Oct 9, 2009

A Must-Read Article

If you have not read the October 10th Daily Mail article about Richard Armitage, click HERE.
There are some great photos, talks of Spooks and some sad news for RA:
Whoever his live-in girlfriend was (whether Annabel or someone else) she no longer lives with Richard.
"He admits ruefully that the live-in girlfriend he mentioned in previous interviews has recently moved out. A casualty, he implies, of such a fast-paced professional life."
Aw... poor Richard.  If his heart is broken, I hope it heals quickly.  That goes for his former roommate too.
The article isn't all about Richard's love life.  Here's another great quote from reporter Allison Pearson:
"You know, I wonder if being a late starter isn't the key to Armitage's vast appeal. By the time we first clapped eyes on him as John Thornton, he was already a proper grown man, in sharp contrast to all those snub-nosed pretty boys who pass for movie stars these days. Richard Armitage reminds you of those calm, classic leading men of the 1940s and 1950s - the men with the depths below the still waters."
Amen, sister.


Starheart said...

What a fantastic article. "burnished and indecently handsome" Yeah! oh can't wait for Spooks. Though it's sad he's alone again.

Avalon said...

Ok I know I am not commenting on the subject but just wanted to let you know that I finally started a blog after much encouragement from my nieces and nephews who love blogging and I linked to your blog under my fave blogs....I just love your site!

Avalon said...

Now on the subject...Wow in real life he is nothing like Sir Guy but a bit like Thornton....

Mulubinba said...

I agree with the statement that he has the characteristics of the classic leading men of an era gone by. Perhaps this is his appeal and he's a very good actor. I also wanted to snaffle her pic of Lucas but it disappeared into my computer somewhere.

WitchyWoman said...

Wow what a picture with that article.
I'm sorry to hear about the break up.
I really like Allison Pearson. Her book "I don't know how she does it" is so funny. I just wish she'd write another.
Also she is a Richard fan and I thought that was a lovely interview.

Maria Grazia said...

I think and usually say in life Richard is his best character, or at least, the one I like best. Nice blog you've started! Congrats.
If you have a look at Mulubinba's blog, I've imagined me and then you in a ... let's say ... the same fancied situation in my latest comment there...;-)
Thanks for this interview and for being so quick in updating your blog for us!

bZirk said...

Allison Pearson completely nails his appeal!

Avalon said...

Thanks Maria. I am new at this and one of these days I will understand how to make a better looking blog.

endorwitch said...

thanks for linking to the article. iprobably wouldnt have seen it for days otherwise! :D
he seems like such a lovely chap. i'd love to sit down and chat with him! :D

anyways i have also added this blog to the sidebar of mine.....considering i read it more often than any other blog in my sidebar i figured it was appropriate!

phylly3 said...

What an awesome interview! Thanks for posting that Nat! I agree totally with the interviewer that we want to see him dance -- the Tango! imagine!!! I also am longing to hear him sing! Such talent -- and underused at that. And he is so humble! No wonder we love him so!
Now I'd better stop gushing and get back to real life... Afterall, my package from Amazon.com came in this week with "North and South" -- the book and Season 1 of Robin Hood. RA has completely taken over my life. (I need help!)

bZirk said...


Have you seen North and South yet? If not, ohmigosh, you're in for a treat! I just watched it again with a friend of mine yesterday. She hadn't seen it, so we watched the first half together, and then I sent the second half home with her. Well, my loaner DVD went home with her. I have another DVD that I never loan.

Frankly, I have NEVER purposely bought two DVDs of a movie so that one never leaves the house. Yet I couldn't help myself with this one and about to do the same with Vicar of Dibley. I'm sure Amazon is lovin' me and the rest of the Armitage fans since one copy never seems to be enough.:D

phylly3 said...

Dear Bzirk,
Certainly I HAVE watched "North & South" on tv first a couple of years ago -- has it really been so long! Well it takes that long for BBC shows to be shown on TV in Canada. Now I have my own DVD which I have watched MANY times and tried to get others to watch too -- I totally understand the 2nd copy now!!
Isn't North & Show (the show) our gateway drug to the world of RA fandom?
Rather than endlessly trolling the internet for fanvids and the like I am at least trying to read again -- hence ordering the book. It IS a real treat! I am loving it!!
I'd better stop now -- or get my own blog! (blushes)

bZirk said...

