Oct 28, 2009

9th Poll Results ~Hollywood for RA: Yay or Nay?

Poll Question:
Would you like to see Richard Armitage "go Hollywood?"
(Become better known & appear in blockbusters.)

No- Prefer BBC or low-key roles: 32 (25%)
Yes- I'd love to see him on the big screen!: 39 (30%)
Mixed feelings: 55 (44%)

What!?  You guys don't want to see RA as the next action/adventure star?
Or a heart throb in a popular romantic comedy?  Come on!
I personally have mixed feelings, since I don't want RA to become tainted by Hollywood nor overly exposed... but I voted "Yes" because those doubts are overruled by the fact that I would LOVE to see him on the big screen!  On one hand, I enjoy RA being "under the radar" in the US (feeling like a few of us here have this great international secret that others are missing out on- even though I know his popularity is growing) but then I contradict myself because on the other hand, I have this weird need to "convert" as many Americans as possible to RA fandom!  Can anyone else relate!?  I wonder if maybe RA doesn't want to make big blockbusters?  Perhaps he prefers TV roles and sticking with BBC stuff? (After all, he is a modest fellow and doesn't love being the center of attention.)  RA has the talent and looks to succeed in Hollywood, so I think it's only a matter of time... unless he doesn't want that for himself.  

Okay, time to explain yourselves!

WHY do you have mixed feelings?
Or WHY do you prefer RA to have lower-key roles?
Or WHY do you think he would do well on the big screen?
(Even if you didn't vote, go ahead and add your two cents!)


Debra said...


I love the various projects that he has done in the past, and he seems very happy with the life that he has made at home in the UK.

But, if being discovered by the overseas producers means(guaranteed) additional work (which he evidently thrives on) then I hope that they (the overseas producers)can deliver it for him?

But I (personally) don't like how that whole "HOLLYWOOD" wheel turns...if you know what I mean?

loriBear said...

I voted YES, because I would like RA to be able to succeed in whatever he does. I've seen other actor cross the pond and yet still hold onto their roots there in England.

If RA himself is not interested than I would not begrudge him that and would continue to support him.

**Oh and Natalie, it's been my personal goal to expand the fan base here in the states too. I've been fortunate to have increased the sales of N&S many, many times over. I've currently lost count of how many copies have been sold from me showing it to a friend, them buying it and then showing it to a friend. It's a wonderful thing!

WitchyWoman said...

I voted "Mixed".
In an interview he mentioned going "across the pond" and doing some casting work only to be asked "now can you do that in an american accent" which Richard(at the time) thought he was doing...ouch!!
That must have knocked his confidence a little.
I suppose it depends on the role.
Part of me loves the fact he is in some cases an undiscovered talent.The selfish part is he's ours so hands off Lol. I'd love him to be wanted for his talent and not just because of his looks(I feel sometimes Hollywood cares more about the looks).
I reckon if Richard did go to Hollywood it would be because the role felt right for him and he believed in it enough for him to take the plunge.

bZirk said...

Definitely voted mixed feelings.

I'd be happy for him to just be in the same types of things he's been in so far, but I think he deserves to be in something really fine on the big screen.

Frankly, I don't know what would be best. I think a romantic comedy is just, well, blech. It would have to be a really clever romantic comedy -- like maybe along the lines of the cleverness of the Vicar of Dibley episodes. But hey, the star of that was Dawn French, and RA was just along as the straight guy. I really have no desire to see him do that again because it doesn't really showcase his talent. So if it were clever and he was also the lead (truly), it might be good. But for the most part romantic comedies are dreck IMNSHO.

He needs to be in something that would probably have been offered up to Daniel Day-Lewis when he was younger. Totally picturing RA as Gerry Conlon (faint) or Hawkeye (double faint) or Bill the Butcher, etc. Or maybe a role offered to Russell Crowe today (with the exception of Robin Hood, which btw, I think is a total joke for him to play, and I'm a big fan of Russell Crowe as actor; shaking my head at that one). So yeah, I could see him as The Gladiator or The Insider or Cinderella Man. Could totally pull those off. Surely there are other pieces of this caliber.

All I know is that if he's in a movie where the director really understands who he has in front of him, it will be good. I base that on seeing several of RA's performances and many of them more than once so that I've begun to actually tell how the director was perceiving his acting ability as well as the character.

Frankly, as crappy as Robin Hood was at times, the directors of series 1 and 2 understood his acting style and were able to highlight it to really add to his character and the series.

