Dec 2, 2009

12th Poll Results~ Keep it Cool or Melt on Spot?

This poll was inspired by blogging buddy, Avalon.
In one of her recent posts (HERE) she discussed how people
behave around those who are famous.  It made me think about what I'd
do if I ever ran into Richard Armitage in person, and how others
thought they might act as well.  (Thanks for the idea, Av!)

What do you think you'd do if you met RA in person?

Obviously, this is hypothetical, but fun to think about.
(Unless you have actually met RA, in which case... poo on you.)

There were ties for both 1st and 2nd places.

135 votes were cast.

The Escape: Hide!- 4 (2%)

The Dazed: Freeze and Stare- 28 (20%)
*Tied for 1st Place*

Evade: Stare, but keep on walking- 20 (14%)
*Tied for 2nd Place*

The Thud: Faint on spot- 7 (5%)

The Shy/Friendly: Smile & Wave- 28 (20%)
*Tied for 1st Place*

The Casual: Ask for an autograph/pic- 20 (14%)
*Tied for 2nd Place*

 The Chatter-Box: Talk his ear off- 8 (5%)

The Mauling Fan Girl: Security! Come quick!- 3 (2%)

The Jibberish-Talker:
Blurt out odd things to your dismay- 17 (12%)
*3rd Place*

This one reminded me of Hedgeypig at the BAFTAS,
although she was able to form a complete sentence at least. :)

Shrug off: Who cares?- 0 (0%)

As I previously told Avalon, if I met RA in person,
I'd most likely stare in shock, then turn into the Babbling Nat:

"Richard! Ohmygosh! Richard, I love your work! Can I have your autograph/picture? Ohmygoodness! You smell so good! Wow, you're so tall. You look really good in black. Guess what? I have a blog about you! Are you really THAT protective of your private life or is that just a fan myth? Holymotherofpearl! I love your eyes. Don't worry- I'm married and don't want your bod, I just like looking at it. Wow! You're just too handsome for your own good. What were you thinking when you did Between the Sheets!? I saw your naked backside! Everyone did! I love Thornton, Gisborne & Harry. Lucas too, but I haven't seen much of that. Ooh, and I like Monet, even though he has weird costumes/facial hair. Hey, did I mention I blog about you? You should totally check it out and let me know what you think! Do you dye your hair? HolyMoly! What kind of shampoo do you use? What kind of..." and then I'd get dragged away by security.
In other words, I'd act like a complete idiot and embarrass myself!
How do you predict YOU would behave upon meeting RA in the flesh?


Ricrar said...

Would probably go something like..."Hi Rich..uhh..ard" stammer, stammer...
"love your work" *blush*.."Can I have your children"..errr.."goodness me!..I meant to say autograph." *faint*

Hopefully it would be at least that coherent:)

bZirk said...

Oh, I would spout jibberish, which would make me clamp my mouth shut and stand there and stare. All in all I would look and sound like an idiot.

loriBear said...

I struggled a bit with my answer cause it would all depend on where I was and who I was with. If I was with other fans at the time and specifically went to this place to see him, I think my courage would be a bit stronger than normal.

If it was a surprise... the response would be quite different I think. Overall, I run the risk of many of the options... and I'm with you Nat, I fear if I had the courage to talk to him at all I would probably talk too much and sound like a complete moron!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Is it selfish of me to enjoy the fact that others would act like morons too? Makes me feel a bit more normal. Normal for an RA fan, anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Dare I say I have *met* Richard twice. BAFTA 2007 and BAFTA 2009. The first meeting I was completely in a state of shock and brain deffo turned to mush. Legs were shaking and the heartbeat trebled. The shock lasted about a month afterwards too.

Second time I am pleased to say I was more collected and at least managed to thank him and look him in the eye *double thud*. Very cherished memories of two very dear to my heart occasions, all depicted in 2 albums which I have put together of everything that happened on those days.

All I can say is that we think he is gorgeous on screen but in real life ......doubly so. He really is charming, polite, shy, caring and appreciative of his fans - a lovely man who has brought a lot of happiness into my life. Thank you Richard - we love you.

Phylly3 said...

Dear Anonymous,
I am in awe!! Do you have your pictures online? Can you share a link? Are you Hedgeypig?
Sorry, if I am being rude but I am dying of curiousity! You are sooooo lucky!!!
Thanks for posting! Nice to know he's even better in person. I KNEW it!!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Anonymous (above),
FYI, I was just kidding when I said "poo on you." Can you tell I have a 4 year old who uses such terms? haha. That's cool that you were able to meet him and (gasp) look him in the eye. Good think he didn't unleash the Thornton stare, or you'd still be hypnotized! :)

Traxy said...

