Oct 21, 2009

Date Confirmed & Another Spooks Article

The BBC Press Office has listed the
new season of Spooks
to begin Wednesday, November 4th. 
(See HERE.)  Thanks GE for the link.  Hopefully they'll stick to this date!

With Spooks 8 beginning in a few weeks, there have been a plethora of articles coming out. 
(Side note: "plethora" has been one of my favorite words since seeing "The Three Amigos" as a kid.)  Star Magazine couldn't be left out and they have a new article and pictures which you can see HERE on Richard Armitage Net.  Thanks RA Net for posting it! 

My favorite part of the article isn't about Spooks, but when Richard, referring to his time as Gisborne said,
"I've spent 3 years with a face like thunder!"


bZirk said...


Thanks for posting, Natalie.

Plethora is the perfect word because it even overwhelms your tongue. Or maybe that's just me. :D

WitchyWoman said...

About bl**dy time. Fingers crossed the Radio Times will have something Spooks related in next weeks issue.
Roll on 4th November. I cannot wait.
Now I just have to find a big enough pan to whack hubby with because I just know he will try to cover my eyes when Richard comes on screen.
Loved that Star mag picture.Just a shame it was the wrong way round.

bZirk said...


That's been corrected.

Maria Grazia said...

Wow!Lucas is going to be back soon! And he looks so gorgeous in those new pics!Thanks Nat!

Starheart said...

Just itching to get that torrent.

bZirk said...

Yeah, I've got several possibilities on viewing -- unlike last year. This year I'm prepared.

But I gotta bitch a little about that Star Magazine article. I guess Star doesn't hire from Oxford. LOL!

They actually wrote one of RA's quotes like this:

"I would of hated to grow tired of that character."

People who work for Star,

Could you please learn to use proper English? And this is coming from an American. :D How embarrassing for someone to be quoted like that. If it were something casual like a forum or blog comment, that would be one thing. But something supposedly written and edited by a professional? Hideous.

I'll go back into my hole now.

phylly3 said...

Right on Bzirk! That kind of thing in print drives me nuts too!
Anyway...the quote about a having "a face like thunder"! lol But we LOVE that Richard!
Seriously, he should be in another comedy though. He was so sweet in the Vicar of Dibley. We do love his smile too. Heck! We love it ALL!

Anonymous said...

Ah but what a face... It has been worth it. First eps is going to be nail biting stuff!

WitchyWoman said...

Last night on Watch they started a series 7 re-run.
It was so hard not to grin like a cheshire cat. After it finished I had to laugh at the voiceover man who said something about how good Spooks is and its great with Richard Armitage in it(can't remember the exact words) and I said aloud "I totally agree"...cue Hubby and the rolling of eyes he does so well.
Roll on 4th November.

endorwitch said...

haha - i love dthe 'face like thunder' comment too. that guy always makes me chuckle!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Longhairedtoad said...

It's about time Spooks will be released, by why the wait until November? I want Lucas back now!

Face like thunder? Not the words I'd use Richard. ;-)

Anonymous said...

So Ros sends Lucas North to extract information from the new CIA agent, yeh nice one! So that's what he's going to be up to is it? All in the name of spying of course, nice work if you can get it!!!!! Roll on the steamy scenes!!! Just lie back Richard, and think of England!!!!!

Avalon said...

Thanks for posting as I rarely scan the fan sites anymore