Sep 12, 2009

Questions and Decisions...

Even though the 4th poll hasn't yet come to a close, I couldn't resist starting a new poll question after this week's hot debate. I know a lot of blog readers don't comment and have been curious to know the overall opinion. So vote now and make your voice heard!

I have another picture of "the maybe couple" I could share. (Dun dun dunnnnn!!! *Suspenseful music.*) I think I have come up with a compromise that should satisfy most readers: instead of posting a private life picture smack dab in the middle of the blog, running the risk of "killing the magic" for some, I could post a link to the picture. Then you'd have a choice whether to view it or not. Curious people, such as I, could see those oh-no-how-dare-you photos (which are not even scandalous... taken out in public with the couple posing for the camera) or those who do not wish to see them can choose not to peek.

What do you think???
(All opinions welcome, but politeness is appreciated, "anonymous" folks.)


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea of posting a link. Win-Win situation for all

It would be wonderful to see the couple. Her pic is so very rare.

Please do post it.

Anonymous said...

I just posted a comment on your original pic post.

I'll reiterate my pamin point here :

You are doing a great service as there have been very strong rumors that he was gay and hiding it. That the girlfriend is a fiction. He was lying. That he has never been photographed with his girl-friend.

The rumors really took hold when he appeared with his agent at BAFTAs yet again.

This refutes all the nastiness. You have done a great service.

Thank you very much, especially on behalf of those of us who got of tired defending him and were afraid taht the BAFTA appearance may have hurt his profile.

kristi said...

Your compromise is a nice one, but I still am of the mind to do what you want, since it's your blog. :) And you're posting nothing scandalous! But, I think you're very kind for being sensitive to all your readers want or may raise an eyebrow at. So I do agree, that the link is a great compromise. I support you whatever you do! :) I love your blog!

Maria Grazia said...

I agree with Kristi when she says that everything about the running of your blog is up to you. I love this blog, too. Were there actually rumours of Richard's being gay? Again, this is why I avoid gossiping and go on being interested only in his career. At the same time I respect whatever other people want to do. I'd respect Richard's talent and person, for instance, in any case.

Anonymous said...


Yes, there was quite a firestorm after his BAFTA appearance with his male agent for the 2nd time.

Richard's profile has increased a lot and being repeatedly voted as the "hottest" star.

He gained a lot of new, casual watchers with spooks and rh. Many were curious who his partner was, what kind of woman attracted him etc. Hence high BAFTA interest. When he showed up with a male partner, many descended on public boards like imdb to find out if he was indeed gay.

There were already discussions going on this topic with a few making very specific, very detailed allegations. Most were ignoring this talk. But with RA's BAFTA appearance with the same male yet again gave credence to the rumors and lit a huge fire.

Many casual fans were upset not that he was gay, but that he was lying with his fake girlfriend, taking them for a ride. A few did not even watch the next RH episode as they only watched RH for RA and at that point in time, were not feeling too charitable towards him.

A few of us old-timers dug up old articles where RA talked about the loves of his life, his struggles etc. These calmed a lot of people but the niggling feeling that RA was taking them for a ride remained. What was so special about him or his girlfriend that he had to hide her from the world in a somewhat paranoid fashion?

It was an unpleasant and hurt-filled time. Euphoria that was RA, disappeared.

That is the danger of not confronting rumors or practicing extreme self-censorship.

This is why I am extremely glad that this blog has picked this issue up and sharing publicly known info on RA's love with all.

This info has been available to die-hard fans but no one shared it with wider audience, making them easy prey for the "gay" talk.
Now, "sane" end of the RA watcher crowd can lay to rest the niggling feeling that they were being lied to.

Anonymous said...

just to be clear - people were upset not that he was "gay" but he was creating a fake girlfriend to protect his career like Rock Hudson. People felt that times had changed and why could he not be truthful with his fans, trust them as they trust him.

The interview that he gave in 2006, long before he became the heart-throb, were he opened up about his personal and professional struggles, played a huge role in calming the casual RA fans.

Most of the loyal ra fans already had this info but no one bothered to share it with casual RA watchers who were somewhat bewildered.

It was only when things started escalating to a point where people were talking of not watching RA that few of us long timers chimed in.

