Sep 24, 2009

Richard at the 2009 BAFTAs ~Part 2

I was just thinking to myself,
"I don't want to do another post. I like opening the blog and *BAM* seeing RA in a tux first thing!"

And then I came across these photos, thanks to a friend, which means...  more eye candy!
(These must be the "official" BAFTA presenter photos.) 

Speaking of official, I declare this
Richard Armitage in a Tux Week... at least on this blog.  

Doesn't this give RA a 007 vibe?
I know, I know... I need to move on from the BAFTAs (and I soon will)
but just give me a moment to stop staring at these photos.  Must... gain... self control...


Anonymous said...

Definitely 007! I have been thinking of that since waaaay before the tux!

Debra said...

Thanks again, Nat!!!

007 was exactly my FIRST thought!!!! (how funny)

I wonder if his name was ever put in the hat when Daniel Craig was cast?

If not? It certainly should have been.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nat - just love the last piccie. He has a dreamy look in his eyes. Don't apologise for keep posting BAFTA or any pics like these. You have some lovely friends and tell them just to keep 'em coming.

He would definitely suit 007 but not sure whether he would fancy taking over a used character. He seems to prefer original characters and maybe he might be considered *old* by the time Daniel Craig gives up the role. I personally think he would be in his prime and it would be great for his career. Just don't want to lose him over the pond that's all. Not sure he could handle the heightened celebrity profile either.

Thanks again Nat - more please!!


WitchyWoman said...

Faints at keyboard.

Love this theme Natalie.

Can't stand James Bond films but Richard does look the part for it in those pics.

Right now its like that scene in the vicar of dibley when Harry keeps calling back and in the end he says "No reason just wanted one more look" then he sighs and says "there"

I have jobs in the home to be getting on with. Just need one last look "there" LOL.


Just a suggestion if you run out of the Tux pictures. Lucas North wears a suit just as good..hint hint

endorwitch said...

pic 1 made me giggle. Richs trademark cheesy grin! SO CUTE! but yes - pic 2 am definately feeling the Bond-vibe!
Anyways - no need to apologise - we all like to ogle! :D

Longhairedtoad said...

You're killing me with these. You know that right?

Move over 007. There's a new spy in town.

bZirk said...

Definitely 007. Boy I don't know which one I like best. Maybe these are as great as 2007. :D I know I do like looking at them. LOL!

Annie said...

Hell's Bells! The last in the batch of yesterday's photos where he was laughing was enough to make any sane woman go all wibbly and melty...I check back here today and find more!

Did I do something to you in a former existence? Are you trying to kill me? Though what a way to go...

Is there a part three????

loriBear said...

Hey Nat... if you ever figure out the formula for obtaining that "Mush...gain...self control..." thing.. would you let me know. I think I need some!


Starheart said...

I'm loving tux week! For once i'm not wishing for the weekend.

Mulubinba said...

Tux week!!! Great idea - love all of these!