Sep 24, 2009

All Spruced Up

"Tux Week" continues with some of Richard's characters dressed in their finest.

Gisborne's version of a tux:

Poor Gizzy. He wore his extra-special leather trenchcoat (with a little color added underneath) and even tucked his hair behind his ears for his wedding day... only to have Marian punch him in the face!
(I guess that's what you get for lying about King Richard returning.)
Guy has had his messy days of course...

John Thornton's version of a tux:

JT is one guy who knows how to look his best, am I right?
But I especially like it when he dresses down a bit...

Is that an exposed neck we see!?  Oh my!

Harry Kennedy looks extra handsome
when he trades in the sweaters and scarves for this:

However, that winter wear is pretty cute.

John Standring ditches the hat and coveralls,
gets a haircut... and WOW!

Some may prefer his "before" look instead:

Lucas North cleans up nicely.

Although I've heard some find his tatoos and scroungy look sexy.

This is as dressed up as you'll see Claude Monet...
...unless you count his orange vest as formal. :)

*Side note: my buddy Ragtag did a review on "The Impressionists" that I loved!
(The same one who did the hilarious review on "North & South" featured earlier.)
Check it out HERE.

So which do you prefer- snazzy Richard or scruffy Richard?


Starheart said...

Snazzy, scruffy, snazzy, scruffy, snazzy, scruffy, tomahto, tomayto.
He's gorgeous anyhow. Except at times as Monet. The pics you've chosen are milder chin things.
I don't mind the scruffy John Standring either.

Debra said...

Why do we have to choose?

I would take 'em with or (without) the tux.

Heck. I'd even take without clothes (if that's what HE preferred). But I'm trying to keep it vote scruffy.


Relle said...

It's too hard to choose, my favourite moments are undoing his cravat in N&S as well as in a suit in Spooks. I disolve into a puddle everytime I see that photo at the top of your blog Nat. Keep up the good work, you make my day everytime you do an update.

Mulubinba said...

I have a weakness for a man in a suit except for Gisborne .... I think he looks better in a scruffy state. Definitely prefer RA clean shaven, with a bit of length to his hair and in a darker coloured suit.

Mulubinba said...

MTA - quite like him in jeans as well.

bZirk said...

For a long time I thought I only liked him scruffy. He does do stubble well. But then I saw him in that suit in Spooks. Wow. The dude does look great in a suit too. LOL!


This blog is totally turning me into a fan girl. Oh, I was part fan girl, but now I'm really slipping over the edge. :D

endorwitch said...

lol - your blog posts about Richard are so random and fun! No new news? LETS MAKE OUT OWN! lol!! :)

and i vote scruffy! though he does look pretty all spruced up in a nice suit. but yeah - scruffy gets me everytime.

WitchyWoman said...

Oh I like him suited and booted (thanks for the Lucas pic)but I have him most ways. Although the Gisbourne wedding outfit did make me laugh and say "aww he dressed up for the occasion and even put on more Guyliner"

I really dont fancy a man in speedos BUT after seeing Richard wearing them...faints. That should have come with the warning your eyes may be damaged in the process. Its like looking at the sun. You know you shouldnt do it LOL.

Keep the pics coming!!

Unknown said...

his work as an actor is so incredible! when you compare him especially between sparckhouse and spooks for example, it's hard to believe sometimes that's the same person. I prefer when he's in suit anyway
and I really like him in the first episode of spooks season 7 (the air cut! not the "sport trousers", excuse my french-english) and when he's half naked (glurps)

kristi said...

I'll take him whichever way he comes - he looks edible in every look! :)