Sep 9, 2009

Richard's Drawing for Charity

In response to Kristi and Maria's comments for the last post,
(read the previous post and comments if you don't know what I'm referring to)
this is the picture Richard doodled on a napkin for charity:

Ah-ha! You can see that he wrote "Annie Capper with me."
(Nice handwriting, by the way... no really, it's good for a guy in my opinion!)
You can see the link for the charity along with the drawing HERE.Once again, time to dissect this to bits.
Is the thing in the top left supposed to be a piano? Is this a retarded pirate's map with the skull and cross bones? Is that Season 3 Gisborne-haired-looking stick-figure labeled "French Spy" supposed to be Annie, aka: Annabel Capper?
It was very sweet of him to do this for charity.
That being said, stick to acting Richard... you're much, much better at it! :)
You know, if I ever got ahold of a napkin RA drew on, wiped his face with (or blew his nose in for that matter) I'd frame it and put it in the living room in place of my family picture. (Sorry kids, you have to move out of the way for RA. Priorities, you know...) Either that or sell it on ebay for thousands from one of the crazy Army ladies! haha. (It was a joke, AA members. Clearly I suffer from my own Team Leather issues. Don't unleash the hoards on me.)


kristi said...

You found it! Yay! :) I got a charge out of this drawing, but sadly have never spent as much time as I should have dissecting it - I am in complete agreement with you on what I'd do with a drawing of his I came across - or discarded whatever - it would be framed and put on my fridge, or wall - replacing family photos. Not ashamed to admit that at all!

Now I'm off to dissect the meaning of the drawing...are there any hand-writing interpreters in the group?

Maria Grazia said...

At least, I share something with Richard! Neither of us can decently draw!!! Yes, better he sticks at acting. He is MUUUCH better at it!

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered who/what 'Annie Cappe'or 'Annie Capper' was in that doodle.. So it's actually his GF..? So actually RA gave it away himself..? When did he made the doodle? Around march 2007..? Hmm.. ;-)


Relle said...

Did you notice that the handwriting is different when it references Annie vs the rest of the writing in Captials. Maybe that was Annie writing that?