A combination of the two that won for me. I would just stop and stare and then I'd be shy and maybe say hello and ask for an autograph.

I think it depends on the level of fandom. I've met a bunch of Swedish celebs because of a radio education I did and where it was, and I didn't really react to any of them, because I wasn't really a fan of any of them. The only celeb I've met who I'm a genuine huge fan of is a German pop singer, and my response there was to be very shy and polite. Sooo judging from that experience, if I ever met RA, I'd be a deer stuck in the headlights and then be very polite and be hugely embarrassed when asking for an autograph. Just have to remember to ask him to say something in a Northern Irish accent... although if he did (SQUEEEE!!!), I'd probably die. ;)

Starheart said...

It depends. What's he doing when i catch him? If he looks preoccupied talking to another person at a restaurant, i'd probably just gawk stare and hazard a few more peeps only.
If he was by himself windowshopping for shoes or something (as if he'd ever be around here) i'd probably approach and help him choose a pair?
If it was on the red carpet with other fans i'd probably have a total embarrassed meltdown after spontaneously combusting all over him! At the very least if i got any words out i'd probably unintentionally get some spit or drool on him in all the excitement.

bZirk said...


When I looked at the question, I was imagining myself at the red carpet with other fans. So I would have the same reaction as you.

But if I just ran across him somewhere random, and he was not preoccupied with someone else, I would have no problem saying, "Excuse me, has anyone ever told you how much you look like Richard Armitage?" Then he would be free to deny he is if he were not in a mood to chat with a fan. However, after the initial question, I'd probably be tongue tied.

BTW, I love that question. If it's not them, then no harm done and if it is them and they want to acknowledge it or not, then no harm done. But it's kind of a cool way to break the ice -- corny as it might sound.

One time my husband and I were at a car rental agency waiting to have a car brought 'round, and a few feet away a guy was leaning against the building with one foot bracing him. He was pretty relaxed, and when we got a good look at him, he looked like a celebrity. So my husband leaned near him a little and said, "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Al Pacino?" To which the main said, "I AM Al Pacino," and he was, and we had a nice chat.

Back to topic.

Frankly, I'm not that awed by celebrities or dignitaries. Never have been to date. But I think at some point I actually would stammer if I met Richard Armitage.

Avalon said...

I think I would rather meet his character Gisborne or Thornton....Wow now that is a fantasy....No, but seriously if I ran into him on a plane or whatever I probably would hide and snap a pic from my cell without him seeing, then email Nat....I would not approach him.

A family member of mine had a small role in the movie Tank and several of the days they were filming one of her fave actors, James Garner, was on set. If you are an extra or have a small part they will fire you if you speak to one of the major actors, ask for autograph, or take a pic. (Of course if the lead actor talks to you first, then you can have a conversation without fear of being terminated) Anyway she said he was really rude to everyone there and one of the days a tour came through and he was no "nice" to his fans.

Now if I heard that about R.A that would totally ruin it for me. In his interviews he seems so down to earth and simple; I have the "good man" image in my mind and hope no one shatters that image.

Avalon said...

Forgot to add I am in the same boat as bZirk...Famous people do not awe me...But when it comes to someone that I am attracted to like R.A or Ben Barnes; someone that I admire, that is a different story.....Then I would be shy and evade them.

twinklingmoon said...

Nat, you crack me up! Love your reaction, lol! I think i would be too freaked out to approach cuz if I did either I'd blab about nothing or actually stand there in awkward silence because I'd end up saying nothing (and neither situation is exactly pleasant)

@Anonymous, am very jealous of you for having had the chance to meet RA, not once but twice at that, lucky duck! Echoing phylly3's curiosity as to whether you have pics posted somewhere you can share, but even if not thanks for sharing your story, it just adds to my love for RA, Glad to know he really is a good guy, makes him all the more the dreamboat in my book :)

@bZirk, love your idea of "has anyone told you how much you look like so and so" What a smart strategy, I'll have to remember that if I ever run into anyone famous out here in the boondocks, lol!

Anonymous said...

No I don't have pics anywhere on line I am afraid. Whilst I don't wish to be mean and not share, I feel they are personal moments and the pictures already posted by others are so much better than mine anyway. No I am not Hedgey but I do know her.

Thanks for comments and I am glad if my story has put a ray of sunshine into this damp, miserable day.

I was surprised to read in a recent interview that he still hates the red carpet. He certainly put on an excellent act that day this year because you would never have guessed from his demeanour but then he has a unique acting talent. I think he just hates the "monkey in the zoo" aspect of it and who can blame him.

hedgeypig said...

hello anonymous whomever you are. ;-)

WitchyWoman said...

