Oct 24, 2009

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Another new RA interview has appeared, this time from The Daily Record
You can view it HERE.

"TALL, dark and handsome..." Tell us something we don't already know.
"A big fight at a swimming pool..." Bring on Lucas North!
"I like leaving people wanting more..." Yes, please- we do want more. 

(Thanks to Anne, Ali & Google Alerts for the heads up.)


Maria Grazia said...

I've just finished reading the long interview. Interesting. Something different and new, at last!Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend, Nat!

Avalon said...

Thanks for posting this. I must say I do not want to see him killed off in another series. It was hard to adjust to watching Spooks as the show is not to my taste, but finally everyone here at the house is into it.

Sue said...

I dunno I go away to Liverpool for one day and what happens another interview!

I always suspected the reason for working so hard non-stop was the fear of "resting" You can't blame him for not wanting to rest on his laurels (sounds painful to me anyway!)and then coming down to earth with a bump when the work dries up!

He sounds very sensible to me and I think a lot of other actors would do well to follow his example. Many end up going bankrupt because they don't plan for those periods when work is thin on the ground, or make sure they are up-to-date with their income tax!

I think he will eventually invest in his own productions when financially secure enough and that way he will always be in work and have a greater say in the type of characters he plays. Another intelligent choice if you ask me! As long as he's on the TV screen, there will be many happy bunnies out here in TV land! Me for one!

Starheart said...

I reckon it happens for many male actors who don't have the posterboy hollywood looks. They can't get good roles until they're 30, look a little older and have enough charisma and gravitas for the leading roles.

But it's so sad to think of him slogging away for 10 years in crap jobs. No wonder he's a bit of a workaholic who can't say no.

bZirk said...

Oh, but that slogging away for years in crap jobs gives him more depth than the pretty boys who are overnight successes (thinking Tom Cruise; he's only gotten interesting in his "old age" and descent into Scientology. no offense intended toward any scientologists reading this. :D). If nothing else, it makes for great interview material since they've moved away from the circus story.

Seriously, those experiences made him even more interesting than he would have been and probably a better actor. He's intelligent and had plenty of time to observe without spending so much of his youth being observed. There is something to be said for that -- whether someone is an actor or not.

mulubinba said...

I've always admired RA because of the fact that he had such a struggle to be recognised in the first place. I hope he is able to appreciate his success and that there are many more fulfilling roles for him in the future.

Great interview but I'm concerned about the cliffhanging end....

mulubinba said...

Apologies for not finishing my last comment properly!.. I meant I'm concerned about the cliffhanger end of Spooks 8! (....not that I will get to see it in the near future :(

WitchyWoman said...

It was a very interesting interview. Those struggles he had early on in his career have certainly paid off.

Longhairedtoad said...

Sorry, it took me a few minutes to get passed, Tall, Dark, Handsome.

But please don't kill him off Spooks yet. He's barely moved in

Sue said...

Yet another interview from Richard in the Manchester Evening News in England. Oh dear I can just imagine those tattoos disappearing fast if I got my way. One things for sure any "afternoon delight" will be out of the question while he's wearing those transfer tattoos for Lucas North, otherwise his dalliances will be known when the lucky person appears to have smeared tattoos on them and Richards are no more!

Here's the link:

Sue said...


add this to the above link.