Nov 6, 2009

Photo Friday ~A Bunch of Mumbo-Jumbo.

So, who has seen the new episode of Spooks?

Well pin a rose on your nose.

Okay, I'll stop being bitter.  I'm just jealous because
I haven't yet had time for any Lucas lusting Spooks action.

Hopefully soon, though... if my computer cooperates!

I have seen a few lovely screencaps...

Is it just me, or do RA's eyebrows look a bit fuller than usual?
(Why do I notice the weirdest things?)

Okay, change of subject.
Since Thornton Thursday was non-existent yesterday (shameful!)
let's take a moment for JT:

Gizzy's like, "What about me, jerks!?
I'm so sick of Lucas stealing my thunder lately!"

John Standring feels especially picked on
since I rarely feature him. 

It's not you John... well, not the hotter makeover you, anyway.
"Sparkhouse" just isn't one of my favs. I feel like you were used and you deserve better!

Standring should be grateful.
I haven't featured anything on these guys, besides Suzyq's fanfic.

That's only because I haven't seen these movies...
which gives me an idea for the next poll.

Anyhoo, have a great weekend!
I know I'm glad to see this crazy week winding down. :)


bZirk said...

The poll is a tough one, Nat. I wanted to vote for George Gently or even Cold Feet because I like his performances in those, but if I had to pick one, it's probably Between the Sheets because he has a, er, more prominent role in that one. My only hesitation (and call me old fashioned 'cause I certainly am) is that, uh, he's maybe a little too prominent.

I saw the edited version originally, and then someone sent me the uncut version. I thought maybe all the talk was much ado about nothing. Oh, I was so wrong. I couldn't watch it; I should have never been so over confident. But those graphic parts aside, this is a really interesting character and worth watching.

WitchyWoman said...

I put The Golden Hour because I haven't seen Between the Sheets yet(its on my list).
Richard as a Doctor wearing and orange flight suit is what does it for me. Once you get over the annoying flashbacks(which to be fair are interesting just too much when more screen time could be Richards lol)it wasnt a bad series.
Oh and on a personal note it does go to show that when you are hurt/injured and not looking your best the most gorgeous Doctor on the planet comes to treat you(its happened to me..shakes head).

Longhairedtoad said...

Between the sheets... because of the "Peaches"

Avalon said...

Don't feel bad about not seeing all of his movies, I am not such a great fan. I have not seen all of his movies and I hardly know anything about the actor's personal life, like I cant even tell you his birthday. Now that I have admitted that....shame shame on me. But I know he can act and he is ever so sexy.

Avalon said...

Bzirk, How do you purchase the uncut version of Between the Sheets? There is only one dvd on Amazon UK, how do I know if it uncut? It doesn't say.

WitchyWoman said...

Avalon. Maybe it was shown in the US edited as I have heard of other programmes cut in such a way, be it to miss out s*x or violence.
I've only seen the clips posted on Youtube which doesn't do justice to the programme as a whole and I really do want to see it.
I read a book recently by Bettina Arndt which was so interesting regarding couples love lives or rather lack of it in most cases and why it happens for example- becoming a parent,stress,illness,infidelity,medication...the list goes on.
It really opened my eyes in a shocking but positive way.
Richard has said of Between the Sheets, that people are too scared to talk about s*x and I believe he is totally right.
If you don't talk to one another about "it" and sort issues you have with "it" out, other problems in your life(money,work,the kids,hogging the remote,wet towels on the floor etc) get even greater because you are not communicating with eachother.

Wow I went all serious then...

Oh and I am just too weak for my own good.Watching episode 2 of Spooks tonight.
Curse my weak ways.

Starheart said...

Someone very nice has posted all the RA bits of Between the sheets on Youtube, all the PG rated bits anyway. Damn!
I saw spooks...caved and got the torrent.

Phylly3 said...

Well, I have only seen the edited version of BTS and I guess I'll have to get the DVD if I want more (which I do). I like RA as a hero which is why I love N&S and I do love him in Sparkhouse, so I have to choose the Golden Hour because you can't beat a good Doctor show! I saw the clips of him in "Doctors" and he isn't a likeable character in that show at all. I haven't seen Casualty.
I only saw a few clips of him in Miss Marie Lloyd. What I didn't like in that was his makeup job. His face was too pasty. (They should have had you do the makeup Nat! ;-))And I didn't like his character in that one either.
He did a marvelous job in Drowning Not Waving. (That isn't on your voting list!) That last scene was masterful!! Just like his Guy of Gisborne stuff, even though he was bad, you know it's not the real him. So you (I) forgive him. (This is not like me in real life at all.) I would never want such an immoral character in my life! But in my fantasy life I guess its allowable!
Anyway...still going with The Golden Hour. It's a shame they cancelled it!