Oh, the book is really good. But I was cheap and read it online. I guess I ought to break down and buy a copy. LOL!

I do think N&S is the gateway for many of us, but it seems that Robin Hood -- at least in America is becoming the gateway more and more.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Feel free to chat here. I don't mind. :)

bZirk said...


Longhairedtoad said...

Thanks for the link. It was a great interview. If only I could see him dance the argentine tango... sad about his break-up, but it happens.

He is still so shy and humble. I just love that about him.

Can't wait to see him in Spooks 8.

WitchyWoman said...

The article was in the Daily Mail Weekend magazine(which I always get. There are some things I do not just for Richard Lol) and the picture is even more gorgeous(I am a man in suit girl after all).
I showed it to Hubby,who rolled his eyes(as usual).
Ladies I have to tolerate his love for Kelly Brook.
I agree with Allison that we should just have Richard plugged into the national grid this winter as he will keep us all warm.

RAdored said...

Great interview - thanks Nat and Allison. She asked some of our fan questions including the fact that he will never appear on Strictly - can't say I am surprised but he would have been great. Interesting too to hear that he still hates the red carpet although you would never have guessed from how he appeared that day. Just confirms even more what a brilliant actor he is and why he is so good.

So sorry to hear that the personal relationship didn't work out but can't say I am surprised at that either. How can you have a relationship with someone who is already in love with his acting and who you hardly see? I hope one day he will find a balance, get happily married and become a father. The only thing is whoever she is, she will have 2 kids to look after!!!

Anyway good luck to him in everything and as long as he is happy then that's all that matters.

Sue said...

I think this interview gave us all a wonderful insight into what makes this lovely man tick! Well done Allison you struck just the right balance.

There seemed to be more information gleaned in this interview more than any other I've read for a while, didn't use the thumb screws (or other torture device) did you Allison? I loved the revelation that he "doesn't put it about" and is a little "old fashioned" in his love life. I think many of his fans alreadly suspected this, but it's nice to hear it from the horse's mouth as it were!

My advice to Richard is (for what it's worth which aint much!) be true to yourself and don't try to portray yourself as something you're not. Personally I'd choose a shy, quiet man with some moral backbone to a swell headed "stud" any day! Those are ten a penny. At least any girlfriend of Richard's will be able to walk up the red carpet on his arm or into a room without wondering how many of the women there he's bedded (and hopefully visa-versa).

Of course this interview is two months out of date, so who knows what's happened in his personal life since then, he may well be taken! Drat foiled again!

Avalon said...

WitchyWoman, that was cute...showing that photo to ur husband. I have read where other fans state that their husbands are jealous or they have to hide their attraction to R.A for fear of embarrassment...You two must have a strong healthy relationship to be so open. Good for you. If I was involved I would do the same.
Plug away...

Debra said...

I read the whole article to my husband at breakfast yesterday...and yes he actually listened to the WHOLE thing.

I can't really hide my admiration for Richard from him because RA's face is usually attached to whatever article/forum/blog that I am reading at any given time of day...

...that makes it kind of hard?

I'm slowly winning my hubby over as a Richard fan. We watched the IMPRESSIONISTS and he now wants us to take it to his parents so they can watch it (that means he REALLY liked it).

Avalon said...

That is sweet Debra that you and ur hubby can agree on movies and that he takes an interest in ur likes.

It seems I think the media sometimes forget that R. A has male fans too. I loaned and influenced three men from work to watch Robin Hood and they all liked it and began to follow it. I ended up having to let one of them borrow North and South. I have three nephews (ages 19-23) that watch all his movies with me. And some claim only kids like Robin Hood, lol, then my parents, me, and some of friends must be oversized children but we have fun at it.

It is fun here because I have two little boys, seven nieces and nephews ranging from age 9 to 23, and when one of us finds something new online about Narnia or Robin Hood, one of us reads it aloud while the others sequel like little happy piglets. Each of the girls have their "crush" on different characters but they all think R. A is hot and cant wait for Spooks. We had to preorder it from Amazon UK.

Debra said...

Yes, I guess I am lucky that MR. has never complained (much) about my own interests. (He doesn't like the music that I listen to...)

We watched NORTH & SOUTH also. He liked it, but I think (in reality) he just got a little crush while watching Margaret???