And of course there is Charlie (note to self: got to check that website again). I hope that Mike Ogden does indeed understand what he's about, and if he doesn't that Hollywood or whoever has a great piece to film recognizes his talent when they see him on screen.

bZirk said...


This is at least the second time I've broken my rule to never double post, but chalk it up to your great blog and the RA effect that the dissertation I just wrote was not quite enough. LOL!

For years Daniel Day-Lewis has been my favorite actor (at least 25 years now; he is the man), and RA has totally challenged that, and just may be overtaking Daniel any day now. He just needs some roles of the caliber that Daniel's had. I hope he gets them.

Oh, totally picturing RA as Christy Brown, Newland Archer or Tomas (I may pass out on that last one :D).

Blast! he needs his own set of great big screen characters!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Bzirk: I love Russell Crowe and DDL too. I don't think RA would've made a good Cinderella Man because he's way too tall and not the bulky boxer type. I enjoy a good romantic comedy (RA would've done well with Colin Firth's role in "Bridget Jones" for example) but I enjoy romantic dramas even more and we all know RA could pull that off! *swoon*
You're right... RA needs his own set of big screen characters!

WW: I read that article about RA and his terrible American accent... but I don't want him to have an American accent. I love the way he talks- don't mess with it, movie people!

LBear: We're on the same mission. RA will conquer our country before long. :)

Deb: I hear ya.

bZirk said...

Oh, I just loved the Cinderella Man (obviously :D). Maybe he didn't have to be a boxer (yeah, I know it's a true story). It's just a great character no matter the sport.

As for converting people and basically selling N&S, I should have bought a piece of Amazon or at least associated with them on my blog so I could get some kickback. LOL!

Unknown said...

I didn't vote in this poll, but if I had, I would've voted mixed feelings. Back before I knew Richard existed (can't even imagine that now, LOL), I was head-over-heels in love with Ioan Gruffudd thanks to the Hornblower made-for-TV films. Then Gruffudd tried to move into Hollywood, with definitely mixed results. I couldn't stand the live-action Dalmation movie he was featured in, and the Fantastic Four movies left me cold. One of the few exceptions was his turn in Amazing Grace. IF it was handled right, I think RA could make a huge splash in Hollywood...but I don't want it done just because it's the thing to do, you know? So much of what comes out of Hollywood isn't worth the time of an actor of his caliber (in my humble opinion!). ;-)

Starheart said...

Me Mixed Feelings too!
We're a protective possessive bunch aren't we. I think all of us are a little wary of the hollywood machine and don't want 'our' RA to get chewed up and spat out!?
If there are more quality roles on tv than in movies then it seems safer to stick to the good stuff?
But that's not going to stop me recruiting every blasted person I know to go watch Charlie.

Maria Grazia said...

I voted mixed feelings. But I didn't think of myself. I thought about Richard, about what he has stated many times in his inteviews... and he has mixed feelings . Does he want that kind of success? Maybe he is not so sure of that, especially since he started talking about wishing to be behind the camera... What do I wish for Richard? Exactly what he wants for himself. It's up to him. I'll be happy to hear he is happy and satisfied with what he does. Whatever it is.

phylly3 said...

I can understand having mixed feelings but how can someone be a fan and NOT want him to go on to the mecca of all (movie) acting talent -- Hollywood! Of course I love the BBC productions but I crave seeing him on as big a screen as possible and have more people know how great he is -- and then say "I was a fan way back when..." -- Just like my older sister says about the Beatles! (She heard them on short wave radio before they arrived in the U.S.).
Really!! Sir Laurence Olivier went to Hollywood, Sir Anthony Hopkins too, and of course it furthered their careers!
Especially when RA has said he wouldn't turn down work, then you know that those Hollywood producers haven't been coming to court him yet! Why not, I'll never understand! They should be stalking him like we want to, and begging him to grace their movies with his presence!
I am doing my best in my own little way to educate people about his fabulous talent, but it is not easy with so little available out there for people to see!
Even if he takes roles that are beneath him, he will still shine.(ie. Robin Hood)!
Look at Michael Caine. He has been in a ton of movies and he always does a great job!
But RA has so much MORE going for him! I foresee GREAT things for him if Hollywood ever wakes up and gives him the consideration he deserves!!!
Whew! My rant is done now.
Back at you!

Longhairedtoad said...

