Nov 25, 2009

11th Poll Results: We want more, dang it!

Which RA show would you most like to see have a reunion episode?

Vicar of Dibley: 56 (44%)
North & South: 40 (32%)
Robin Hood: 17 (13%)
Cold Feet: 2 (1%)
Between the Sheets: 4 (3%)
The Impressionists: 0 (0%)
Other: 6 (4%)

I was excited by these poll results because
the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners were my choice in that order.
(Not that these polls hold any significance in real life, but it's fun to know, right?)

Agreeing with the majority of voters,
I would absolutely LOVE to see how life continued for these two.

It would be fun to see their honeymoon adventures...
I picture them going on a cruise, only to have the whole Dibley gang crash the party
creating total chaos!  Did the Kennedys stay in Dibley? 
Whose cottage do they live
in- his/hers?  Maybe they adopted some children! 
(I don't picture her having babies in her 40's or whatever the age.)
I have to know!  Please Vicar of Dibley writers... show some mercy!
Not only do so many of us love this show, but the chance of a
reunion episode seems the most realistic with this one.  Get on it, Dawn.


While "North &South" is probably my favorite RA project,  it is based on Elizabeth Gakell's novel, which doesn't have a sequel. We'd all love to see John & Margaret's wedding, children and life in Milton, but I've never heard of the BBC writing their own sequel to a book-based period film. Perhaps we should get the ball rolling for them? Fanfic writers- send them your scripts, stat!


We love Mr. Giz!  But how is a reunion episode possible
when so many characters (including Gisborne, most importantly) bit the dust!?
I know the RH writers were "creative" (as in down right weird and crazy) but don't know how they'd manage to throw together a reunion episode and bring back all of our favorites. Aw, who cares... just give us back our Gisborne!!! *sob*

Of course, a few hoochie-mommas out there want more of this:

and this:

*ducking*  You know I'm kidding, ladies.
Speedo and peach-lovers are always welcome here, along with everyone else! :)

Those of you who voted "other,"
please do tell which RA project to which you were referring.


Longhairedtoad said...

Love your stick figure Richard.

I agree with need sequels.. stat!

Would love to know what happens to Harry and the Vicar... though we did see a peek when they did the special with Sting.

On North & South, the BBC would have a goldmine of viewers if they did a sequel... I've already prayed to the big guy... who else can I turn to to get this rolling???

Starheart said...

Aww yeah, sequels - though it's hit and miss with them sometimes bombing out. What about Christmas specials? North and South Christmas Special, Robin Hood Christmas Reunion! Vicar of Dibley 1 year anniversary?

Phylly3 said...

Vicar of Dibley is definitely the most likely one to ever even consider a sequel. Although I would dearly love more of the Thorntons, I can't see it ever coming to pass. As for Robin Hood, dream on people! What? Do you want them to wake up and find it all a dream? Shades of Bobby Ewing!! Hahaha! (For the youngsters -- that was a reference to the 1970's series "Dallas" where Bobby Ewing wakes up to find the whole last season was a dream!)
Although I would be interested in seeing what happened to Richard's character in Coldfeet, I don't really care about the other characters.
The one series I really cared about the people in -- and where there might be a tiny chance of someone making a sequel is...and it wasn't on your list....(wait for it).... SPARKHOUSE!
What happened to Cathy? Did she ever fall in love with sweet, shy John Standring? I certainly hope so! Or she really IS crazy!!!
Thanks for the poll, Nat! It was fun!

Anonymous said...

I agree Sparkhouse is the one that I most wondered: "What will become of these people?" Nothing good I suspect, but the future relationship between Carol and John and how Carol's emotional state plays out after the culminating events in Sparkhouse are things the drama leaves you wanting to know more about.

Avalon said...

@ phylly3, Lol, I remember the "Dallas" dream. My momma and daddy used to watch that. That was the same thing my mom said, it could all be Guy's dream when he was dreaming Marian and Allan was rubbing his back.
But I like him on Spooks now.

WitchyWoman said...

I voted for The Vicar of Dibley.
My thoughts on that would be the vicar being made a Bishop(when the church pulls its finger out and make it possible for women to become one). I imagine them going through an adoption process and one episode being them getting the child(they couldnt have one of their own) and the next episode (it would be a special in my mind) is the vicar being made a bishop and they leave Dibley (cue sad goodbyes but happy because they are happy) which would end it for good.

Twinklingmoon said...

@phylly3, Yep, I'm an oldie too cuz I remember that whole Bobby Ewing thingie, (I was a kid then, but remember my parents watching it). If they do a reunion on RH, then I'd hope they'd make not only all of season 3 a dream sequence, but also the last 2 episodes of season 2 (the whole "we're in the Holy Land and now Giz kills Marian" after spending the entire season 2 saving her butt from the Sheriff never sat well with me) But, alas, I don't think that will ever happen, so long live Fan Fic!

Starheart said...

Oh yeah how could I forget good ol' Sparky! Funny enough there's not that much fan fic probably because it's a little depressing. On the subject of Dallas i never watched it but i remember thinking the guy that played Bobby Ewing was cute. I saw him on some show where he was some kind of fish-man that got webbed hands and feet when he submerged in water. God I just realised how corny that sounds.

WitchyWoman said...

Ragtag. The show was called The Man from Atlantis....I loved that show as a kid.

Starheart said...

Witchywoman how did you know that? was it a favourite of yours?
Google here i come.

Starheart said...

Ahh i see, just reread your comment WW. The mind got distracted after seeing the title. I'm off to get a copy!

WitchyWoman said...

Ragtag.I remember watching it as a kid. I'm sure he used to wear yellow speedos. The US did bring us Brits some great tv back in the day(6 Million Dollar man,Bionic Woman,Starsky and Hutch,The Streets of San Francisco,Magnum,Taxi...the list is endless).

Getting back onto the subject. Sparkhouse would be another good one. I'd love to know how their lives turned out.

Unknown said...

The Vicar reunion special would be awesome. But I have the perfect set up for the RH special...Guy is reformed and married to Marian, and they have adorable kids, and it turns out that the finale of season 2 through season 3 all occurred in a dream...the Sheriff put Guy in some sort of drug-induced coma or something. With RH IT COULD HAPPEN!!!! ;-)