As for the ROBIN HOOD series....

He thinks that the fight scenes between Guy and Robin are a "joke". He says that (in the real world) Guy would "crush" Robin. (I cleaned up the dialog.)

I know that the series is called ROBIN HOOD (not GUY of GISBORNE), but I think he has a point.

The writer's always make Robin come out the winner of the fight(s)...but looking at the stature/size/build of the two actors...uuummm?

Nope, don't think so.

Avalon said...

Debra, lol ur husband sounds like my nephews...They are like "No Way!" They really thought it was funny that Gisborne caused Robin's fall that broke his foot. My nephew will joke "I can take Robin.."

But in real life is R.A that built? I mean I know he is tall but that scene with his shirt off with Marian and in Spooks, he doesn't look that muscular. (But still way more muscular than Robin) Or am I wrong? I can see in season 3 where they might have been able to bulk him up with that costume but I am not so sure about season 1 and 2, could they bulk up that leather costume?

But either way...Bulked up or not...He is still gorgeous!

endorwitch said...

I find any Robin/Guy fight a joke (or really almost any fight involving poor Guy) because he is garbage! I am not dissing RA...i reckon they direct him to be totally crap in a fight....and it REALLY annoys me! Because he wouldnt be the Sheriffs right hand man if he was garbage...and he wouldnt have been sent to teh Holy Lands to assassinate the king if he was crap...in fact thats probably the only time i felt like Guy had some skills. The fight where he wears that new armour - i tootally laugh my head off coz he is lumbering around like an idiot. Poor Guy - I know you can do better baby!
Lol - my word verification word was labulli - is that Guys french nickname? La Bully! :D

Debra said...

The fighting observations must be a "male thing", because I never payed much attention to it until the MR. brought up the subject?

Then, the fight scenes starting making me mad, because I started noticing how much the writers were making Guy out as so incompetent (not to mention all of the nasty remarks to Sir Guy made by the sheriff).
I was so glad when Guy finally turned on the sheriff a few weeks ago on BBCA (series 3). I was thinking "IT'S ABOUT TIME!!"

I know a lot of people have a problem with the series being targeted to the younger kids...but I'm positive that the BBC realizes (now) what a large group of females that they attracted as viewers by adding Richard Armitage to the cast.

Even BBCAmerica shows that little snippet of an add with Richard promoting the series...which I must say...I enjoy very much.

Avalon said...

@ Debra "Even BBCAmerica shows that little snippet of an add with Richard promoting the series"-

I have not seen this? Is this on you tube? We watched the DVD, darn now I have to watch BBCA just to see these promotions!

@endorwitch, I guess I never paid attention to the fights but now that you said that... the writers did write some of his action scenes poorly. I forgot about that armor fight, terrible! He was suppose to have been Robin's match so they should have wrote it a close call during these fights. But didn't the sheriff once express praise toward Gisborne being almost unbeatable? Do you remember when Gisborne fought that little Irish wimp? I think the sheriff said Gisborne had finally met his match? I took it that Gisborne was supposed to have deemed skillful in the sheriff's eyes? But I think that was the only time the sheriff ever said anything to the fact that Gisborne was a good warrior. The other times he belittled him. I loved it when Gisborne slammed him down in season 3.

Debra said...

The PROMO is not much...10 seconds in length...but they show it all the time...it's a great way to get his name on screen (anyway). It's on YouTube...type in Richard Armitage , BBCA, and promo...it will come up...it's only ten seconds...but I enjoy it (just the same).

Avalon said...

"If you lie...You die"...How sexy!
Thanks Debra

bZirk said...

Ten seconds is plenty if it's the right ten seconds. ;)

BTW, I am female (for those who don't already know it), and the fight scenes were the first thing I noticed about Robin Hood that made me groan. I can sort of deal with the bad fight scenes between Guy and Robin, but the ones between Guy and the Nightwatchman? Ohmigosh. I really did groan out loud when I saw the first one. The one I remember being the worst is the one right outside the castle where the Nightwatchman doubles him over in the courtyard. I think I shook my head when I saw that.

My oldest daughter groaned out loud during Tattoo What Tattoo when Robin beats Guy. She was continually expressing her disbelief in that while we were watching. So much so that I had to say, "Can you keep it to yourself."

