Oct 22, 2009

Destination: Thornton's Arcade

Today we're featuring a lovely place to shop
in Downtown Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK:

This "destination" is brought to you (on a Thornton Thursday) by our Canadian RA-fan-buddy, Phyllis.
The picture was sent to her by her daughter Sarah, who is  attending college in England. 
She felt this was a kodak moment, knowing her mom is crazy about RA... what a sweet daughter!

Unfortunately, Sarah didn't run into any cravat-wearing cotton mill owners who look like this:

otherwise, Phyllis we all would've been on the first plane to Leeds. :)

If you know of an RA destination, please let me know!


Starheart said...

There's a Thornton near Newcastle which is in NSW where I live. Very sleepy town.

Maria Grazia said...

Well, when I was in London last April, my hotel was near Baker Street - yes I know, you are interest in Mr Thornton, not Sherlock Holmes. The second street turning right from my hotel to Baker Street was Thornton Street! No pictures, I'm sorry. My husband is still wondering why I stopped, stood there excited at a simple plain street sign saying, "Good, I do like this place!" He commented : "We haven't arrived yet. I'm checking the numbers, we are near but not arrived yet!"

Longhairedtoad said...

Hmmm... wonder what kind of shops they have there... bet they sell cotton shirts . LOl

bZirk said...

Very cool!

One of my closest friends lives in Thornton, Colorado (over the "hill" from me). No, I guess that won't do. But hey, we have some lovely mountains here. LOL! Maybe we can entice RA to Steamboat Springs ski resort (about 15 minutes from my house). I heard he likes to ski.

Okay, back to Thornton. :D

WitchyWoman said...

A place I have been to when on my way to Skipton in Yorkshire is Gisburn(Ok I know it isn't spelt the same) but it makes me think of Guy and Richard LOL.
I know its already had a mention by someone else here on the blog.

Of course where I live we have a Thornton's chocolate shop.

phylly3 said...

Oooo! Chocolate! People have said RA's voice is like chocolate! RA and chocolate...[swooning]! :P