Sep 9, 2009

Richard's Woman?

Some of the last few posts have focused attention on RA's leading ladies...
but the REAL woman in Richard's life is most likely this one:

Annabel Capper

I'd never thought much about RA having a significant other since he's very private about his personal life. Then I recently read this article that mentions in the second-to-last paragraph that he lives with his girlfriend in London who works in the theatre. Every time I've searched "Richard Armitage's girlfriend" online, this woman's name has come up and she fits the description of a London-based stage actress.
Sure, we all have crushes on RA due to the "Thornton Effect" and like to think of him as "ours."
However, I think it's great that Richard has someone to share his life with. (Especially since most of us have boyfriends, husbands or partners of our own, right? No need to be selfish.)
You can find out more about Annabel here.

Now let's scrutinize this, shall we?

Is it just me, or does Annabel have some similar features to RA?
She has a strong jaw line, her eyebrows have the same arch (although thinner & nicely sculptured) and her eyes are kind of shaped like Richard's as well (although they're green, not blue.) She is definitely beautiful.
On a random note, her face shape reminds me of Lucy Griffiths (aka: Marian.)
Okay, I'm done over-analyzing now.


kristi said...

It's not just you - I've long thought there were similarities in their features. But science does say that we are most physically attracted to people that resembles us, which is interesting. :) He did a drawing for charity once - stick figures of him and a lady, and the caption was something like "me and annie capper" so cute. And from the way he's talked about her in the past, it seems like he'd been in love with her for ages - they were friends for quite some time, and it sounds as though she initially took some convincing before she dated him. Seems he's just as romantic as Thornton is, awwwwww....

Maria Grazia said...

Well, I read about a girlfriend living with him in South London but ... never heard anything more ... she's so beautiful! But where did you, kristi, read all that? Where did you see his drawing? Anyway, if she ACTUALLY is his girlfriend, she must be a saint...waiting for him in London while he is 6 months in Hungary shooting RH each year for three years! And now he is and will be in South Africa and soon after finishig with STRIKE BACK, he will come - yes COME - to Italy for at least two months ... mmm...she must be a saint if this story of their affair is true! He deserves this and more but ... she MUST be a saint!

kristi said...

Maria - I'll try to find the article where he mentions her, it's been so long! I think I was reading between the lines a bit, but it wasn't anything that was hard to read! I found it once amongst my obsessive web-searches r.e. all things RA. I'll see if I can track it down! Our good blogger already tracked down the drawing, YAY!:)

Anonymous said...

RA and Annabel at the premiere of a play this year.

They are still very much a couple.

cRAzy said...

Thanks for this info. I think all who are genuine RA fans will be delighted that he has someone in his life which as an actor can be a very lonely one. It has long been thought that Annie Capper is his girlfriend (from the clue in the doodle).

I couldn't be more happy for him and as long as he is happy then that is all that matters. I pray that the press don't pry into their personal lives and leave them both to enjoy what they have. I also hope that their relationship survives and flourishes all the trials and tribulations of their uncertain professional careers.

God Bless You both and may you continue to both be very happy. Good luck RA.


Debra said...

As I stated on the other blog, I think that she is a lovely lady. (A lucky one, too - may I add?).

If they do have a serious relationship? It may have evolved to a point where they are feeling better about being photographed in public? Any oppinions that he had spoken previously in the press may have changed - depending on how serious the relationship has become?

He may someday realize that his true fans wish him ALL the BEST and HAPPINESS and will be happy just knowing that he has a lovely home life. (Whomever he chooses?)

These are all hypothetical questions at this point.

I wish him all the best and hope that he does realize his true fans welcome any photos of him with his partner and are thrilled for them both.

Debra said...

I read her work history last night. She stays pretty busy (as an actress).

There was talk that she had visited Hungary a few times during the RH shoot...does anyone remember where that was posted?

I can't was so long ago.

Anonymous said...

IIRC someone posted on IMDb that RA's girlfriend visited him on the RH set and that she was nice and very shy. But I don't think it has ever been said that AC was that lady. That's the dangerous thing about these discussions. People fill the blanks and quickly "girlfriend visited him" becomes "AC visited him" even if it might have been a different woman. Besides, there is no way to know if that information from IMDb is reliable.

L R said...

You're right.

That's true about any forum/blog (unless the person in question is running the website themselves - as many celebrities do). Thus, giving them the opportunity to stop the stories before they get out of hand and also giving them the chance to set the fans straight.

But this seems to be a blog, where opinions are welcome. To date, all opinions on the subject I have taken to heart. A lot of rumours have been straightened out for me and I'm glad.

Trying to stop the public from commenting on photos that are already out there and being circulated in private circles, doesn't necessarily stop the speculating...but it could possibly make hypocrates of those trying to conceal/control them.

Debra said...

Let's see.............

He's doodled her name (AC).

He's been photographed at two public events with her (AC).

He appeared on stage with her (AC)in 2002 (so we know that they've known each other for a long time).

He's admitted to the press that he thinks that he's in love...

He's admitted to the press that he's moved in with his gf and they're very happy.

Frankly, I'm happy just knowing that he's happy. The photos of him looking happy are just an added BONUS as far as I'm concerned.

**Even if she (AC) is JUST a GOOD FRIEND joining him at some public functions?**

I think it's worth noting on an open blog.

Some of you don't...that's OK with me.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the article in which he said he might be love indicates that the woman is a dancer and that it is someone who was in CATS with him. This doesn't match Capper's resume. Of course that was in 2006.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Annabel can be his girlfriend because Richard said he met his girlfriend when they were working on CATS together and in her bio it doesn't list CATS as one of her roles. Also Richard said his girlfriend is a dancer not an actress.

Anonymous said...

Whoever was Richard's live-in girlfriend, according to his interview in today's Daily Mail, has recently moved out.

How sad?

Anonymous said...

I was so sad when I read that. Perhaps he brought Annabel Capper to that opening just as a friend, because the girlfriend was gone at that point. We may never know.