Nov 4, 2009

GMTV's Inside Look at Spooks, Season 8

This clip aired in the UK this morning. 
So exciting!   The RA drought is almost
at an end as new material will soon be available!

Of course Lucas is better than Bond... duh!  Foolish man.
In addition to being RA's make-up artist and photographer,
I want to be the "Spooks" correspondent for GMTV too.


Avalon said...

Thanks for posting this. "Who's James Bond?" That was adorable...

Ali said...

We have a download available of this clip and also the 2 other TV interviews yesterday on our site :)

Sue said...

I must say after seeing the first episode of Spooks last night I was beginning to think I was watching Bond (who?) "Bond, Brooke Bond" as we used to say when I was a kid, joke! For those over the pond Brooke Bond is a certain branded tea that used to have chimps drinking it, not very PC today.

Back to last night. There were lots of knowing looks and eye contact and everyone was very smooth, very slick and dare I say it very predictable and a little boring. Sorry Spooks fans but it had to be said! Perhaps it was because I already knew that Harry would survive (the photo in the TV guides gave that one away) but all the hushed voices and serious faces (okay it was a serious situation)but they all looked as though they'd been given a wagon load of botox! Ros was great playing the ice queen as ever but please don't clone her and make all the cast exactly the same scriptwriters. I would have preferred a little more realism, and a bit more perspiration and stubble myself.

I think the problem is that they've raised the bar so high that we expect excitement all the way and I wasn't on the edge of my seat with anticipation of what was to come.

Let's hope that the
promised "steamy scenes" bring a smile to Lucas North's face, poor devil could do with it after eight years in a Russian prison! I did see a flicker of what was to come when he met his opposite number in the CIA. How long they are going to dance around each other before they get to the "nitty gritty" though is anybody's guess. The actors were all brilliant of course, it's just that the storyline for episode one was a little weak.I just hope there's a bit more blood, sweat and tears for the rest of the series!

Debra said...

Opinions are always welcome with me, Sue.

I watched last night and noticed some of the same things that you cited...but I (somehow) didn't care.

Parts of the Spooks episodes are so-o-o-o predictable. However, that scene with the little boy and Malcolm was so moving.


And as for this NEW CIA agent (Sarah). Something is brewing...I got the feeling that there is going to be some major "double cross" somewhere down the line between she and Lucas?
Hard to put my finger on it...but I think that there may have been some fore-shadowing there?

I love SPOOKS!!!!

And Nat...behind the scenes clips are always welcome....I love them (also)!

WitchyWoman said...

Spooks is back Yay!!!

Sue I was thinking last night why I came away from last nights episode a little disappointed and the one reason I came up with is Spoilers.
Damn me and my weak eyes because I havent stopped myself being exposed to them.
Last series I was just glad it was back and at the time my love for Richard was in its curious phase, in the sense that I thought he's a great actor and was looking forward to seeing him as Lucas and get this......I wasnt taken in by his looks at all. Then the series happens and I find myself searching the net for other works of his and then falling for the complete package..He can act and is gorgeous and my ticket to the gutter was well and truly stamped.

Now I'm getting all distracted(ooh Lucas in that black jacket..ooh Lucas in those dark blue jeans that fit him so snug..ooh Lucas with stubble that shows little flecks of grey in it...Ooh Lucas and that lopsided look you give from time to time..ooh Lucas running...the list goes on) and I forget whats just been said.
Thank goodness I recorded it, so while having lunch I watched it again and gave it my full attention.
I suppose if I'm being honest they should just say Spooks is back and you'll have to watch it to find out what happens instead of tempting us and spoiling us.
I'm just too weak.

*****Spoiler opinion from here******

Malcolm....sniff. Part of me thinks he will be back. I'm sure he is in the titles looking at some wires etc. Prehaps he'll find reading books by the coast boring.

I thought only Ros was made of ice. That Sarah Caulfield is made of it too and I'm worried for Lucas because I think he will love her and she will just do the dirty on him big time.

Traxy said...

Haha, I had the same reaction as WitchyWoman - constantly getting distracted by Lucas North! :D He was looking really lush. <3

WitchyWoman said...

Can I just add that my hubby was very well behaved(I think the earlier football disappointment helped). He didn't try to cover my eyes once.
I have to admit just between us that I was sat to the left of him so he never caught me mouthing Phwoar when Lucas first appeared on screen......Yes I am sooooo childish at times...this is what Richard Armitage makes me do..and that is why I live in the gutter.

Longhairedtoad said...

Loved seeing everyone again. Ruth looked wonderful as did Harry and Ros. But Lucas... oh man... I only have eyes for you.

Sue said...

Well the second episode of Spooks will be on tonight over here in England (aren't you jealous Nat?). The BBC usually shows the new episode on the digital channel on BBC3 before it gets to BBC1.

I agree with WitchyWoman that spoilers really are the bane of my life, but I can't resist. The idea is to encourage people to watch and they do just that, the problem is you know what's going to happen and as Richard so rightly says "it's like knowing what Christmas presents you are going to get before you open them".

I still think the storyline was a little weak though. They've done a similar storyline about the enriched uranium before.

