Nov 24, 2009

Friendship Amongst Fans

The support system and bond between Richard Armitage fans is something
I've become aware of and experienced myself this year. It's amazing how a common
interest (in this case, Richard and his work) can bring people together.

This feel-good tid-bit was sent in by Susie J:

I had come across Richard's various minor TV roles before, but it wasn't until North and South that I really felt inspired to find out more about the lovely actor that is Richard Armitage, so I decided to "google" him and see what I came up with. How glad I am that I did, as I discovered a lovely fan site devoted to him called "The Armitage Army" and subsequently joined the forum, one of many.
This was nearly two years ago, and although I don't want to go into any detail here, I can say that at the time I was grieving following the deaths of both my parents. On the forum I discovered that someone in Australia had also just lost her elderley father. I would just like to say here that the support that everyone gives to others on those websites/forums are absolutely phenomenal. Yes, we all adore Richard and his work, but more than that we are all good friends who support each other through thick and thin, good times and bad in our personal lives, as well as exchanging views, opinions and friendly banter on our lovely CIC. So you see by fans joining together in mutual admiration for a certain actor we have also had the opportunity of making good, life long friends from all over the world and we exchange private emails as well as post on websites. (One other fan in America even had another fan over from France to stay with her recently and showed her around Chicago!)

So in a way Richard certainly inspired people to create websites in his honour, but more than that these forums have also become support networks worldwide, they are somewhere we can meet up, have a chat, give others the low down on what Richard is up to as well as have a laugh about Richard's "peaches" in BTS. (In the nicest possible way of course!). We sometimes enter "Planet Armitage" (as it has become known) feeling down and leave after having been "cheered up" by all the friendly fun there.

I would just like to take this opportunity of saying thank you to all those wonderful people who work so hard in updating these sites and keeping fans informed. You all do a sterling job! (Including you Nat! Richard's latest conscript!)

Thanks for sharing SJ!


WitchyWoman said...

What a lovely story Susie J. Its amazing how one person has brought so many people from all different corners of the world together and that friendships are made.

Sending cyber hugs to everyone here xxx

bZirk said...

The only reason I'm still around on some of these sites is the other fans. I'm overwhelmed by the caliber of people who are drawn to Richard Armitage. Yeah, I know we can all ooh and ahh over how handsome he is, but how long can that be interesting? Maybe I'm getting too old, but I can tell you that simply would not interest me for long, and it's not the reason I've been consistent in visiting the fan sites. It's the people and their thoughts and the interesting things they dream up. Take this blog for example. I think you are clever and sensitive, Natalie. Love that. Or take the crinkle discussion as another example. That is a scream, and yet, some of those same people who participate in that are very considerate of the other fans.

BTW, I recognize Susie from a couple of other places, which might sound creepy to her since she doesn't know me from Adam, er, Eve. :D Nevertheless, I appreciate her sensitivity and artistic bent. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, Susie.

Maria Grazia said...

It is just true. Richard has got an extraordinary large number of very interesting people as fans! I've met some on line, then even one in real life and ... they are all special! She has become my best on line friend, I call her my "little fairy". I've met her... we discovered we were both Italians and living very near ... now we are going to meet again. Well, our conversation tends to be rather RA centered but ...We've got so much in common, Richard apart!
P.S. He MUST be special to have such special fans!

Mulubinba said...

I was only thinking tonight that it has been two years since I first watched RA in Vicar of Dibley. His work has helped me through the tough times with family members and work. I sometimes wonder why I am still around and realise that it is the internet friends I have made through watching his work that have made my experience and my time as a fan so special. I think his work has been a catalyst for many online friendships.

Sue said...

I do believe that is why these forums are so popular, we have the odd glitch now and again, but on the whole I think we are quite a happy kind of level headed bunch.

I don't think your comment is creepy, I've recognised other fans that post under different names, but you can always figure out who is who, by their comments, even their spelling and punctuation are often give aways as to identity.

I do think that Richard attracts a certain kind of woman. I believe he is what could be described as "the thinking woman's totty".