to be an emotional rollercoaster and one that doesn't end happily but you can't have everything. It will be great to see RA in a love scenario again so however it turns out it will be interesting.

I also wanted to be his makeup girl too when I first saw these pics. Some girls have all the luck! And to think she gets paid for it; I would do it for nothing!!!! I chose the wrong profession some years ago obviously *grins* I also would love to be his *runner* getting him sandwiches etc and driving him about but also missed that vocation too. The benefit of hindsight eh....

Anyway thanks again and keep 'em coming in lorry loads!!!!

mulubinba said...

I love Spooks! Looking forward to seeing more of Lucas when ABC in Oz gets around to airing it!! (Hopefully it won't be 2011!)

Longhairedtoad said...

Thanks for the pics. I always enjoyed seeing those shots again. Counting the seconds until October. this waiting is killing me.

endorwitch said...

I love those Russia photos! when i first saw them last week sometime I went all silly over RA. especially the 'i am stuffing my gob' pic. :D what a dork!

i hadnt seen those pics of him with that blonde chick from the new season before. awesome. i wonder what kinda coffee he likes (top left pic). yes i ponder these things. i have a problem. :D

Andrea Milano said...

Well I'd like to be that sandwich Richard is eating ;-)

Unknown said...

brits really do love tall blond (and not that pretty!) women! after Tom in season 2, lucas in season 8? why why why? not that tall and brown-haired are nice too ;)
I love the pix with the sandwich! I agree with you, he's sexy even with food in his mouth!

Starheart said...

See how that make up woman in the horizontal striped shirt is smiling cheerfully at him?
I'll bet she's thinking 'All those years of touching up pock-marked trolls has finally paid off now i've got myself in this pic. Watch and weep ladies!'

Sue said...

I've heard a rumour that the next future Spooks series may be filmed in Birmingham (that's in the Midlands/North of England for anyone not familiar with the UK).

I don't know how true this is, but it is a possible as some of the BBC have transferred many of their production staff to the North of England (Salford). Perhaps they will be filming in these locations as opposed to being London bound?

Anyhow there has been speculation as to how the actors in Spooks will cope with commuting northwards. Well I reckon Richard will be okay as his mum and dad will only be a hop, skip and a jump away in Leicestershire. (Right next-door to Birminham and Richard did a lot of stage work in Brummieland!) Maybe his mum will visit him on location with some home-cooked grub to keep his strength up.

Can't you just hear him moaning "oh mum, not cheese and pickle sandwiches again!"

By the way Nat I love this blogsite, where my tongue-in-cheek comments are not frowned upon! You sound like a kindred spirit in this respect!

Sue said...

Just found this on another website about Spooks. It's from the "Life of Wylie Blog" for the Manchester Evening News.

It seems Richard does indeed "get his kit off" in series 8 (lovely jubbly!)

Here's the link:

You'll need to copy and paste I'm afraid!


bZirk said...

Just read it. I guess our mystery woman is Genevieve O’Reilly. I admit never having seen her in anything. Should be interesting.

Sue said...

Have you seen the length of her nails! Meow!!!! Lucas had better watch his back - literally!!!

I wonder how she manages to pick her nose with those? Obviously never does any housework girls! Not that I think Richard/Lucas will lose much sleep over that one! (Or maybe he will?)