Dec 7, 2009

Caption Contest #2 Results

Ragtag's winning caption with 37% of the votes:

2nd Place with 26% of the votes:
"What is she looking at? The Armitage Army site? What the..."

3rd Place with 20% of the votes:
Things were still awkward ever since the two peaches appeared on Lucas' desk.

HAHA!  Love them.  There were so many funny captions!
Thank you to those who participated with captions and/or voting.

For the winners of the first two caption contests~
Congratulations... your lives are now complete, I'm sure.

If your entry didn't win, don't feel down!

All of the captions added to the fun and are greatly appreciated.  :)


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Not to cause any rivalries, but I just noticed Endorwitch's trophy is bigger than Ragtag's. I'd have a talk with RA if I were you, R. :)

Starheart said...

Yay me! I'm on a roll. Totally blowing my own trumpet here for 1st and 3rd place.
RA's frowning image is absolutely adorable with those wispy bits of hair over the forehead. I'll do my best to look like that when i file my strongly worded trophy-size complaint.

mulubinba said...

Lol - great CBeebies photo. Nat, I want to know how you can add text to the photos like you have above. I've asked Santa to bring me a program for my MacBook that may let me become more creative with my screencaps. I hope I can make a few speech bubbles too.

bZirk said...

I know you didn't ask me, but before Santa comes, you can get a free photobucket account, go into edit mode, click on 'decorate' and make a caption like this:

If you have Comic Life on your Mac, you can do all sorts of things like the photos above. Depending on which Mac you have, you might already have Comic Life.

Sue said...

I voted for Rag Tag I thought it was a brilliant caption! Well done!

Unknown said...

Those captions are awesome, love them!

endorwitch said...

WOO! i got an award. Well done ragtag - they were really funny!!

Phylly3 said...

Very funny stuff ladies! Thanks for the laughs! I love the photo of RA pouting too! Adorable!!

bZirk said...


I voted for "things were still awkward..."

Go ahead and blow your horn you clever thing. :D

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Mulubinba- like bZirk said, I do a lot of stuff on Photobucket (which anyone can join online) or a program on my computer called Greeting Card Factory and save it as a jpeg. I want to get photoshop.

Anonymous said...

I got 2nd! Sweet! I hadn't checked back since Friday. Cool surprise! -RK

Mulubinba said...

@Bzirk and Nat - thanks for the tips _ I shall have to explore photobucket! I simply love the speech bubble..
(and the captions, of course)

bZirk said...

Not to belabor the issue in this blog, but you can also go directly to the picasa software (, which is what photobucket uses, and access it for free as well. I just prefer to use it in photobucket. Can't remember why, but there was a downside to accessing picasa directly that may not even be an issue now. note to me: gotta recheck that software.

Traxy said...

Congratulations, brilliant caption! :D