Oct 8, 2009

Lots of Lovin'

Richard Armitage wants to be admired for more than his looks.
After all, he is so talented, he can pack a thousand words into the smallest expression or gesture.
So his appearance is just an added bonus for his many adoring (hormonal) fans.

Having said that...
Although his talent isn't skin deep, Richard sure does show a lot of skin in his work!
Are we supposed to ignore all that gorgeousness and focus merely on the artistic merit?
It's impossible.  Impossible, I tell you!!!

"Hanky-Panky Week" continues with a look at more bare-chested moments to add to
the Lucas, Gisborne and "Between the Sheets" pictures that have been featured earlier this week.

not for children or those prone to fainting.

Exhibit A:  "Cold Feet"
We've seen this recently, but here's another look at this one.

I wonder how many ladies would fake a drowning with this life guard around to give CPR?

Exhibit B: "Ultimate Force"
I wonder what will happen when Ian McIlwain opens the door dressed only in a towel?

This is what happens.  Suddenly she's shirtless too... how surprising!

Coincidence?  I think not.
After all, RA's characters seem to score quite a bit of action...

Even Monet with his goofy hair has a way with the ladies!

John Mulligan seduced his way into Ellie's arms in "Moving On-Drowning But Not Waving."
Sure he was a con-man and charmed his way into her affections... but it is proving my point.

Naughty, naughty John.

And then there's "Sparkhouse."
Sure, it's a marriage of convenience of sorts (for her anyway) but even
shy, awkward John Standring gets some lovin'.

Aw, look... they even lit some candles to set the mood.

Now just to set the record straight, I'm swear I'm not a sex-crazed lunatic! 
I just wanted to prove a point that while our beloved RA claims to dislike all the hype over
his physical features, he sure does show them off often enough!  Not that anyone's complaining. :)
(And with an upcoming love affair in "Spooks" I'm sure we can assume there will be more.)

Now, let's take a look at what I find to be the
most sexy Richard Armitage scene EVER:
I'm giggling just thinking about it...

How's this for a "Thornton Thursday"?

Ah... so great!
(And observe, he is fully dressed.)
While Richard is undeniably attractive showing off what he was blessed with,
I think we can all agree that there is no skin neccessary for him to make a scene unbelievably hot!

Happy swooning. :)
*Just wait until you see what I have in store for "Photo Friday" on this particular week!!!*


Starheart said...

My fav shirtless would have to be Ultimate Force. It was the best thing about season 2. *Sigh*

WitchyWoman said...

Thankyou Nat for the Ultimate Force pic(I didnt really care much about the show but I watched it. The things I do for Richard)

Another thing I've done is read "Strike Back"(speed read it at times. The writing is awful) . I know details are changed for the series but there is a S*x scene in it which I reckon they'll keep in...sorry hope they'll keep in.

I love the Thornton pic and melted watching that scene.

Sue said...

I remember the scene in Ultimate Force where he answers the door just wearing a towel (a face cloth would have been better! Tee hee!)

I swear I can never hear any knocking on the door when I watch that scene. He just seems to come out of the bathroom straight to the door.

Then she says to him "You kissed me, in Herford". That's when I burst out laughing! I've never been kissed in Hereford before (but then I'm a northerner!). I can't help wondering whether either of them (or both) burst out laughing at the delivery of that line cos I know I would of!

Oh yes then she gives a little tug at the front of that towel! I wouldn't be surprised if Richard hadn't secured it with a few safety pins to make sure it doesn't come off! Spoil sport!

bZirk said...


I love how you proved that he has his clothes when he's at his sexiest -- even though I'd be lyin' if I said I was oblivious to seeing him in a towel.

Hmmm. If this is what you've got so far for the week, I'm really wondering what's up your sleeve for Friday. I started to say you have to out with a bang. (Someone slap me for being allowed access to a keyboard before coffee.)

BTW, what's up with people answering the door in towels? Has anyone ever asked themselves that question when watching something like this? Anyway, that's never made sense to me. Oh, yeah, I get that it moves the story along. LOL! But what "normal" person does that? Then again, do we care? :D

endorwitch said...

lol...Cold feet pic '"Exhibit A: "Cold Feet" We've seen this recently, but here's another look at this one.' - you ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

but re the Thornton pic.....the thing with Rich.....he can wear clothes covering him from neck to toe....as long as i can see that jawline i am a GONER! i love it. and i can be mesmerised by it in scenes - i love when they get close ups of it.

Longhairedtoad said...

Yum to all those shirtless pics. The one that always comes to mind is the amour fitting scene, but maybe that's just me.

He does show off a lot of skin, not that it's a bad thing mind you, but he does just as well with all the clothes on.

I could take any fully clothed scene from N&S and fall down in a swoon over the man. Just brood at me, that will do it.

bZirk said...
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bZirk said...

Oh, the jawline and the brooding are definitely a one, two punch!

Haylie said...

What a sex-crazed lunatic you are Nat. Just kidding! I agree-- RA doesn't need to be bare to be at his most gorgeous! His characters really do get a lot of "action." That Monet wig is terrible in that photo! I still liked the show, though.

phylly3 said...

Yes. The fully-clothed kiss gets me every time! The lip action from this man should be studied and emulated by all potential kissers! Is there a class somewhere? If he were the teacher -- sign me up!

Avalon said...

The man has got to know he is sexy! But it is boyish cute that he is shy.