Lol if I ever had the chance to bump into him I hope my 8 yr old girl is with me because she'll blurt out "Mummy that's guy of gisborne" causing him to look,me to blush and say sorry...cue my way in to say... I enjoy your work etc.
I wouldnt keep him of course(even though I'd like too)

Longhairedtoad said...

LOL. I'd probably look and stare and think, nah... it can't be him. I'm not that lucky...

bZirk said...


Oh, an adorable little girl saying that would be the perfect segue. :D

I wish I could do that with my daughters, but they're not so little any more. They're both grown and big fans and would probably have the same reaction as me. Actually, we would probably elbow each other to see who would approach him.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

You've all brought up good points- I think I'd only flip out and embarrass myself around famous people I REALLY like. I've met a few musicians while volunteering on the hospitality staff for a few local concerts. I thought it was cool to meet the famous singers and shake their hands, but I didn't ask for an autograph or anything because I didn't really care too much.

Anonymous- privacy is understandable... I'm sure nobody thinks your mean. :)

bZirk said...

Well, no one with any sense thinks anonymous is mean.

Twinklingmoon said...

@anonymous, Certainly understand your desire to keep your photos private, no pressure intended here, and I definitely don't think you're mean, Thanks again for your story!

Phylly3 said...

Wow! I love this thread! We've got so many people posting...even Hedgeypig! "Hi!"
@Anonymous, of course we understand you wanting to keep your pictures private! (But I couldn't help asking!) If you don't ask, you don't get, right? Which is why I would kick myself if I ran into RA and didn't at least TRY to speak to him, if it didn't mean disturbing him too much.
@Avalon, that's just terrible about James Garner. He always seemed like such a humorous person in his roles on tv and movies.
@Bzirk -- I love the Al Pacino story!
Love your stick figures Nat, especially the one with her arms around SFRichard's legs. I HOPE that one wouldn't be me!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

WitchyWoman, I hope my children would NOT be around if I met RA because they wouldn't know him and they're too young to give a rip about behaving in front of anyone, let alone a celebrity. So as I turned into the babbling Nat, my 4-year-old would start whining, "Moooom! Can we go noooow?" and then the 19-month-old would wipe his runny nose on my shirt while RA watched in digust. You get the picture. :)
This makes me wonder... what would I do if my husband were with me? Hopefully we'd be near an outdoors shop and he could be distracted by fishing gear so he wouldn't watch me make a goober of myself... he'd surely tell everyone we know, never letting me live it down.
(Maybe it's a good thing I live across the globe from the guy.)

bZirk said...

I'm having a hard time picturing you as a goober. :D

Frankly, my oldest child (who's no longer a child) might be a bigger RA fan than me. She just doesn't have time to post like I do. Currently, she's in NYC for schooling, and she also works as a waitress in Chelsea. I've lost count of the celebrities she's waited on, but she keeps hoping that if RA comes to America, he'll somehow happen into her restaurant. I doubt she will be tongue tied or stammer. She has never been shy, and I doubt she's going to start now. But hopefully, she is respectful of someone's privacy -- that's what she's been taught. So far, she has not approached any celebrity other than as their waitress. I'm pretty sure it's a rule at the restaurant not to bother famous guests with requests. But if RA came in, she might think a second or two about bending the rules. :D

I'm just kidding. I doubt she would say anything, but she would be very tempted.

Sue said...

Like everyone else it would depend on the situation and whether I was in an environment I felt comfortable in. I already have his autograph and photograph. It even said "Sue, thanks for your letter, love Richard Armitage". But I would like to see him write it himself as I always have the suspicion that an autopen may have written the one I received by post.

I don't really do the waiting outside red carpet events for celebs, but I might make an exception for Richard. I wouldn't want to mither him while working on set unless I came across him by chance. I have seen other celebs while filming but have never bothered to ask for autographs. It's a strange thing that makes people want to have someone's handwritten signature, I've never understood what the attraction is really.

I would love to meet him one day and hope I would behave myself. We'll see, it depends what mood I'm in. If I'm feeling mischievous he'd better run for his life!

Ricrar said...

One reason for acquiring an actor's autograph is the fact there's no way to predict which one might ultimately become famous worldwide. Will RA eventually be known as Sir Richard Armitage? If so, his autograph could greatly gain in value.

bZirk said...

I believe there are two types of people: collectors and non-collectors. Even though an autograph can gain value, I just don't have the collector mentality. About the only thing I've collected is books, and then it was not for the sake of just having them on the shelf but because I honestly enjoy what's between the covers.