Oct 30, 2009

Photo Friday ~Happy Halloween!

Since vampires seem to be all the rage these days...
I give you Count ArmitageMwhaa haaaa haaaa!

Step aside, Eric and Edward... Richard is taking over. 

Have a fun and safe weekend!
Don't steal too much candy from the kids. (That was mostly me talking to myself.)

*   *   *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
11/1/09 UPDATE:
The above pic is in fact RA, not a photoshopped body.
(The fangs, bats, hair & text were the only additions.)

Here are the real red shirt pictures in all their glory:


endorwitch said...

please bite me Richard!
and what a cute cardy! I love a man who can work a cardy! :D

I havent watched any of True Blood yet but i am not loving the look of the guy playing Bill...I read the first book and have decided in my head he shall look like RA and no other! :D

Traxy said...

Hahaha, cute! :D

I'll take RA over that creepy Cullen disco-ball any day!

WitchyWoman said...

At the moment I'm dying my little ones dressing gown black because she is going to be Darth Maul tomorrow evening.
I on the other hand will be normal as us Witchy Women usually are.

I wouldn't mind being bitten by Count Armitage though....yum.

Samhain blessings to you all.

Longhairedtoad said...

Cute Pic.

Richard a vampire, neck biting... oh the possibilities...

Avalon said...

Definitely a treat

Sue said...

Oh boy with those teeth Count Armitage is going to leave one heck of a love-bite (hicky).

OneMoreLurker said...

Oh, with a vampire like this, who doesn't want to be bitten? -or whatever he wants to do with me ...ahem... ;)

Traxy said...

WitchyWoman: And a merry Samhain to you too! :) (I really ought to get my act together and start celebrating again.)

Starheart said...

buttoned up, tie and red cardy! That's hilarious!!
Eric and edward are mozzies by comparison.

phylly3 said...

Ha!Ha! Mozzies! I had to look that up. Where I'm from we might call them Skeeters!
Definitely a scary picture. ;-) I'll never look at red sweaters the same again!
Happy Halloween to everyone. We just some snow dumped on us -- Poor little trick or treaters!!

Maria Grazia said...

Your Photo Friday is definitely funnier than mine ( LOL), but if you want, you can have a look at my Friday Photo Album with Richard's voice reading a beautiful poem I had never heard before.

bZirk said...

What a minute. Is Fred Roger's body on that faceinhole site?

bZirk said...

Okay, so my third double post. I'm having withdrawal from caffeine and can't spell any longer.

So maybe it just looks like Fred Roger's body and it's really RA's amazing body. I have got to get some COFFEEE!!!