Nov 9, 2009

Look-a-Like: Paul Dempsey... yay or nay?

Blog reader Skully alerted me to this Australian songwriter/singer,
Paul Dempsey,
as being a possible Richard Armitage look-a-like.
(I'd never heard of him before but enjoyed the you tube performances that were sent with the email.)

I can see some resemblance.
Paul is tall with dark hair and piercing blue eyes.

This next pic has a Thornton brooding thing going on...
along with a Gisborne vibe.

Obviously, he wouldn't pass as Richard's twin.
His features are more rugged than smooth-looking RA's...
but I can see why this fellow reminds Skully of Richard.

So what do you think? 
Does Paul resemble "our" RA?
(Australians- you may know better than the rest of us.)

Regardless, Mr. Dempsey has a nice voice!

Can you picture RA singing "Billie Jean?"  Haha.
(I would like to hear him sing anything.)

Thanks for the heads up, Skully!


endorwitch said...

i can see a bit of a resemblance...but i never had a deranged crush on him like i do on RA. :D

WitchyWoman said...

I can see it but without the lusting Lol.
Over here in the UK there is a drama called Waterloo Road and I think the actor Tom Chambers has kind of a Richard look going about a poor womans Richard Armitage way.
Oh and the racing driver Mark Webber has a not quite as poor womans Richard Armitage look about him(meaning he looks more like him than Tom...but its still not as good as the real thing)

endorwitch said...

I posted on my blog a few weeks back that a few seasons back in Silent Witness when his hair was more scruffy Tom Ward looked a bit like RA too. :D

Natalia said...

no, no they dont look alike.
but our dear RA and Hugh Jackman they do look very similar

Avalon said...

Not really, I do not see the resemblance.

Starheart said...

He has similar hair to GoG in RH3 but aside from that, i don't think so. Maybe i'm biased cos i've seen him on tv doing interviews on music programs and they always do him up to look a bit grunge-arty whereas RA always looks clean and ironed unless it's on the set of RH.

Skully said...

I think it's a size, stature and vocal resemblance more than anything else. It's voice thing, love that tone!

bZirk said...

Uh, no. I'm really having to stretch things to see the resemblance.

But hey, I love Paul Dempsey's rendition of Billie Jean.

Traxy said...

I'm seeing RA likeness in my hubby and a few other people... and my hubby looks NOTHING like RA. So, umm, I think it might be partly down to when you love someone, you can't help but see them everywhere. (Gods, I sound deranged!) The good part is, I also see my hubby everywhere, so umm, all's well! :)