Sep 23, 2009

Richard at the 2009 BAFTAs

Time for some eye candy, ladies!!!
BAFTAs (British Academy Film and Television Arts) = Richard Armitage in a tux! Yesssssss!!!
*Warning: a large amount of exclamation points will be used during this post.*

On the red carpet:

Uh-oh... those eyes are mesmerizing! 
I feel as though I shouldn't look directly into them, yet I can't help it!!!

I think he's doing the trade mark "piercing stare."
I bet he was thwarting mischief at that very moment, as Stick-Figure Richard previously demonstrated.

Backstage, preparing for his presenting duties:

I swear I didn't crop Sarah Alexander out of this picture.

I love this one.  You laugh your little heart out, RA! 
Wouldn't it be funny if he snorted when he laughs?  (I knew a girl in college... nevermind.)

Richard Armitage and Sarah Alexander presented
the award for Best Comedy Performance to David Mitchell.

Stop drooling on your keyboard!
And stop kissing your screen.
Have some self respect, people!!!
(I told you, a lot of exclamation points.)

*Thanks to Deb for several of these pics! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, I had only seen black-and-white versions of the pics with him on the sofa. They looked very artificial, like a elaborate photoshot, which was their charm, but those look a lot more natural.

jtmh said...

absolutely jaw-dropping pics!!!! thank you!

Is it any wonder we are all ga-ga over him?

Traxy said...


Thank you kindly! Awesome pics! :D

Starheart said...


The first image on the couch backstage...something about it is very John Thornton.

WitchyWoman said...

Oh Goodness.
Confession time. I have this "thing" for men wearing suits. I think even a scruffy bloke can cut it in a nice suit. I put this "thing" down to the fact when I was younger 16-18 yrs old and we went out nightclubbing. They wouldn't let the lads in without a shirt and tie. So most of boys wore suits. I met my now husband back then wearing a suit..sigh.

These pics of Richard backstage make me just want to sit on his lap( Come on you are all thinking that too!!)

Natalie you are right those pics have to come with plenty of !!!!!

Another thing I have to mention is the way my jaw dropped seeing Lucas in the suit. Didnt care much for the tie(the colour of it) but phew he looked mighty fine there and after on the grid when the tie came off.

Thanks alot Nat I have to go and crawl back into the gutter where I came from.


Debra said...

YES!! OMGosh. I do love these backstage pictures. Thanks for posting Natalie.

I swear that man gets better looking everyday....

Maria Grazia said...

Great post, amazing pics. I hadn't seen them anywhere yet! I too love the last one.

endorwitch said...

the guy looks gorgeous. what else can you say? i was looking at some candid shots from the red carpet the other week on one of the various RA sites and the sun was glinting off his lil stubble. does he ever NOt have stubble??? :D

bZirk said...

I also have a thing for a man in a suit. Not that all men look great in a suit, but a lot of them do (if it's fitted right), and Richard Armitage looks fantastic in a suit. I love the Spooks episode when he wears a suit! But if I'm honest, I preferred his look at the 2007 BAFTAs where he had the suit that didn't quite fit and the long hair. I'm just a sucker for long hair on a man. Not past his shoulders but longish.

As for stubble, I suspect he's just got a heavy beard and has to fight the five o'clock shadow. My husband is the same way. On our wedding day he had a barber shave him in the afternoon to make sure there was absolutely no stubble. By 10 o'clock that night he had some stubble. So much for paying for a shave. My dad had the same problem and so does my brother.

Unknown said...

Love the last photo where he's sat down and seems to be laughing at something. But how's a girl supposed go to bed and sleep after seeing these?!!!

loriBear said...

HUH? Did you say something?

Longhairedtoad said...

Lord have mercy!

Mulubinba said...

Great photos ... I like the one of laughing RA on the couch.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I'm another one who has a thing for men in suits. I work in a casual IT environment so when our men dress up for visitors, it's a treat.

But these go beyond Treat into What a Joyous Day! God Loves Us and Wants Us to be HAPPY!