Sorry but Hollywood is so corrupt and everyone wouldn't know lie if if bit them on the tongue. They're all into having the right image and "knowing people" and I wouldn't want Richard tainted by such fake acquaintances.

Not that I wouldn't want him on the big screen to enjoy and he has said he wants to go there. It would be incredible to see him on the big screen wouldn't it.

But it seems to go against his personality as this quiet, shy person. I like that we have him just under the radar and could enjoy his works without feeling the whole world hanging on our banks. It some way is makes us feel closer to him, that he is just ours to enjoy.

I wouldn't mind if he did a role or two, maybe enough to get his talents exposed and give him additional work. But not to the point he gets swept up in the crazed Hollywood madness.

You don't need to make the A-list for us. You're already there... you always have been.

Avalon said...

I voted mixed feelings partly because the real Richard is an actor and I assume every actor wants to go global but from reading his interviews he seems so down to earth, I would hate for the limelight to change him. I think he is talented and could make it in Hollywood but like many of his fans I would not want him to go through the horror Hollywood pushes their actors through. Hollywood would want to change him and they can be so cruel in doing so.
When I was a teen I admired Justin Timberlake. He was a simple southern guy and you got that humble likeable impression from his early interviews. Now look at him. I still like his music but what drew me to him is completely gone. His head is in the clouds. I think no matter how hard one tries not to change, they can’t help but fall prey to Hollywood's presumptuous whirlpool of vanity.
I feel the same about Ben Barnes and wonder if he is now in the early stages of transition.

Random Ann said...

Believe me I am with LHT I would love to see RA in anything big or little but Hollywood is terrible,it tries to take actors and use them for type. I voted mixed because I want to see ALL he can do in big and small roles and if he goes Hollywood I worry that he would be placed like a Clive Owen type and not allowed to develop so much. I feel sorry for Clive he had so many great roles but now all he has is the si like roles and I know he is getting the role for a new movie where he is just a single dad but those rare roles are far between. I do not want to make RA another 007 wannabe for us.

Kristie (J) said...

I just discovered this blog so missed in the vote - but if I had, my true vote would have been no. But let me explain!!
One of the things that are most appealing about him is his modesty. And I'd hate to see him lose that adorable aspect of himself.
Plus Hollywood is plastic. It's fake and it would break my heart to see him become part of the plasticness. And the actors coming out of Hollywood just don't strike me as very good actors. I'd any of the roles he's done against the best known actors in Hollywood - Clooney, Pitt, Damon - I could go on and on - but he cleans the floor with them.

Sue said...

I didn't vote on this one, mainly because I couldn't make up my mind. Mixed feelings would describe it best. If he did go into films it would have to be a quality production. I wouldn't like to see Richard in some crummy part or some trashy American soap/drama, he's way too good for that and I don't think that's what Richard would ultimately want to do, whatever the pay was (although that helps of course!).

WitchyWoman mentioned that he had auditioned for a part with an American accent, I don't think Richard was being very serious when he said that they then asked him to "now do it with an American accent" that is just Richard's charming sense of humour and is something of a standing joke over here in England. That "okay now do it using an accent" is often said in jest. This is why Richard often gets misunderstood, because often he is just joking and doesn't mean what he says to be taken too seriously.

I would like him to further his career and the obvious progression is to go over the pond. What I do have misgivings over is whether Richard would be happy doing that kind of thing or not. It would have to be the right script. Personally the more I see Richard the more I think what a great James Bond he would make. Not the traditional Sean Connery type but Daniel Craig seems to have created a more exciting, tough and credible Bond, not so cheesy. I was quite surprised when I watched the latest Daniel Craig Bond movie on TV the other week. There was plenty of action in it (with some wry humorous moments) and I would certainly enjoy Richard in that type of role, as it would bring it in line with the 21st Century. His role model for Bond should be Roger Moore, smooth, slick and highly intelligent with a little bit of emotional underbelly. Daniel Craig is very good as James Bond, but Richard has a natural sleekness to add to the role. Those corny old Bond movies could do with updating and I would love to see Richard in the one where he gets married and she gets blown up in a car that was meant for him. He could give it some emotional umphh! Okay now what was the original question? Sorry I tend to digress.

In a nutshell. Yes I would like to see Richard break into movies, but British made movies and not the American tripe that often gets made (sorry don't mean to be insulting to any Americans it's just that storylines aren't their priority when making box office hits).