Oct 16, 2009

Photo Friday~ Gizzy Style

This photo was requested by our favorite gutter-dweller, WitchyWoman.
(She really really likes Season 3 Gisborne tied to the tree for some reason.)
If you have a picture you'd like to request for Photo Friday, please email it to me!

This reminds me... Season 3 had many flaws, but it also had some really great moments
as Liisa demonstrated in these awesome videos.  (Spoiler alert for those who haven't yet seen S3!)

I love this "brothers three" video.

I'd totally forgotten that scene where Robin chucks a roll at a guard,
Guy gives the cutest smirk ever thinking Robin is toast, and then HE gets blamed for it!  hee hee.

I loved Toby Stephens as Prince John.  So great!
Always throwing his head back and chuckling.  "Do you love me!?"
This vid made me laugh out loud, combining the music from Disney's RH with the BBC version.

Gisborne as "Hiss"... hahahaha!

And probably the best episode of the whole season... Meg!  *tear*

Thanks for sharing these vids, Liisa!


mulubinba said...

Very nice photo of Guy tied to a tree - I am just about to post one from Series 1 when I get around to writing my next Guy installment. We're still waiting for Series 3 out here to air so I haven't seen it properly yet!!!

Great vids!

Starheart said...

I love toby stephens. Just saw the Jane Eyre version with him in it. At first i kept wishing that it was RA as Mr Rochester, but eventually i got over it and saw that toby adds a comic element to it that makes it his his own.

WitchyWoman said...

The thing that caught my eye was the wonderful root structure of that tree. It must be hundreds of years old. Its huge!!

Ha just joshing with you ladies. I don't live in the gutter for nothing.
Honestly there must be a fan fic which ties that scene in nicely( In my head there's a blinking movie made)....and this show is for the kids!!

More like...lets give the mums something so the kids have no choice but to keep watching.
Thanks Nat for putting up my request.
Just wondering. Have we had a Monet Monday yet?? Heard the Bangles on the radio this morning(starts singing) "Just another Monet Monday" Lol
Those fan vids are fantastic(loved the Prince John one best).
I'm a believer in fate and it was fate that I didn't see North and South till after Jane Eyre. Rochester wouldn't have got a look in if I'd have seen Thornton first.

Starheart said...

Monet monday!!!! HAHAHA!
Well Nat, i've still got plenty of discarded screencaps of chin things... if you care to recycle them. :)

Mulubinba's Monet screencaps were great, those outtakes. Wish my dvd of impressionists had any extras.

Avalon said...

He was adorable tied in the bed too. I think the writer liked binding him. He was bound in the first series once too.

WitchyWoman said...

I personally love the writers for writing scenes like that.

I know they made you suffer for your art Richard but believe me it wasn't in vain

endorwitch said...

I find it quite disturbing watching Tobes in RH coz Prince John - he just plays him so extreme and over the top. It hurts my brain at times. Coz I was epically in love with him earlier this year coz of Jane Eyre...his Rochester makes me SWOON!
I liked the Guy/Meg vid. probably coz its all long haired/billowy shirt/broken Guy which I LOVELOVELOVE (see my last Photo Friday post!). :D

Sue said...

Love the music to these Guy videos Liisa, good choice! I'd forgotten just how good some of the scenes in RH3 were. Richard really did play a blinder in the last series of Robin Hood, he has such expressive features. I agree with Colin Firth when he said recently that an actors job is to act and after an actor has had cosmetic surgery it makes them impossible to express all the emotions that the role demands. Absolutely!

It's a pity there can't be a follow on to RH3 and scriptwriters couldn't invent a long lost Gisborne relative (and Guy lookalike) played of course by Richard. Well they cancelled Primeval and seem to have decided to resurrect that series so why not Robin Hood 4? I think the half brother as Robin's replacement was a great choice of casting and he could well have been a hit with fans.(Especially female ones!). I guess we'll never know now will we? Or will we?