Nov 19, 2009

Richard Armitage's Fickle Facial Hair

First, let's start with a clean slate.

Here's Percy to demonstrate the smooth baby-face side of RA:

Now we'll add sideburns to the mix.
There's the Thornton Hot-Chops.
When combined with an undone cravat... squee fest!
Thornton Hot-Chops combined with piercing stare = more squee fest!
(Pretty much anything Thornton = need of bucket and mop to clean up drool.)

There's Gizzy's Burns-of-Evil.
Such sculptured  facial hair makes me think he's a member of a midevil boy band.
(Can you think of any good names for his group?)

Harry kind of has sideburns, but it's hard to tell underneath
his shaggy side-mane.  Either way, he's a cutie.  No worries, Harry.

If Lucas would move that blasted phone away from his ear,
we could see his Secret Agent Burns.
Oh, there they are:

We can't forget STUBBLE.

There's I've-been-in-prison-forever-so-give-me-a-break stubble:

Gisborne's Stubble-of-Trouble:

Here's a little Stammering Standring Stubble:

Richard-as-himself stubble with a little gray in the mix:

Even Stick-Figure Richard has stubble:

Now we enter the odd-ball section.

Monet... need I say more?
In Monet's defense, I really liked "The Impressionists"
and even thought young Monet was rather cute. 
The mustache-and-triangle-goatee combo wasn't too bad.
I'll try to leave Monet and his squirrel beard alone...
except to say that without it, Richard does look like a handsome,
distinguished old guy.  (Go ahead and put your thumb on the screen in front
of the goat-like goatee and you'll see what I'm talking about.)  He's going to age well.

There's the Moustache of Malice~
Dun dun dunnnnnn!!! *suspensful music plays*

I'll leave the Oasis-wearing goatee-donning
Paul Andrews out of it since he was featured earlier this week
and that was enough, thank you. :)

This goatee on young Richard is kind of cute:

Then there's the Scary Macbeth Beard:
Maybe the beard isn't to blame.
Maybe it's the creepy stare... or the loopy bang on his forehead...
or the unbuttoned-in-a-non-hot-way robe thing he's wearing (oops, cropped that out)
but I don't like it!

Then I saw this view of the Macbeth Beard
and thought it was handsome in its own hairy little way.

Maybe if Gisborne would've had a creepy beard,
we would've been more inclined to dislike him rather than drool over support him.
Excellent.  I hate him a bit already.  (Kidding, Giz.)

What is your favorite RA facial hair style?


WitchyWoman said...

I would have to say its a toss up between Thornton and Lucas. Short hair with a hint of stubble.
On the sideburns front I'm impressed they are the same colour as the hair on his head. At a place I used to work at someone had really dark hair but his sideburns had a red colour to them. He told me he couldn't grow a beard because it would be ginger.
I do like the grey in Richards stubble.

Starheart said...

OMG I love that black and white ones of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not the solid beard - it's too much) but he's one of the few who can pull off stubbly goatee and look gentlemanly.

Phylly3 said...

The scribbles on Gizzy! LOL!!
Ah...facial hair. What a great discussion! I'm all for it. Except for that squirrel beard, (and the scribbles) it's all good!
I don't like the first picture, not so much because he's clean-shaven, but as I stated somewhere before, I think his makeup job is too pasty!
I am a bit partial to his Harry look, but maybe it's because he smiles more in VOD, and I love his smile!
I don't know anyone else who looks so good in stubble!!

Longhairedtoad said...

Love the Thornton look. It has to be my favorite whether we had a bit of stubble or he got prettied up for the Thornton dinner. There's just something about those side burns that I can't resist.

Lucas is a close second though. The stubble works for me, but the mustache doesn't.

bZirk said...

This is a slam dunk. It's Gisborne's Stubble-of-Trouble. Far and away my favorite.

loriBear said...

Ah well... that's no real contest for me, TDHCMO (Thornton) it the top and then Lucas is the next highest.

I remember reading a thread on a forum where "facial hair" was debated. I found I agreed that the sideburns were needed. Stubble looks gorgeous on RA but I don't mind him clean shaven either. Beards, well it had depended on the type, some of them are ghastly and others... I thought quite nice! So it's a toss up!

loriBear said...
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endorwitch said...

the crack you are on is brilliant and i want some of it! :D

but i have to say the comment about young richards goatee being kinda cute? Lady i would have dropped to my knees and worshipped him if i had met him looking like that! YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

Traxy said...

Gizzy's beard made me laugh out loud! :D The side-shot of the Macbeth Beard... handsome! Then again, when it comes to facial hair, I'm much more into beards than moustaches. The squirrel look doesn't suit him but yeah, I think he'll age well. Like fine wine... ahh! *happy sigh*

Manda said...

Harry. Perfect amount of stubble and burns. *dreamy sigh*

Charleybrown said...

Cute post! I like some of those pics that I haven't seen before :)

Random Ann said...

I have to vote for Gisborne's Stubble-of-Trouble: That si like cat nip to the savior complex women like myself.

Great job nat keep it up.

Mulubinba said...

I'm a Harry fan so will have to go with his stubble. I actually prefer clean shaven or just a tiny hint of stubble .... I'm not too keen on much more then that.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I have a soft spot for the Stubble-of-Trouble and any kind of RA sideburn. :)

Jennifer said...

Now we can add Thorin's beard of magesty!

Jennifer said...

Now we can add Thorin's beard of magesty!