Nov 9, 2009

No More Ros?

There's an article HERE about Richard's co-star Hermione Norris
quitting Spooks to take up other work.
Crazy woman... wouldn't working with RA be THE ultimate goal? :)

What are your thoughts on the subject?

By the way, I still haven't seen the new episodes,
but I'm okay with it for now.
I don't mind seeing pics or reading reviews since I'm way too curious to avoid such things.

I really liked Ragtag's Spooks review HERE.
(And not just because she mentioned this blog.)  Her stuff always makes me laugh!
That RA post a few months ago is the funniest thing ever. You have to read it if you haven't already.


endorwitch said...

I was bored the other day and made this silly NOT REVIEW AT ALL recap of the first episode.
I have a problem because everytime i read it I laugh and I WROTE it! I am lame!

Anyhow re the Hermione Norris news - at least (unless they ax the show) we can be sure Richard will be back next year coz killing off more than one major character in the finale seems a bit much....dont you think?

WitchyWoman said...

I saw the interview on This Morning and noticed "I loved playing Ros".
Hubby said on radio 5 live they mentioned that 2 characters are leaving.
So that would mean Jo and Ros which makes me feel even more that Malcolm will come back.
Also I am wondering if Lucas will somehow convert Sarah to "work for us" If Ros leaves then that would open the door for another Ice Queen.

Longhairedtoad said...

Truthfully, I can't say I'm surprised she's leaving. Leads have a lifespan of around 3 years on Spooks and you have to expect an exit coming from the two current females.

I am sorry if and when Ros does leave but I hope she gets a send off worthy of her character. I am still in denial over Malcolm leaving as he was one of the original cast and one of my favorite characters.

On the flipside, does this mean RA will stay around for another year? Hope so.

Avalon said...

I suppose they will kill her off, cant wait to see if she reveals any reaction like sobbing or moaning considering she plays such a cold unemotional soul. I have never really liked her so no big loss in my opinion. Now losing Lucas would be another story....But I have this sad feeling that his new woman will kill him off by the end of season, hope I am wrong.

Sue said...

I hope this doesn't spell the death nell for the series. I remember before Robin Hood got axed people started saying they were leaving. It may be doubtful that a 9th series of Spooks will get commissioned. She really was the main anchor of the show and will leave a gaping hole by leaving. Of course there were rumours that a 9th series may be filmed in Birmingham so that could also be an influencing factor. At least Richard will be able to nip home and see his mum and dad more often if they do!

I suppose she's got the chance to do something else and you have to jump at these things if given the opportunity.

She will be missed!

WitchyWoman said...

This is how sad I am. This afternoon I watched episode 2 of Spooks again(its a tough job but I had to do it).
In the scene where Lucas meets Sarah in the bandstand. He says something to her in a threatening way and she says something back which was bugging me.
So there I am with a pad and paper writing it down..told you I was sad.
"I will do such things.What they are yet I know not of but they shall be the terrors of the earth"
I have now found out this is from King Lear. I know nothing really about Shakespeare so thats as far as I can go with it.
I've read Ragtags review(Lucas and strip clubs LOL) very good.

bZirk said...

I've never liked Ros, and I'm always uncomfortable when they use her asexual character in a sexual way, but I think that's the point. Not sure if I will miss her character, but she is a great driving force behind the show. It does not make me feel comfortable that she and others "are leaving."

As for the King Lear comment, it's been a while since I studied Shakespeare, but I did take a semester of it in college, and I have loved Shakespeare ever since and still do read his stuff. That line is one said by Lear when he is in a weakened position and it's just him grasping at straws -- at least that's how I remember it. If memory serves (may have to rewatch that episode again to be sure :D), Sarah interrupts Lucas threatening her to quote that line to him, so I took that interruption as a slap at Lucas ranting when he had no real power to do anything he was threatening. Maybe it means something else, but that's how I took it.

Sue said...

Actually I think Lucas is a male equivalent of Ros. I think when the character of Ros is finally written out he will step into the breach very nicely thank you.

I did think that Lucas North was of a similar temperament to Adam, but no, I think there is a ruthless streak in him, but that may have been diluted by his spell in a Russian Prison. He gets the job done efficiently and without any qualms.

His one upmanship with Sarah and competivemess to always be the best is going to keep us all on our toes.

I wonder if the use of that Shakespeare quote was down to Richard? I wouldn't be surprised he seems to add little pieces in order build up a better picture of the character's personality.Very good that Sarah should respond to Lucas in that manner, and shows she can give as good as she gets. Hold on folks this is going to be a bumpy ride! Bring it on!

Starheart said...

Thanks for the link to my review Nat! This is an experiment to see how many episodes i last. It's called "can you manage 1 review per episode".

Endorwitch: love the 'recap' LOL! Reading it you'd think Lucas was totally obsessed with his own charm

About the 'killings' it's hard to stomach sometimes but at least we see it coming. It's taken me a while to warm to the spooks cast and them BAM! They're gone.

Sue said...

I remember seeing a clip of Lucas and Sarah on YouTube and noticing that she had great talons for nails and made the comment at the time of "I wonder how she manages to pick her nose with them?".

I then watched the scene towards the end of episode 2 in Spooks, where she puts her hand on Richard's chest (lucky bugger!) and notice that those nails have miraculously disappeared and are now mere stumps!Any ideas as to why this should be girls? Perhaps during rehearsals they became embedded in Lucas North's tattoos! The mind boggles! (Well mine does anyway!)