Oct 27, 2009


Magazines are going crazy with Spooks articles galore continuing to appear everywhere, especially with the first episode airing next week.  Much of it is repeat stuff (I haven't read new info lately ~yes, we know about the CIA agent/lover, the torture flashbacks, etc... just show it to us already!) so I've mostly enjoyed looking at the pictures. :) If you'd like to browse through the various new articles visit Richard Armitage Net HERE where they have a list of each latest feature. 
(A few blog readers have been kind enough to scan and email me articles -thank you!- but I'm providing the RA Net link since you can click and enlarge to read their copies.)


Starheart said...

OMG just went to that link and there's articles galore!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!

Longhairedtoad said...
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Longhairedtoad said...

Well they keep talking about the show, torturing us with tidbits on each succeeding article, but I concurr, show it already!

bZirk said...

Spooksmania -- how appropos. I can barely keep up with all those articles. Good thing some of them are just a rehash.

But who in the heck is running the publicity for this show?

Sue said...

The BBC aren't exactly going overboard with the publicity are they? I've yet to see a trailer of what to expect for Spooks yet and it's just a week before it starts! Obviously this is their way of cutting back. Personally I think they are shooting themselves in the foot with their lack of publicity, how else can they whip up a storm and get people to watch? Never cut back on publicity it's a false economy!(If they want to cut back on something let it be Richard's wardrobe!!!!)

Anyway back to Spooks and storylines. I see that episode one deals with the fall out regarding Harry's kidnapping. I notice that episode two of the series is on BBC3 on Friday the 6th of November and I quote: "A foreign government demands the right to execute its enemies in the UK in return for boosting Britain's dwindling energy supplies, but Jo and Lucas (where's Harry?) refuse to turn a blind eye". It also says of episode two: "It's a busy first day at MI5 for new recruit Tariq (Shazad Latif - he's a dish, but too young for me) in a premiere of episode two that fans won't be able to resist. After a very impressive explosion at a gas plant in Essex, Britain is plunged into an energy crisis and the government has to go cap in hand to....wait for it and don't snigger.....Tazbekstan. But the agents of this fictional nation are a perfidious bunch and their trade secretary Urazov especially reptilian. All further plot details are classified. Even an average episode of Spooks, which this is, is a cracking piece of television."

So looks like there is to be an energy crisis hitting Britian. Any ideas how one could keep warm, on a dark cold winter's evening? My ideas would definitely involve Lucas North!!! Can't wait can you?

WitchyWoman said...

The publicity has been quite a mish mash due to the BBC messing around with the release date.
The Radio Times article disappointed me a little because it was mainly about the real MI5 but the picture that came with it made up for it big time(the one Nat has posted here).
All I'm waiting for is a trailer(which I'm hoping they may start running from tomorrow).
I've just found out that Hubby and I will have to watch the 1st episode later than aired due to Champions League football being on(Hubby's a Liverpool fan) Grrr.

Sue said...

Yes I feel sorry for those of you married to football mad men. I haven't got that problem, just a wayward cat, so I can snuggle down and enjoy a wonderful powerpacked Richard Armitage hour!

I think there may well be an outbreak of "who takes charge of the remote" at 9pm. Lives could be lost!

bZirk said...

Or they could move to the U.S. where we rarely have football on Wednesday nights. :D

WitchyWoman said...

Lol Bzirk.
Hubby said to me "there's nothing stopping you from watching it" (which means me and the colour portable upstairs).
I want to watch Richard on our 42" screen not the tiny one upstairs.
So sadly football wins everytime.He loves Football and Kelly Brook and I love Richard Lol.

It happened like this last year and I coped pretty well.

OMG A Spooks trailer has just been aired right now!!! Woo Hoo.

Lucas North is back Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
(can't actually tell you much apart from Harry in the boot of a car and Lucas doing some running around and Ros) It happened all so fast.

bZirk said...

Wow, my head may spin off. I just went to YT to see if there were any trailers for spooks 8, and one was put up just 4 minutes ago.