Lesson learnt by me- don't hide publicly available info on RA. Be respectful but share it

Debra said...

I have a small copy of a picture taken of the couple taken at an event. She is wearing a black dress. I have read the 2006 article BEAU with a BOW. He spoke very openly about his past loves and current love (2006). Even about losing his virginity. Now that's pretty OPEN (if you ask me)?

Because of the Bafta appearances, the rumor mill went crazy and caused a lot of horrible things to be said about him and (in turn)caused him to take the defense.

Who could blame him?

Nat, if you have a differenr photo than the one that I have....I would be happy to share it with you.

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks anonymous, for your detailed answer to my comment. I'm so sorry. I actually didn't read anything about all this. I've started following R's career since August 2008, when I got my BBC DVD of North & SOUTH, and I've tried to stick to his career .To get updated about everything he was doing or going to do I regularly visited one or two of the sites dedicated to him, RAonline and RAnet. Now I've just discovered some blogs, among which Nat's one and, curious to see if there was something new about his present and future projects, I've discovered the photos of his girlfriend and now this rumours about his being gay. I'm really sorry. I've got the impression that all this must have made Richard just furious. He seems to hate all this interest in his private life as well as this asking him ALWAYS about his fan-base, as to deminish his talent reducing his popularity to his being handsome.Thanks for your explanation then.

Anonymous said...

This blogsite is like a breath of fresh air for me. I'm fed up of mods telling me what I can or cannot comment on. How on earth do they know what Richard thinks or doesn't think about things?

Richard should either "put up" or "shut up" in my opinion and not keep contradicting himself. That's what annoys me! Yes I'm sure he is always sure to say how wonderful he thinks his fans are when asked in interviews. He's hardly going to say they are all one big pain in the bum is he? (Which is what I believe he truly thinks about us, and why wouldn't he?)Especially when we keep contacting his agent about every little bit of tittle tattle that is said about him!

Wake up and smell the coffee people. This is all part of the job for him, and fans are just a necessary evil in the acting business.

I'm sure he's a lovely bloke, but please don't put him on some kind of pedestal and think he is some kind of saint, cos he aint!

By the way love the pic of Annie, do you think Richard's agent is in the bag and she's smuggling him in to avoid buying a theatre ticket? It is after all an awfully BIG bag!(That's a joke by the way folks!)

bZirk said...

I voted "yes, if done tastefully." The potential problem is defining "done tastefully." :D

I really enjoy Richard Armitage's work. Obvious as that might seem by my following this blog, I felt the need to clarify where I'm coming from. Specifically, I really appreciate that he's a thinker -- at least in my opinion -- and how that seems to come across in the nuances of his performances. So I find myself only interested in his personal life as far as his development as a thinker and observer of human nature and in turn a great actor.

As for whom he sleeps with or whatever he does of a sexual nature in his personal life, I find I'm really not that interested for its sake alone; however, I must admit I wonder if "Annie" (whether his friend or girlfriend) is a thinker as well. So I'm interested in knowing that about her since it might mean she's "a detailed actor" as well.

Jacqui said...

It never occured to me that the 'annie capper' on the doodle was an actual person until I saw this picture and the info. It's interesting that RA made this doodle in the same period when he moved in with his GF (or AC moved in with him) -march 2007- Since R likes to create coded messages to his fans for fun the doodle looks like a coded message aswell. ( or not) The boxes could indicate for example: Moving house.
The smilie: Happy for having a GF moving in with you.
The skull and bones: Fear for the relationship may not work out.
Well thats what I read in it now.. ;)
If RA wanted to keep his private life private then why write her name on a paper thats meant for publication..? To me it looked like some scribblings you make when you're on the phone with someone. I thought someone got hold of it or took it to sell on the internet. But then I discovered it was actually meant for 'international doodle day'. I'm sure many of his fans googled the name. Thanx for giving the opportunity of discussing this issue since on the main RA boards this is not allowed.


PS In Holland a song with the title Annabel was a big hit by Hans de Booy maybe its on Youtube.
The lyrics say: I'm noting without you Annabel.. Maybe a good song for RA and AC.. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and loving it!! Posting the link is a good compromise. Go for it.

bZirk said...

