Nov 17, 2009

Richard's Stories Warm the Heart

Time for another Richard Armitage inspirational tid-bit.
This was contributed by Mulubinba.

"I use RA's Cbeebies in my work with children who have a disability or who are recovering from long term illness. Often I need to make them night splints or measure the range of movement in their joints. RA reading stories like Winnie the Witch keeps the children interested, relaxed and therefore still so they hardly notice what I am doing."

Mulubinba has previously mentioned work-related experiences on her blog,
and I thought it was so sweet that the children in need of her medical care
would be calmed and comforted by Richard's voice and narrations.
He really is such a talented story-teller!

I love the dinosaur cafe one...
especially when he tells the dino he can't have his ice cream. :)

Thanks for sharing, M!


Sue said...

I have heard how Richard's voice always seems to have a calming effect on young children. I have become friends with another RA fan who works in a hospital with new born babies and has been known to play the DVD soundtrack to North and South and also Richard reading audio books and she has said many times that it seems to soothe the children and help them sleep.

So you see even the next generation of fans are listening to Richard's characters before they can even talk themselves!

I must admit the rich dulcet voice of Richard's voice has been known to soothe many a furrowed brow, and why wouldn't it, it's beautiful just like the man himself!

Avalon said...

Very sweet. See... his silky voice is good for other reasons, other then making us girls swoon.

Phylly3 said...

I would like to show these stories to primary students but sometimes the quality of the video is not very good. I am especially interested in the story he did about Flat Stanley, and that one is poorest quality of all. If anyone out there has a better link, or even a source to buy these as DVD's, I would be very interested.

loriBear said...

Oh my favorite is "I'm NOT GOING OUT THERE!" I love how he shouts these words at one point in the story.

I agree Nat, he's an amazing story teller.. I hope he will do more Cbebbies.

My 5 year old has LOVED these stories since she was 3 years old. She will beg me to watch them on my computer. (which brings teasing looks from my husband) I also have Rupert Penry Jones reading 5 different stories too. Just for variety of course! lol

Anonymous said...

There must be something wrong with me!
I love the stories on Cbeebies too. But his voice doesn`t want to make me sleep....Every time he says: "night,night" it has quite the opposite effect on me. Indeed, I get very excited!
Weird, isn`t it?!

Greetings from Germany


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I'm not gonna lie...
seeing RA in those t-shirts & jeans is as much fun as hearing him read those cute stories! :)

Starheart said...

Cbeebies is such a guilty pleasure on so many levels. It always makes me feel a little pervy.