Dec 10, 2009

Before & Afters

Gisborne before his leathers mysteriously disappeared:
Gisborne after, wearing his American football-like shoulder pads:
He's also wearing eye shadow while lurking in the shadows... very shadowy indeed.

Monet's chin before you could no longer see it:
Monet's chin after it was taken over by a squirrel:

 Richard's teeth before they were straightened/whitened.
Richard's amazing smile after getting some work done:
 (It seems like there should be a gleam shining off those pearly whites,
like Harry's in the Vicar of Dibley wedding fantasy.)

Mr. Rogers enjoying his red sweater before it vanished:
Richard after he stole the sweater for himself:

John Standring, before Carole cleaned him up:
JS looking dashing after his make-over:

Before, when Robin & Gisborne weren't too fond of each other:
After discovering they share a common bond:

Poor Thornton is rejected before Margaret realizes she loves him:
After Margaret changes her mind,
giving way to the most romantic, squeal-worthy kissing scene:


Avalon said...

Nat you never fail to surprise me...You notice the tiniest details! I never noticed his teeth and teeth is one of my things I always check out, you know like that is my hang up. I also notice whether or not a person is wearing clean shoes or not,...I am a freak like that.
Loved the red sweater

Unknown said...

Love the before and after pics. Just seeing that shot of Robin & Guy enjoying dinner together cracked me up - that scene was so funny! And seriously, when did RA steal Mr. Rogers's sweater? LOL!!

Maria Grazia said...

How much I love the "after" pics! Lovely posting!

Longhairedtoad said...

Those before and afters are too funny! The first time I saw RA in that red sweater pic, I had thought of Mr. Rogers too.

Debra said...

These are great Nat.

Really funny. Thanks for the laugh.

***on another subject***

Could we possibly have a sexier RA Santa picture??

(just kidding...)

You know that I would definitely take him (pillow stuffing and all)!!!

Anonymous said...

So funny! I always wondered about that red sweater...I thought it was a wardrobe malfunction but now the mystery is solved!

twinklingmoon said...

Ha! ha! ha! Thought I was the only one who observes teeth. Nice to know I'm in good company Nat. I probably have a hang up about teeth for two reasons; First we Americans naturally look at teeth alot more than our British counterparts, not just for Hollywood but wearing braces is almost a right of passage for so many middle class Americans (and yep, I had them too). And second, I'm a dentist, so I guess it's a hazard of the profession :) I always knew he had his teeth done. When I first saw his work (in N&S, then In RH cuz i don't remember him showing off his teeth much in N&S) I thought "There is no way those are his natural teeth" and your pics just proved me right! Thanks Nat! It's nice to know I'm not a crazy nut job for noticing such things! And Just love the Mr.Rogers pic, I thought of the same thing when I saw that photo; it is a rather odd outfit for a young guy to be wearing, don't ya think? BTW, is the pic with his glowing smile in the blue shirt an MI-5 photo shoot pic? I ask cuz it seems like he wears the same one shirt in every episode, lol!

bZirk said...

I'm not a dentist, but I also can't help but notice teeth. It's a curse -- unless you're a dentist I guess. :D

RA's teeth definitely look like veneers, but hey, he's good looking enough that I don't care.

twinklingmoon said...

@bZirk, veneers or crowns? could be either, :)

bZirk said...

I always think of crowns as going on molars. Shows you what I know. :D So would crowns be the same as caps?

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Avalon- laughing out loud about you and clean shoes! :)

Ruth- I love the Gizzy/Robin dinner scene, especially when Robin chucks a roll and Gisborne smirks because he thinks Robin is busted, only to get hauled away himself. It made me laugh too.

Maria- you like the Monet "after" picture? I won't tell anyone- your secret is safe with me!

Deb- don't be dissing on the jolly fat RA Santa. I think he's adorable and I know secretly do as well. :)

TM & bZirk- RA's teeth don't look like fakes to me (veneers/crowns)... they look like the same teeth (same shape and everything), just whiter and straighter. But you're the dentist TM, so you'd probably know better. His smile is dazzling regardless.

I happen to like RA in that red sweater... even if it did remind me of Mr. Rogers. haha. It gives him a preppy look. :)

Mulubinba said...

I liked the JT transformation from rejected suitor to ardent lover!

twinklingmoon said...

Yep, caps and crowns are the same thing...
and Nat,hate to burst your bubble but he's had major dental work done,not just simple whitening and straightening, the shape of the teeth are too perfectly symmetrically, so even though I love RA I can't say 'he's all natural'...ha! ha! but at least I don't think he's had pec implants, lol!

bZirk said...

I can hear it now: if you want to work in America, your teeth have to be perfect.

The fact that he's had such major dental work has been the surest sign to me that he wants to come across the pond. Certainly, I could be out in left field, but that's how I've read it.

After having gone to the UK this last summer, I understand why that is such an issue for coming to America. It became patently obvious to me how truly obsessed we Americans are with straight and white teeth. Oh, I knew we had a thing about it, but I didn't realize what I snob I was until I went to the UK. They do not put a premium on this as we do. Not saying we're right just that this is how it is.

Anonymous said...

What about somewhat brown to very black hair

Joan Crenshaw said...


Thank God you have children! Your sense of humor will be passed on, I guarantee it. I look forward to your craziness.

bZirk said...


What Joan said is the nicest compliment I've ever heard. Oh, and I agree with it. :D

twinklingmoon said...

so the deal with the teeth.... yep we are "obsessed" compared to the Brits, when I went to England as a kid I totally noticed how everyone seemed to need dental work. even before I was a dentist, I just couldn't help but notice...and just to pass on how differently they view the teeth thing over there, I had a British dental school professor who told us that in England it wasn't uncommon to see people with silver fillings in a front tooth!! Imagine that!!!! Well, anyhow, I think they're catching up with us on the teeth thing to some degree, bZirk, did you notice any silver fillings on front teeth on your trip? Ok, one last thing about the teeth...does anyone else watch Merlin? I know it can be a bit of a dopey show, but Bradley James, as much of a cutie pie as he is, I just want to go in and straighten out the boy's teeth!

And Nat, totally agree with Joan and bZirk, your kids have got to be a riot...they're too young to probably filter their thoughts which will make what they say even more hysterical :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Thank you, ladies, for your nice compliments. My kids are pretty funny, but they don't even know it! I have a personal blog where I document all the hilarious every-day stuff that happens around our house (photos, stories, etc.) for my family to enjoy. Kind of like a journal for posterity.
The boys don't think I'm funny at all. In fact, my 4 year-old is already embarrassed of me. haha! He doesn't want me to kiss/hug him in public and hates it when I sing out loud or dance- which I only do at home. (So of course I do all of those things.) Luckily the 19 month-old is too young to care and loves it when I'm a goof ball! :)
My SISTERS however appreciate my sense of humor since theirs is the same! (We crack ourselves up.)

bZirk said...

You keep right on singing and dancing, Natalie. He'll learn to love it later. I speak from experience. I was raised by Auntie Mame (well, I think that part was written about someone like my mother :D). I used to cringe when I was a kid, but now I absolutely love it! Go, Mom!

Traxy said...

I've seen that sweater before!

Interesting thing about the teeth. In the top pictures, it looks like the upper teeth are the same (only whiter) but yeah, the bottom ones do seem to have changed more substantially than that.

I too agree with Joan. Nat, you're a hoot! :)