I think it's definitely a good compromise, but I gotta say that even though I'm not chompin' at the bit to delve into RA's private life, I'm really puzzled as to why there has been so much angst on other boards about a picture of him and his girlfriend or supposed girlfriend. Give me a break. It's not that big a deal -- just been made into one by the coyness.

Which makes my jaded self really kick in and wonder if the hesitance to give any info is a sort of pr move. Sorry. You guys can mentally slap me for that, but I just can't help being so cynical, and especially about the entertainment media. Wouldn't shock me a bit if they had manipulated the fan sites. Of course I'm thinking of RA's agents pulling this ploy. Like I said, you can mentally slap me for looking at it with a jaundiced eye. :D

Debra said...

The UNCLE GIZZY picture is hilarious.

I wish that I had a life sized copy in my living room...I would gladly display it every ELECTION DAY in my yard!!

Starheart said...

Love the graphic btw

hedgeypig said...

I saw the comments about people not watching him because of his so called 'lies' and veered between snorting with laughter and sheer annoyance. Where is the sense of perspective there. I was actually at the BAFTAs, (well not at -don't think they'd let me in unless I was serving the drinks) and I never even noticed his agent until i saw all the pics. If he was gay and trying to hide it wouldn't taking the person whom these people then concluded was his bloke be um...rather counter productive.
By all means post the link, they posed publicly for the pics but beyond that I don't think we have a right to know anything. he has a right to his privacy and if you don't like it then I'm sure he'll care not a jot that people have stopped watching out of some unrealistic belief that they have a RIGHT to know. They don't. Get over it.

hedgeypig said...

Nat on rereading my comment I thought it make it clear the last bit is not directed at you but at the reality left town on the last bus brigade. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hail the supreme being hedgeypig!!
Hail the supreme being hedgeypig!!
Hail the supreme being hedgeypig!!

WitchyWoman said...

I have no problem with seeing the picture because its been taken at a public event. The problem I have are of pics of a stalker nature when a private moment is being invaded.
I am of the sound nature not to get worked up about him having a girlfriend but there are some among us that will of course be crushed at seeing the pics.
Going onto the topic of the BAFTA'S and taking his agent. From what I gather Richard was working that night. He presented an award. I know Spooks was up for one but even so he was working that night and who helps him get work..his agent. I reckon its a perk of the job getting to go and also at the after party there is chance to mingle and talk shop as it were.
Also as Hedgeypig will know that Richard gets alot of admirers at these events and they make a great effort to be there to see him,give him gifts etc and I reckon if I was his girlfriend(in my dreams) I would say to him "go on love, have a great time etc" because lets face it she gets to be and see more of him than we ever will and she knows how important Richard is to his admirers.
The sad thing is some individuals cant understand that.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind that a picture taken at a public event gets posted either. We are all happy to see pics of Richard as himself. I just ask to leave it at that and don't make assumptions about his companion and their relationship. We know nothing about his private life. He has never named his girlfriend but explicitly said that he doesn't want to do that. So I think he deserves that we keep that in mind and respect it. If we start speculating we may run into a totally wrong direction very easily because too little info is available.

bZirk said...

No fiction can equal what people do in real life, so I don't know why I'm amazed that some people will actually be crushed that Richard has a girlfriend (or maybe has a girlfriend...). Oh brother. At the very least these people need to get a life and maybe seek psychological counseling.

For those who don't want his privacy invaded, it's reasonable not to invade it. Sadly, when someone is a celebrity and recognized out in a public place, sometimes their photo is snapped. Price o' fame whether that's fair or not. Plus, it's hard to know if it was a stalker moment, but if the picture is respectful -- meaning it does not expose something highly personal about the celebrity -- then it seems reasonable to let it appear. A picture of these two standing together would hardly expose anything at this point.

But the important question here is: does a blog have to cater to all these delicate psyches? I'm rethinking the compromise, which I already thought was very considerate -- maybe way over the top considerate. But frankly, it's ludicrous that the picture has to be posted as a link. Post the sucker, and let the chips fall where they may. Laughing as I write that and saddened at the same time.

