Oct 14, 2009

Since some of you asked...

These are the only other non-watermarked pictures I have from this particular group.

I wasn't originally going to post these because I already have the first one included on the sidebar
and the lighting is weird in the second one and makes RA's hair look a little... purple. haha. :)
(I'm sure the original copy is much better.)

WitchyWoman was kind enough to send me a link to a photo gallery
where you can see all of these pictures (although they are watermarked) and swoon.
In case you're like me and one of the only RA fans who hasn't seen this full group of pictures,
click HERE to see 5 pages worth of gorgeousness.  You can even buy prints.
Justin Canning is the photographer behind these lovely shots- way to go Justin!
I absolutely love #C13 on the first page.

In addition to being a makeup artist, I'd also like to be a photographer. :)
 Does anyone out there have more of these non-watermark pics they'd like to share?

Some of you have commented on the small RA drawings in the 7th Poll Results post.
No, I didn't draw those myself.  (Stick-figures are about all I can manage.)
I used a "coloring book" effect in one of my programs on some RA photographs, creating these:

Okay, here's the plan:
click on these pics to enlarge and print.
Next time your kids/grandchildren want to color, pull these puppies out and let them have at it.
(Richard Armitage will look better displayed on your fridge than Sponge Bob,
even with orange eyes, blue hair and a green face.)


phylly3 said...

Hahahaha! Love it! Great idea!

Debra said...

Wow...this would make a great idea for some book publisher. Can you imagine how many RA coloring books would fly off the shelves.

Then they could make RA paper dolls - I would love a copy of those...it's just the kid in me. I guess??

wow Nat.
I want this coloring book program on my computer.

endorwitch said...

This is the main pic i posted last week on my blog for Photo Friday. I dunno why but it just killed me dead with hotness

Starheart said...

Did anyone check out all the photoshot pages? On the last page there's one image of the 'Other' Richard Armitage!!!!

I really like SS11_C3138_F13 from page 4.

Avalon said...

Cute...I wanna color these myself