Sep 15, 2009

My Gisborne Dealer and Her Goods

After watching "North & South" this spring, I quickly ordered the "Robin Hood" series on Netflix.  I just HAD to see more RA.  I went through a viewing frenzy of Seasons 1 and 2,  then realized that being an American, I'd have to wait a long time for Season 3 to come out on DVD since I don't have BBC America. "Nooooooo!" I thought, " I can't wait to know what happens next!"  So sad... until, I discovered some naughty, naughty hoodlums had uploaded the episodes of Season 3 onto YouTube!!!  Sure, it was annoying to have to download each episode in 10 minute increments (especially since my computer can be slow) but it was worth it.  One of those Season 3-uploading rebels was Liisa.  I was like the drug addict (must... have... Gisborne...) and she was the dealer, with her illegal uploads.  We formed a friendship after I sent her a message about an episode I'd watched.  (I had to talk to somebody about these matters... none of my family or friends had ever watched RH and I had to gush!  I didn't belong to any forums or know of the large RA online communities out there.)  Even though she's a big Jonas Armstrong fan and Team Hoodie through and through, Liisa let me go on and on about RA and we chatted about the RH series.  So, in honor of my first RA-related online buddy, Liisa, I am posting one of her Gisborne videos for your viewing pleasure.  She has many more great (and legal) videos on her YouTube channel. 
*Remember to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before watching the video.*
By the way, thanks to this blog and other sites, I've made a lot of RA online buddies and have really enjoyed meeting you all.  It's more fun having people to swoon with!  :)


Starheart said...

One day someone will publish a theorum about the RA/JT effect. How it changes you and drives you to seek out RA features like a terrible addiction. Must have more! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And to want to have someone to talk to about it, who understands your RAddiction. Alas, for many of us we know no-one in real life who appreciates this painful pleasure.

That was a really nice fanvid. Liked the effects. Wish i could do that sort of thing. Looks like so much work.

Random Ann said...

Thanks for the link.
It is nice to have a new voice in the RA addiction of Guyaholics. Welcome to the meetings sign up is in the back along with the coffee and donuts.
welcome ...


bZirk said...


I hear you! :D

I'm normally pretty sensible, so I don't understand this fascination. On second thought, I do understand it a bit. I really like the people I've met online who like RA. I don't know if other fans are like his fans, and I guess I don't really care, but I find his fans interesting people just like he is interesting.