Of course that's just my opinion, and I don't want to forget that's all it is. I just hope that Natalie isn't overwhelmed by all of our opinions. This is supposed to be fun. LOL! So far she seems to be pretty level headed and btw, has a great sense of humor -- that's why I looked at the blog in the first place. So keep it up, Natalie. :D

Debra said...

I agree Bzirk.

Post the picture? Or the link? It's really your choice Nat.

Mind you, it was a public appearance and he posed for the photo.

I've seen a few photos of him with his agent at the Baftas. Are they considered too personal to post?

I'm missing something here?

The man has a life. He has friends. He enjoys going out in public with his friends.

What torment his life would be if he had to walk on eggshells worrying about such nonsense as
POSSIBLY being photographed, then the picture posted in the media or on the internet.

The photo that you posted was in a series taken that evening. Miss Capper was in several of them.

Also, there were many, many fans there snapping them. He knew it. He didn't mind.

It's not the posting of the photo. It's the questionable comments that come afterwards.

If I were you, I would monitor the comments and post a warning about fans using negative remarks. Because we all love Richard...and it's the nasty remarks that I detest...not the photos.

I don't think he has anything to worry about as far as photos being posted of him that were taken without his knowledge.

I don't think that there are stalkers (with cameras) outside his bedroom window. (At least I hope not.)

**GOSH - I hope that I didn't just give someone an idea by saying that?**

Your forum is fun....I'm almost ready for the next poll....tee hee.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I'm enjoying all of the comments. :)

I like reading different points of view and opinions.

Debra, I don't plan on monitoring comments. I'm not a mod, nor do I want to be. We all get enough of those on the forums. :)

bZirk said...


Oh God I hope no one gets the idea to camp outside his bedroom. LOL! But hey, there are some real nut jobs roaming around, so who knows. :D


I also like it when people are free to post their comments no matter what they are -- short of abusive or pornographic. Of course then you get into the dilemma of defining abusive or pornographic. Man, sometimes you can win for losin' (that has got to be one of the dumbest sayings :D).

All that aside I love a passionate discussion, but I agree with Debra that we all love Richard and don't want any real nastiness said about him. However, sometimes you gotta get that seeming nastiness (or rather snarkiness) out to really discuss something. LOL!

Hope that made sense. I'm running on fumes today, so I don't promise to make sense.

All I know is that this is supposed to be fun, and when it quits being fun and starts being way too serious, I'll lose interest. I have plenty in my life that's very serious, so I don't need more of it.

Debra said...

I agree with you 100% Bzirk.

I think all comments should be welcome. But there are a few who tend to cross the line...and I hope that they stay away from this blog.

And Nat. It's your blog to run the way that you like. You allow whatever language you like...

It's just that when you get some of those nut jobs (as Bzirk mentioned) posting on your blog...well, it takes all the fun out of it.

I didn't mean to try and tell you how to do your business. Sorry.

WitchyWoman said...

Totally off topic but I have to comment that I enjoy your blog Natalie and you should do whatever you want because it is your blog and anyone who doesn't like it can go somewhere else.
Keep up the good work!!

bZirk said...

Amen. :D

Debra said...

Me three!!

mulubinba said...

Posting a photo of any couple who consented to be photographed at a public event shouldn't be a problem, surely? I think all the previous comments have been very sensible. Providing RA and his partner's privacy is not invaded, they are not being harrassed and they have consented to the photo, then there could be no objections. I'm happy to know he has a life outside of work, I'm not interested in knowing much more than that and I hope they can keep their lives together out of the public eye.

Bzirk, yes, I have a suspicion there are a few fans that would be upset by the knowledge that he is categorically unavailable and that the fandom is not as important to him as they might like to think.

JD said...

Using a link to post real-life pictures is an excellent idea, although I have to agree that it's Natalie's blog and the ultimate decision is hers.

jtmh said...

Excellent Blog! Thanks you for taking this topic head on.

My feedback - it is your blog. Do what you want. As you have already posted pics of her (and done a great good), please feel free to continue with that policy. It is excellent policy IMHO.

Second,I admire the folks who are experts on RA, attend events and bring us their pics etc. But sometimes there is a danger of living in a bubble. As someone else mentioned that are a lot more of casual fans whose opinions, questions, concerns etc get frowned upon or looked down at.