I think Lucas and the new CIA agent Sarah are going to double cross each other something rotten. Lucas started it first by promising something he knew he couldn't deliver (isn't that always the way with men?). I think they will be trying to out do each other, it's going to be fun to watch! A case of will they or won't they. I imagine that the lead up to the "nitty gritty" will be precluded by a bit of foreplay in the form of a disagreement/fight. She may slap him about a bit and then they will depart to the bedroom, or even the shagpile carpet who knows? As for Lucas being hurt, I think he's well up to the challenge, he seems to be a devious little devil on the quiet and not at all bothered by too many scruples when it comes to getting what he wants.

I like how Lucas and Ros seem to have gelled, the characters really seem to connect and I think this may also be due to the fact that Richard and Hermione get on well offscreen too.

Alas next week the TV company ITV will be scheduling a five-night special drama to coincide with Spooks (deliberately is my bet). It does look good and I must admit it will be a close thing choosing between Richard or Paul McGann. Hope it doesn't effect the viewing figures too much.

WitchyWoman said...

Sue I am watching episode 2 tonight because of the ITV1 drama next week(I know. How could you? I hear you ask).
I usually watch an episode a couple of times, so Thursday when having my lunch alone is a good time as any. I can drool as much as I want then.

Oh and Sue I don't blush often but that line "she may slap him about a bit" has got me all beetroot.

Sue said...


Just watched episode 2. Absolutely great! The plot was a little weak, get a grip scriptwriters! But Lucas North what a "Guy"! He's turned into a mischievous bugger that's for sure. To be honest I'm not sure what the percentage ratio is, Lucas North or Richard Armitage. I have a feeling Richard has had some input regarding this. Good move Richard! Love it! I also get the feeling that bubbling underneath the surface is a ruthless streak too, so beware Sarah Caulfield.

Oh yes almost forgot. They did a bit of necking towards the end of the episode and booked a room at Claridges. No slapping around at all, what a disappointment. On the first date too! (Well almost!)

I like how Lucas is shaping up. Richard seems to have taken to being a spy in MI5 like a duck to water, and I love the interaction between him and Ros. Well done Richard you've pulled it off once again! So Lucas finally got down and dirty, about time. Never got to see those tattoos or any steamy scenes though. Maybe next time.

Oh yes and the actor that was also in North and South (Margaret's Godfather/Guardian) forget his name for the moment, well he was playing an American CIA agent, what a coincidence. I wish they'd get some decent American actors though, us Brits can't do a decent accent, we always seem to do a Texas drawl somehow. Any tips Nat?

WitchyWoman said...

Mr Bell(in North and South) but can't remember his real name.

Another good episode and plenty more Lucas.
It was only earlier this year there was talk of power cuts. I remember those back in the 70's usually just before something good came on tv Lol.

I think I'm beginning to like Sarah now. Lucas may thaw her. Prehaps she has issues in her past too.
Here's hoping episode 3 picks up in the hotel(that's the gutter girl side of me talking)

Sue said...

I did find the second episode much better, but I think the scriptwriters have had difficulty scratching around for a decent (and exciting storyline), probably because prior to filming Spooks 8 it had been relatively quiet. Maybe series 9 will have more about Afghanistan, Iran, not to mention involvement of the Russians. I, too, remember electricity cuts when I was a kid, due to the miners strikes. It's perfectly true that we are at the mercy of many oil rich countries, Russia in particular with their gas pipes. Harry made a very apt comment about our North Sea Oil production. We really did fritter our reserves away didn't we?

Lucas North has really undergone a metamorphosis and I love how the character has developed. He is very devious, cunning and quick witted, everything you'd expect an MI5 agent to be. Very smooth operator, charming and sexy. Gosh if we had real spies like that our enemies wouldn't stand a chance!

As for Sarah Caulfield, they are both trying to outwit each other and dare I say it are desperately trying to be the one "on top". I think Lucas may well have met his match. I hope this situation between the two characters doesn't end with series 8. Personally I think this storyline could run and run!

Does anyone else agree that Lucas North seems to be a male version of Ros? (Without the nut crunching of course, although I wouldn't put him past doing that either if the situation demanded it!)

Of course Richard was once again enjoying himself in a strip club.(He was very slick in those scenes too!) Gosh it's tough being an actor isn't it?(At least he didn't get his ears sucked off this series!Wonder if he's disappointed about that?

Phylly3 said...

My daughter sent me this link to watch season 7 so I have been busy catching up before I let myself try and get the new season.

So far I had only seen what's on TV here in Canada, which is still season 4!
Thank God for the internet!

Sue said...

I watched episode 3 of Spooks last night and am beginning to wonder if there are going to be any MI5 agents left by the end of the series. I won't give the game away and say who copped it last night, but I'm beginning to think they are all going to get bumped off by episode 8.

I was very disappointed with Lucas in the fight scene in the swimming pool. Don't you know that before jumping into a swimming pool you have to take off ALL your clothes first Richard! Spoilsport! Some great scenes where Lucas kept ducking some poor devil under the water and half drowning him. Just what I like, plenty of action. This show is fast becoming the "Lucas North Show". How is it that Richard always manages to join a show as a newbie, takes centre stage and completely outdoes all of the other characters? (Daft question!)