Sep 30, 2009


Before Richard Armitage had an Army at his command...
he performed (among other things) in CATS on a London stage in the early 90's.
Here are some photos of Richard, our feline friend:

RA singing his little heart out!
Somebody told me they'd "recognize those luscious thighs anywhere."
(Whaaaa?  Apparently the thighs have a following, as I've heard them mentioned before.)

And we all thought Gisborne used a lot of eyeliner!

*Thanks for sharing, SJ!*


Andrea Milano said...

Now I know why I love Cats, hehe!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Maria Grazia said...

Never seen these pics. Thanks for sharing Nat! I'd love to see Richard on stage.

AnnikaD said...

Thank you! it was fun to see :-) I knew well that Richard may be the most he's allartist course :-) He was spot on all scenes. Do you know if there are in the U.S. that they have exhibitions on various films in which fans get to meet their idols if it is here in Europe? It would be really fun to meet Mr. R. Armitage and say a few sweet sentences for him.

phylly3 said...

Wow! Thanks for posting these Nat! Especially the program. I hadn't seen that before!
He needs to be in another musical. I want to hear him SING!!!

Sue said...

Actually he was also in "42nd Street" and I've seen someone on Ebay selling the programme for that stage show too! He was also in "Annie get your gun" (I think he was dressed up in an indian costume!Now that I'd pay to see!)