Although it is not their intent, their attitude comes across as condescending at best, or as another commented said in your previous post - bullying in the worst case.

Many have left RA watching because of this attitude. It serves no one well.

Richard is more in danger of passionate fans from the "stalkerish" or "icky" end who stalk him or send him weird stuff, than anything we say in admiration or even fan-envy of his girlfriend

bZirk said...

Excellent post! Obviously, I agree. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi - just discovered your blog - very pleased. I was luckier enough to be at this years BAFTA's and almost bumped into RA on the Red Carpet - lucky me again. I saw him alot during the event and he was definitely not with any man at that event.. Would love to see the girlfriend photo

loriBear said...

I agree with the sentiments of many others Natalie. It's your blog, post what you will.

*Personally, of what I can see so far Natalie, IMHO you've shown discretion and not posted or said anything that has been disrespectful of the man. I also commend you Natalie, because you cared enough to ask a question, that in truth, you were not obligated to ask. That shows not only your respect for RA but for us as well!

Anonymous said...

Nat - as everyone has said before, I love visiting your blog. Post what you feel is best. I admire your courage! jtmh makes some valid points above. After an incident that happened a while ago I made the decision to retreat to a blog and not return to RA forums because I felt i was treading on eggshells and was too scared to comment for fear of rebuttal by the experts. (Sorry, this is OT!). Publishing a photo that has been consented to by the couple seems OK to me. Stalkerish behaviour on the other hand is not and i see no evidence of this here.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Debra- I take what I said back about allowing anything. I wouldn't appreciate swearing, so would probably draw the line there. I just meant people can have differing opinions without worrying about being shunned.

Anonymous- (right above) thank you for not thinking I'm a stalker. :) haha. No, really... I love RA as an actor, thinking he's insanely handsome and talented. He provides me with entertainment and this great blogging hobby.
Having said that, I am in touch with reality. I have a husband who I'm in love with and can still make me blush after 7 years together! My heart belongs to him, not an unreal fantasy. :)

Bzirk- When this isn't fun for me any more, I'll quit too. I'll hand it over to someone else. So far I've had a blast!

Thanks everyone for your imput. :)

bZirk said...

I'm glad you're having a blast and commend you for being so thoughtful. Not sure I would be so if it were my blog. But then I've got a bit of a tough hide, er, thick skin that makes me less sensitive then I should be at times. :D

Having said that, I'm mystified that some people are actually afraid to post in some forums. What in God's name has happened that they don't think they can post an opinion (assuming they aren't swearing or being abusive)? Isn't that the point of a forum? Anyway, this fear is completely foreign to me, and I hope that I never encounter whatever it is that's instilled that reaction. I doubt I would be afraid but rather pretty hacked.

Oh, and I also think RA is insanely handsome and talented and like you my husband can still make me blush, and that's after 26 years (yes, I've been married as long as you've been alive LOL!) and four children later. :D In fact, RA reminds me of my husband. No, they don't look alike, but my husband is the most fascinating man I know. Still intrigued with him after all these years. Yep, I know I'm blessed. He also has a wicked sense of humor and teases me about Richard Armitage. My two college age girls also are enthralled with RA, so my husband jokes that he's invaded our house.

Longhairedtoad said...

Once I hear there is a pic of "the couple" I have to look. It's like passing an accident, no matter how horrible it is, you always turn to see.

Anonymous said...

I do wonder what kind of pic you intend to post? Just another one from the same event? I'm sure I have already seen a different pic and of course it adds nothing new. Or that pic from the Kids BAFTAs 2006? Many people already know that. Or something from a different event? that would be new.

The point is not about posting the pic. It is ridiculous to post it as a link to spare some sensitive souls the sight. The problem is that you have brought up this topic at all. RA has never identified Ms Capper or any other woman as his girlfriend, quite the contrary, he said he doesn't want to name her and I personally think if he doesn't want to make her identity know he might not take her to an event with photographers present.

So what I object is that you drag into public domain what has never been made public and might not even be true and sell it as if it is a hard fact. It is not.

Anonymous said...