Phylly3 said...

Me again...@ Avalon. I think what Bzirk & I saw (as the edited version of BTS) was on Youtube. Believe me I have searched for more, but I guess they won't allow those clips on that site anyway!

Mulubinba said...

I've only seen BTS edited versions. I put George Gently because I have a soft spot for Ricky ..... it's only a small part. I haven't seen Golden Hour (very tempted to buy it).

Spooks - yes, I managed to see it and am watching Ep 2 ...for the second time!

Avalon said...

I ordered Between the Sheets last night from the UK. I have Cleopatra but I don't recall R.A's part, will have to watch it again. I have seen Drowning Not Waving and his role was played with excellence, I just thought she was not up to his niche. I love North and South, Gisborne, and Lucas.
Thanks everyone for the advice, will comment after I have seen Between the Sheets. Not watching Spooks 8 until the Uk releases the DVD, which will seem like forever.

Sue said...

For those that haven't seen Richard in the Inspector Lynley Mysteries then here's a link where someone has uploaded the clips of the episode in which Richard is included. Very good. I remember seeing the original showing but I'm ashamed to say that I dismissed Richard's character as a bit of a "plonker". A very nice one of course! Enjoy!

bZirk said...

What interesting poll results so far. I wonder if anything will overtake Between the Sheets.

bZirk said...

to avalon: I think the dvd on Amazon, which is where I buy most of my stuff, is the uncut version. In fact, I don't think there is an edited version for sale anywhere.

to ww: oh, I have no doubt that there is hesitance when it comes to talking about sex. That's never been my problem, but I know it exists.

The problem with Between the Sheets is not the subject matter. I think it is a fascinating subject and some very good and sometimes haunting points are made. What I found really difficult was watching something that graphic. Thank heaven for fast forward. I guess I'm a squeamish American. :D It's just kind of hard to watch something that makes me feel like a voyeur.

Having said all that, it should be apparent that I think RA does a great job (graphic parts aside; well, I guess he does a good job there too, but picture me cross-eyed) of portraying this character; otherwise, I would NEVER recommend this show.

Anonymous said...

I choose Between the Sheets because I think it is one of his best performances. The character is complex and in many ways not very admirable and he doesn't shrink from that. Recently the director of Between the Sheets mentioned in very positive terms a therapy scene that Richard is in that is some of the truest most realistic work RA has done.
One thing to keep in mind is that RA is part of a featured, but secondary plot. The main story involves Brenda Blethyn and Alan Armstrong, an older couple with sex problems. RA plays the significant other of their sex therapist. The Brenda Blethyn plot line is remarkable because it explores sex in the lives of older people and she is very good.

bZirk said...

I agree about the storyline for Alun Armstrong and Brenda Blethyn. Very interesting.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I see that so far, most voters are anxious for me to see some RA buns. Hm- I have mixed feelings about that... but I plan on watching & giving a review of the winning show! We'll see what happens. :)

Traxy said...

You can see most of his BtS role on YouTube, and the peaches can be googled (Google image search, safe search off: "Richard Armitage Between the Sheets" - there's a video clip in a blog).

I voted for "Cold Feet", because it's the only one I've seen all of myself, HE'S IN SPEEDOS, the making out on the sofa with Ramona is HOT and CF is an awesome show. I got the DVD box set because I love the show, not because RA's in it - that was just a nice bonus. :)

I recently watched Sparkhouse and John Standring is a sweetheart. <3
Carol: "Fancy a shag?"
John: "Uh... alright."

Haha, brill.

I'm watching Spooks 8.2 while writing this, but I'm not following it, so I might as well switch it off and sort out the rest of the packing - going away in a couple of hours! Have a nice weekend, everyone! :)

Sue said...

My favourite will always be John Standring in Sparkhouse. Poor love, didn't you just want to give him a big hug? (And the rest!) Not in the back of a dirty, oily, not to mention freezing cold landrover though. Those days are long gone, I like my comfort these days!