Oct 24, 2009

Wrapping up Graphics Week

Usually a themed week ends on Friday,
but I have a few last things to add.

Wallpaper Collage by AlisaGB.

"Graphics Week" has been fun... even if it made me feel untalented! haha. :)
I admire these ladies's designing skills and am grateful that the we're all able to enjoy their
creativity so often through fan sites, forums, YouTube and their Live Journal pages.

There are so many gifted RA graphic designers out there, as you know.
If I didn't feature one of your favs, it's because I either have not seen their work,
or haven't yet "met" them online and felt awkward asking.  (Me? Timid? Hard to believe, I know.)

A few days ago, I decided to overcome some of my uncharacteristic shyness and started asking around if anyone knew how I could contact Carole or June, both having work featured on Richard Armitage Net. I soon realized I have email addresses for both a Carole and a June saved in my yahoo account. Before I could email June, I received one from her that included several of her designs, giving me permission to display them! I was excited to realize she was the same June I'd been wanting to contact... and I had her email address saved because she was also the one who sent me the cute "Gisburn" Destination photos posted earlier, which can be seen HERE. (What a co-inky-dink!)

Here are some of my favorite June creations...
June's Icons:

June's Signatures:

June's Wallpaper:

This is just a taste of June's work.
To see more, check out Richard Armitage Net under "Wallpapers" and "Artwork."
(I have been linking to their site a lot this week, so thanks RAnet folks!)
You are welcome to use any of her art, with credit.

June, it was so sweet of you to share your designs!
It isn't the first time you've contributed to this blog and I'm thankful for your generosity!
Keep up the good work. :)

Spikesbint, Kiteflier, Hedgeypig and Heathra:
again, thank you for allowing me to share your work this week!

A few more shout-outs before closing...
I really like Yorkshire Wench's wallpaper displayed at The Armitage Army site HERE. I mentioned Carole... her work is amazing.  I especially like her Gisborne sigs HERE- that first one is gorgeous!  All the ladies featured at RAnet are downright too talented for their own good.  (Alicat, Dreamcatcher, Emerald, etc...)  I don't know any of them, but if you ladies happen to read this: thumbs up!!! 

The first graphic designer ever featured on this blog was AlisaGB. If you haven't already, please check out that post HERE which includes a link to additional designs.  (It is her collage at the top of this post.)

More Alisa Wallpaper:

Okay, my gushing can end (for now.)
Thank you, thank you to those who participated in Graphics Week,
and all of you who have followed along!

Have a great weekend. :)


Starheart said...

What a fabulous week! I'll have to come back to these posts and look more carefully in some spare time.

WitchyWoman said...

Same here. I did notice that June is the person who went to Gisburn. Its a lovely little place. We usuaully stop at the Strawberry Carvery for a bite to eat.
Thanks everybody for the lovely Graphics.
Natalie you are very talented too. You put this wonderful blog together for all of us to enjoy and brighten our day.

bZirk said...

So glad you had a few more things to post. I haven't seen the graphics of all of these people but I'll have to check them out.

I do know about Yorkshire Wench, and she is one of my favorites even though I'm an old foagie (sp?) who has to overlook the slash stuff. But hey, that hasn't taken away from her work. I just focus on the stuff I like.

Plus, she has been the source of so many other people's work. At least from what I can tell. She definitely deserved to have her work featured.