As for the men in my family, my husband and 16 year old son teased both me and the girls about "that guy in Robin Hood." Then I had them watch Robin Hood and they thought it was okay, but thought the fight scenes weren't well done at all. However, they love Keith Allen!

Then I had them watch Vicar of Dibley. That was a hoot to them. Next was North and South, and I think it was not so prissy and had enough grit for them to enjoy it. But my husband looked at me and chuckled during the ending and said,"Okay, now I get why you like this show so much." :D He liked it for other reasons and thought Richard Armitage was a very good actor, but he did say Oh brother during the "look back at me scene." I wonder if very many men would really like that scene?

I have yet to show them Spooks, but I think they would like it.

endorwitch said...

Oh yeah - i think Spooks would win them over. At least our Lucas can take someone down. GO LUCAS!! though you get to see more of Roz hurting people and thats a lot of fun too. Shes awesome.
But yeah - you get to see Lucas deck someone in his first ep - its BRILL! GO BOOOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D thats my baby!
umm - sorry - i watch Spooks season 7 weekly. like the WHOLE series - i have a serious problem.

WitchyWoman said...

@ Avalon.Hubby can be so annoying at times when I'm watching Richard. He does the whole putting his hand over my eyes when Richard is flashing some flesh Lol.
Got myself a big frying pan on standby ready for the new series of Spooks just in case that hand comes a creeping...only joking.

The way I see it whoever we both fancy is just window dressing. We like looking instead of making a purchase.

Let me tell you, after showing him that pic of Richard in the suit later that day Hubby put his suit on Lol and asked me if he did it for me too.
We are going to a wedding soon and he was trying it on to see if his suit still fit.
Lets just say he knows my weakness Lol.

Avalon said...

Ahh WithyWoman, your hubby is being competitive in a shy sweet way. But I bet you do not mind.
But I would not sit next to him if he is going to cover your eyes when R.A is showing us his body! The next time he does, rewind and replay in slow motion...

Unknown said...

thanks very much for posting the article's link!!
If only we could see him dance that tango! such a sexy dance with such a sexy man, it must be wonderful...

bZirk said...

A frying pan? Ouch! :D

If I had to make a choice say between a suit on a man (love it!) and longish hair on a man (also love it!), the longish hair wins. I was never so glad than when my husbnd retired from business and started wearing his hair long again like he did when we were in college. Even as a man in his 40s at the time he retired, I thought it was sexy on him and still think that. That may explain why we had our youngest child so late in life. :D

Oh, and I do love RA's trimmed hair look in Spooks, but I love his hair long more. Wonder if Lucas will ever get to wear long hair. Whoa now that would be something.

Sue said...

I'm with you Bsirk, I'd rather have Richard with long hair and NO suit took!!! (As long as his long hair didn't obsure too much of the view!)

Avalon said...

I like guys with long hair too as long as they keep it healthy and clean. I thought R. A looked best in series 3 because of his hair. I think guys are attractive in a black suit sometimes but I adored how R. A looked in that baggy medieval black shirt and those laced up black pants. OMG!
I think I read someplace that he did not like long hair? But his free somewhat wild look did it for me.

WitchyWoman said...

LOL you ladies crack me up.
The Lucas North look is truly gorgeous. I loved Guy best in Series 3 of Robin Hood. The long wavy hair look really suited him, particularly in the "Lion" episode. The way he moved like he was king of the forrest shaking that unruly mane...grrrr.
Thorntons look was gorgeous(I use the word alot where Richard is concerned).Hair and sideburns lovely.The burgundy cravat was my fave and I loved his black coat and pants(didnt really care for the hat).
Roll on next year when we get to see him in Uniform again(Charlie,Strike Back)...faints

bZirk said...

I can't wait for that one. :D

But honestly he rarely has a look that's not gorgeous. I even like the pre-cleaned up John Standring. Of course after he gets cleaned up, oh wow. That role is slowly working its way up to my favorite.

WitchyWoman said...

Bzirk. Regarding John you can see it in Carols eyes how hot she thinks he looks when he's all cleaned up.
Yep there's only Richard that can pull off the overalls look.

Oh I forgot to add in my list.....Speedos!!!

bZirk said...

All of us flaming-borderline stalkers need a fanvid to this video linked below. :D

Be sure to check out the pics.



Traxy said...

I blogged about that article too. :) Shameless plug alert! *cough*


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