Oct 2, 2009

Photo Friday (+ bonus picture & video)

Why hello there, Alec!

Thanks for submitting this photo, Phyllis!

As if that weren't enough, check this out:

Woo-wee!  After seeing His Hotness in this outfit, I thought, "Who is this character!?"
(I feel like I'm one of the few Richard Armitage fans who hasn't seen all of his work yet!)
If you're in my boat, this is Dr. Alec Track from "The Golden Hour."  That's right... doctor!
Here's a little sneaky peak at the lovely RA running around saving lives:
*Be sure to pause the blog's background music (bottom of screen) before watching this video.*

My husband is going to wonder why I suddenly want him to wear orange coveralls... tee hee!
"The Golden Hour" is a 4 episode medical drama that was released in the UK in 2005.
I searched for it on Netflix, Amazon and a few other sites, only to come up empty-handed
so I'm assuming it wasn't released in the USA... am I wrong?  (If so, no fair!) 
After seeing these pictures and video, I really really want to see it!

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Maria Grazia said...

I like this series very much. Dr Alec Track is one of my favourite characters in Richard's cv. This 4-episode series is really worth warching and it's a pity they didn't schedule other episodes. Ratings were not high... ratings rule the TV market and not always reward good products. But that's another story. Have a nice day!

Mulubinba said...

I haven't seen it yet. Should I buy it? (It is regularly sold on ebay).

WitchyWoman said...

I got this series pretty cheap from Amazon. I can see why they didnt do another series but I wish they had because with a few tweaks here and there it could have been really good. The main problem was all the flashbacks to the story. Episode 2 totally did my head in(at one point I thought my dvd had got stuck) but after that it was more bareable.
I cannot fault Richard in this at all. He did the best he could with a not so great script and a not so great cast around him.
It would have been nice to get more of a story with the teams personal lifes but it only touched on it through the series.
Richard is totally gorgeous. He can pull off wearing orange like he does wearing speedos(cold feet)...sigh.

Sue said...

This series did have potential and Richard was lovely in it (actually he was the boss, being a Consultant, not a mere doctor, which is one up from God over here!). I didn't like the other characters much, but the actress who played his girlfriend was good.

By the way this wasn't the only time he has played a doctor. He also had the role of a doctor in an afternoon series called, guess what? Yes, "Doctors". Quite a way back now, I will dig out the stills from the series. I didn't get to see him in that! Drat! Lovely bedside manner I believe!(Almost worth getting ill for!)

endorwitch said...

i havent posted on my blog much lately. i feel i should add something to photo friday! :D

Relle said...

You can buy the series on Amazon.co.uk... I'm in Australia and I had to get my hands on it...

bZirk said...

I've only seen clips from the series and from The Doctors. Of course I like RA in it, but I haven't seen enough of either to make any kind of assessment of the shows.

All I know is that anyone who can look good in those horrible orange coveralls has my attention. LOL!

Now that I have a region free player, maybe I'll buy it on Amazon.

Maria Grazia said...

You and your nice coming-from-the heart blog have been awarded at

Mulubinba said...

Have just watched TGH on YouTube and liked it so much I ordered it!