Oct 26, 2009

"Spooks 8" Promo Pics

Prepare to squee
when you see these photos
of Richard Armitage as Lucas North!

We just love Richard in BLACK!  I mean, Lucas... whatever.

Lucas North, Lucas North, Lucas North!!!

To see more pics of the Spooks 8 cast,
HERE and browse through the gallery.

Thanks to D for the great link. :)


Debra said...

He said that he prefers wearing black...and I must say that I REALLY like it (myself).

***it's really HOT in here****

Unknown said...

LOVE the pictures! Thank you for making my day! :)

KT Grant said...

can I say I am so happy to have found you!! OMG these pictures are going to put me in cardiac arrest.

Lovely. Simple lovely.

Maria Grazia said...

Thanks for sharing all this ... handsomeness!A good working day start!!! Can't wait for Spooks 8!

Andrea Milano said...
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Sue said...

He does look better than he did in series 7. He looked very drawn in the face back then. I know it was deliberate, but he must have felt lousy due to the weight loss.

He seems to have bulked up very nicely since! Apparently there is a new member, which must be him sitting in front of the computer in one of the pics, who invents all sorts of gimmicky gadgets for Richard to use. I do like the black top in the first photo, much better than a tired old black shirt.

WitchyWoman said...

Squeeeeeeeeee(it echos here in the gutter lol).
OMG roll on next wednesday "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it...oh yeah"

Reading one interview in TV and Satellite week. It mentions the fight in the swimming pool. We all know Richard has a fear of water so I salute him for doing this and not getting a stuntman in instead. He really does suffer for his art.

In the same piece it mentions Malcolm making a major decision. I love Malcolm(not in the same way I love Lucas, of course) and hope he won't retire because that's what I'm thinking right now and I'd hate for him to go.

Oh and in the same interview.

Lucas is covered in tattoos.Is that a problem to film?

"You have to be careful of friction because the tattoos rub off. If it's a love scene and you have white sheets you can get big blue and green stripes down them.".....Oh god curse these mental images.

These pictures are lovely and I agree with Sue in that he does look better now he has bulked up abit.

Longhairedtoad said...


I love that first pic. Heck, I love them all.

Avalon said...

Very sexy pics, thanks for posting these!

Anonymous said...

Andrea said:
The first one... that pic just took my breath away!! Lucas you rock honey!! ^_^

Sue said...

I've just realised, in that last picture of Ros, Ruth, Lucas and new boy Tariq that Harry is with them, so he DOES SURVIVE? How else could he be there with Ruth who turns up AFTER he is kidnapped?

I still think a storyline should somehow be introduced where Lucas has to have laser surgery to remove those icky tattoos. He will never be able to work undercover. (I said UNDERCOVER not UNDER THE COVERS, nice thought though!)