"Last Anonymous" I SO agree with what you wrote!
I have really no problem with a few pics of Richard with a woman at a pubblic event,what bothers me is that NO ONE knows if Ms Capper is Richard's girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the two above Anonymouses. We don't really *KNOW*. We can guess that Ms. Capper is probably his girlfriend, but that's not the same as having official confirmation that she is. "Possible" girlfriend or even "probable" girlfriend is really all we can say.

hedgeypig said...

One way round would be perhaps to describe the pic as Richard and friend, Annie Capper, as her status as unknown but the fact he took her to the theatre means we can be fairly sure she's his friend. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog, you choice and don't let the self appointed "RA Guardians" get you down. They turn up everywhere eventually trying to direct how everyone should behave. Given that many of them seem to be the sort of fans that follow him round from event to event, send him gifts or drawings, not to mention generally believe that they alone know exactly what RA thinks, one might be forgiven for thinking that they're far more guilty of invading his privacy than those of us "silent supporters" who would never directly get in touch with him but who just wouldn't mind seeing pictures of him and the woman who is most likely his girlfriend which have been taken with their knowledge. If RA wasn't happy for her to be seen, he would not have brought her to an event where there were obviously going to be photographers.

I'm totally sick of these simpering superfans bullying everyone who dares do something that doesn't fit in with their very narrow view of what "RA would want".

Nothing you have done has been innapropriate or prurient- everything you've posted has referred to remarks/images that he has directly or indirectly facilitated being put into the public domain.

So don't let your refreshingly realistic site be bullied inro blandness in the way others have!

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with RA and his companion in particular. It would be just as out of place had it been about another actor or random non-famous people.

Debra said...

I just got lost by that last comment?

He's an international television star making an appearance at a public event (where I'm assuming that the fans were roped off to snap their pictures)? He even was photographed signing autographs at the same event. She was standing nearby. He even put his hand on her back at one point (as I recall).

So, he brought a lady friend. They both were aware that they were being photographed. And apparently, not ashamed of being seen together...
(DANG - I know that I wouldn't be).

I must have missed something?

carol said...

Debra, in the photo that's already posted in this blog, you can see that his hand is on her back. A number of photos from the premier were on sale at Ebay at one point, but in all of them Anne Capper was cropped out. Still, one could see that he was with a woman - his hand on her back or his arm around her shoulders.

I for one am glad to see the photo of the couple on this blog, because she looks different than what I'd imagined from those cropped out photos. I'm also curious to see more photos even though I know many members of the forum where I'm active would disapprove of such curiosity.

I think Richard is trying to strike a fine balance. Sometimes he stumbles, but his heart is in the right place. Ideally he'd like to keep his private life completely private because 1) it's a slippery slope. Once you start revealing details, where do you draw the line and 2) he says it would detract from people's enjoyment of his roles. However, in this age of information overload, it's very difficult to keep anything out of the public domain. He's done a remarkable job so far.

I wonder what possessed him to write Annie's name on that doodle if he's so intent on protecting his privacy. That's what started it all. Perhaps it's an unguarded moment - he was overtaken by flush of happiness. Anyhow, he says he doesn't like to be on guard all the time and he strikes me as a spontaneous person.

Other actors have been open about their personal relationships and still manage to keep their allure. I'm thinking of David Morrissey, Philip Glenister, James McAvoy, Rupert Penry-Jones, etc. Still Richard may be a special case. Admit it or not, many women harbor romantic fantasies about him which would be punctured with concrete evidence of a girl-friend or wife. Even putting romantic fantasies aside, his reticence gives him a sense of mystery which adds to the allure. However, people who've met him invariably report that he's chatty, easy-going and doesn't put on air at all.

I hope in the heat of all these debates we don't lose sight of the fact that Richard is a lovely person who tries to do his best in his work and in his relationship with fans.

I enjoy this blog very much and have a request which may not be in your power to put in place. Is it possible to number the comments? There are so many anonymous, it's difficult to tell them apart. If the comments were numbered, then I could say "In response to comment #5, ...." Thank you very much, Natalie.

Jacqui said...

Well said Carol. :)

Anonymous said...

