Dec 9, 2009

13th Poll Results~ Hey Mr. Postman!

Have you ever written RA a fan letter?

Yes & received a response: 23 (22%)

Yes, but no response: 7 (6%)
Yes, but never mailed it: 3 (2%)
No, but plan on it: 16 (15%)
No & don't plan on it: 55 (52%)


I'll admit... I've thought about writing Richard a letter, but can't bring myself to do it since I'd probably turn into the babbling Nat in writing.  Besides, I doubt Richard is able to read all of his mail with his busy work schedule.  I heard his mother reads and replies to a lot of it on his behalf.  Or maybe his agent or agent's assistant.  I'm sure in his early days of fame, Richard read most of his fan letters personally, but I have a sneaky suspicion there isn't much time for that now days.  (I'm just thinking realistically here, not trying to kill any dreams or your own experiences... do share them if you'd like!)

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong.  If I do ever write a letter, perhaps it should be written to Richard's mother since she's rumored to be the one reading them!  (Or his agent.)  Tell me how these sound...

Dear Mrs. Armitage,
Thank you for giving birth to Richard.  I enjoy his work immensely!  You really deserve much of the credit since you raised him and passed on some of those awesome genetics.  You must be very proud!  Give Richard a big hug for us RA-followers.

Dear Richard's Agent,
Good work on all the wonderful gigs you've helped land Richard.  Of course... you only get a bit of credit because his amazing talent speaks for itself.  Do us a favor and hook him up with something romantic in the near future... preferably a period film with more cravats and kissing scenes.  Or a Vicar of Dibley reunion!  Oh, and not to be bossy, but make sure you stay home during any BAFTA ceremony please. Thanks. Next time you see/talk to Richard, tell him his popularity in America is growing!
I'm kidding, you know... I'd never  actually send these. :)
I don't know why I'm such a smart alec.
(This is why I should never write a real fan letter!)


Maria Grazia said...

As usual you made me smile, Nat. So, your being a smart alec - your own words - is at least useful to all of us reading your blog. You succeeds in cheering us up each time. Thanks!
BTW, I'd sign thise letters of yours, they are not so bad! I'd only change one word... America into Italy... ;-)

Joan said...

I've often thought a thank-you note might be in order -- hey, I'm in the Junior League -- but figured I'd be incoherent. Loved "thank you for giving birth" part -- very stylish. I need to have a talk with my daughter-in-law about how come she never thanked me for John!

Avalon said...

Cute letters Nat...You always make me laugh out loud in front of my computer so everyone in the next room thinks I am crazy.

I voted no and don't plan to. Even if he did have the time to read his mail, I would not know what to say to somoene I do not know.

bZirk said...

I think your letters are great, Nat.

I voted "no, and don't plan to," but that really wasn't an appropriate answer.

Last summer I wrote to someone in England about getting on the set of Spooks. I even made it clear that we didn't want to bother Mr. Armitage but merely wanted to watch the show being filmed. That is the only time I have ever written to anyone even remotely connected to a celebrity much less writing to a celebrity. I will probably never do it again. Frankly, I felt like an idiot writing that letter, but I had a good reason. Doesn't everyone? :D

It turns out that we were going to be in London the same day Spooks was wrapping for the year, so there was no way.

Starheart said...

...and his popularity is growing in Aus too! - at least i Think so. Hopefully spooks8 and strike back will show here too. Brit tv is usually pretty popular.
I'm way too chicken to write to RA but never thought of writing to his Ma.

"Thank you for raising him to be a sensitive shy guy with just enough personality issues to be an interesting actor but not too crazy to be 'one of those celebrities'.

Your son's raving fan

PS: thank you for keeping his gorgeous face chickpox and bikefall-scar free."

bZirk said...

Okay, I'll add to the letter to his momma, er, mum. :D

Dear Mrs. Armitage:

I really appreciate your son's work, and I have wondered what it was like for you to raise a budding actor and whether or not you were often fearful for him. Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

Concerned mother of a budding actor

Ricrar said...

No, I've never written a letter to anyone famous...Santa is the only exception:) Just isn't my style--it would make me feel about 13yrs old again. Besides, his office staff probably has more fan mail than they can easily handle as it is. Oohing and ahhing about RA on the internet seems to more than fulfill any need in that regard. However, You go girl! to those who prefer the more direct route:)

bZirk said...

It's not my style either. That's why I felt so stupid after I did it, and I hope that's no offense to someone who's done it. I just feel funny about things like that. However, one of my daughters (supposedly as a gag) did invite Kevin Spacey to her high school graduation party. She must have a recessive gene. :D

Traxy said...

When I was about 11, I wrote a letter to ABBA. Or was it just one of them? I can't remember. I fear it was very over-the-top fangirly and I never got a response, but I do think I mailed it off. Erm. Haven't done that sort of thing since. I mean, what do you actually write? "Thank you" is too brief, but if you go into detail, soon it'll be rambling loony, and you don't really want that!

Mulubinba said...

A question - writing a letter is one thing but what about sending presents like clothes, music etc.? My opinion is that it is way too personal - your thoughts?

bZirk said...

I don't think I could ever do it for someone I don't really know, but then I know that a pretty nifty t-shirt was sent to RA, and I think it was cool the way it was done. So I guess that's my long way of saying it depends on how it's done.

Frankly, I'm still mad at myself for sending a mere letter to his "people" even though I really had a good reason. note to self: get over feeling dumb since you would probably do it again given the same circumstances. :D

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Mulubinba, I agree with what bZirk said about gifts think it depends on what is sent and how it's done. Some people probably go over-the-top and that can be weird, but whatever floats their boat.

fitzg said...

@bzirk, your hypothetical letter to "Mum" was charming - it might even receive a reply!