What disappoints me is the fact that Annabel feels that she has to obviously hide her left hand in the photograph.

Why, I wonder? It has taken so long for us to see Richard being pictured with a female and it seems that she wants to hide something.

If she is wearing an engagement or wedding ring I can't understand the need to hide the fact. It doesn't seem to add up.

I think it's wonderful that we see Richard with Annabel, but that doesn't prove that she is his girlfriend or wife. A close friend, absolutley.

I just think that it's sad. Most of the comments on here are positive and happy for Richard.

Also, I don't think that I've seen such a large handbag like the one that Annabel is carrying. Wonder what's in there....?

Debra said...

Oh gosh...just two more things for me to ponder?

I wish that I could see the ring finger....*sigh*...but I'm content with the label "good friend" - since we don't know any different?

As for the large bag? She's an actress...maybe she had to work later that night?

Actors and actresses sometimes carry large bags/brief cases/backpacks (for some unknown reason)?

carol said...

I for one don't think that Annabel is hiding her left hand. Don't we all sometimes hold on to our handbags, especially a large one, with both hands? Supposedly, there are many photos of the couple from that event out there. I'm sure there's one where her left hand is in plain sight.

Debra said...

You are probably right about the way that she's holding the bag, Carol...I'm pretty sure that I do the same thing?

Funny thought(?)...maybe his publicist sent the picture to get us all excited - during this apparent lull in forum/media news?

****just joking - just joking - step away with the clubs, ladies***

Jacqui said...

I for one don't think that Annabel is hiding her left hand. Don't we all sometimes hold on to our handbags, especially a large one, with both hands? Supposedly, there are many photos of the couple from that event out there. I'm sure there's one where her left hand is in plain sight.

Maybe Debra can help us there.. Don't think A is hiding a weddingring.. Next pic we see of her one may wonder if she's pregnant..! LoL

carol said...

One more thing about the left hand: if Annabel were trying to hide a ring, it would be much easier to leave it at home on that occasion, wouldn't it? What do you think?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I think I shall here-on-out refer to AC as RA's "lady friend."
Many of you are right, we don't know for sure if she's his GF, but obviously she's a friend and she's a lady... so there ya go. :)

bZirk said...

Um, I hate to say it, but even "lady friend" can be construed as girlfriend. You sure you don't want to call her his friend who is a lady? (rolls eyes) LOL!

Hey, if you gotta be this exacting, make sure you get the connotations right. ;) :D

Anonymous said...

I like "lady friend." She's been seen with him at public functions (that one might ordinarily bring a girlfriend or date) so it's not a stretch to wonder if she's a girlfriend. But since we don't know for sure, "lady friend" is a nice compromise. :)

bZirk said...

"Lady friend" is a nice compromise; sounds nebulous enough.

I'm just teasing about all the nit picking.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

You are sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor.
I like it. :)

VB said...

Picture please!!!!!

I just want to see any picture of him, no matter who is in it!

Anonymous said...

So what may I ask happened to "CAT" woman?

Annabel's not a dancer is she? or in musical theatre? Maybe he's gone back to "old faithful"

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that the Beau with a Bow article which has a lot of comments from him about his romantic history is far more revealing of private life (if accurate) than any picture of him at a theater with a friend.

...and why not Anna Capper and her friend Richard Armitage???

Anonymous said...

It seems that the relationship has recently ended... I like your blog, good work.

bZirk said...

I hate to nitpick but apparently not so much that it's keeping from posting this comment. LOL!

Just because a girlfriend moves out doesn't mean the relationship is over. But do we really, really care? I know I don't. Heck, maybe he wanted her to move out or it was mutual. I don't care what the reason was. He'll find someone.

I just pray he can stay sane with the women who are apparently sending him chocolate knickers (or whatever it was). ROFLOL!!! What possesses someone to even think of that? If I were going to send something with some sexual appeal (which I NEVER would, but if I were), it would be something a lot more intriguing. But hey, people who do things like the chocolate knickers are here to make the rest of us look good IMNSHO. :D

Unless of course it was a joke, then nix everything I just said. LOL!

Since I'm making this such a long post (I promise to try for pithy in the future), I might as well add that I love the "Pachabel Meets U2," Natalie.