Dec 4, 2009

Caption Contest #2 ~Voting Open

 Please read all the captions entered & vote for your favorites
on the right side of the screen.  You may vote for more than one.
The poll will be open all weekend, closing Monday Dec. 7 at 12:00 am. central.

1. I think she put something in my coffee when my back was turned!!!

2. What is she looking at? The Armitage Army site? What the...

3. Thinking to themselves-
Ros: Lucas is so lucky to be partnered with me.
Lucas: Ugh! I can't stand Ros!

4. She's checking out the bum shots again. I wish she'd wait until I was out of the room.

5. Lucas: "Kill Them"
(For the fans of Armstrong and Miller)

6. That's weird... that stick figure she just drew kind of looks like me...?

7. Sure, IT installs Firefox on her computer while I'm stuck with IE.

8. For the love of God Ros! Enough with the farmville already!

9. Ros is checking out my fan forums again. I wish she'd stop posting all those saucy comments about my bum! Surely it can't be that big, can it?

10. OMG, she's watching "Between the Sheets!"

11. Ros- We look hot in black.
Lucas- Correction: I look hot in black.

12. Lucas speaks into headset: Houston! We have a problem! My coffee is cold!

13. Hey...wait...aww no fair...I really had my heart set on those awesome leather pants and that was the last pair. I hate shopping online.

14. Lucas: Fine - I wont try and friend you on facebook either Ros!

15. Hermione: Wheres my Army?
Richard thinks: I think I'll just go get another coffee before she flips out....

16. Things were still awkward ever since the two peaches appeared on Lucas' desk.

17. Lucas: Hmmm, Sarah 4 Lucas calculates to 10%, Ruth 4 Harry gets 40% and Ros 4 Lucas gets 95%. Should I yawn and put an arm around her shoulder?


Starheart said...

Your last poll: Wow so many people have written and got a reply.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I never know what will generate talk around here. Sometimes things I think are interesting fall flat, while other topics pick up a lot of enthusiasm. :)

Traxy said...

#5 totally gets my vote just because I love A&M. :D

Voted for others as well, though. Some very funny captions there!

(And word verification word of the day: "woopsi"... riiight.)

Mulubinba said...

@ Ragtag - I couldn't work out which poll you were referring to. I wrote a letter about my work and using CBeebies ... it took me ages to try to convey just the right amount of appreciation but at the same time remaining professional ie. no gushing. In the end I think the tone of the letter was so proper as to have missed its point in some respects. Whoever read it may have been scratching their heads as to what on earth I was talking about! Anyway I did receive a signed photo. I suspect that, (without wishing to disappoint anyone), he doesn't reply personally to all his mail and has a person to do it for him. Having said that, I know of someone whose friend sent RA a card (which he signed and sent back) congratulating her on a very momentous and important achievement.

Sorry to threadnap - #17 was my favourite.

Starheart said...

@Mulubinba, Gosh i wish i had the guts to write letters. I'll admit that after N&S I was so overcome I couldn't think straight enough to think of it let alone write one. But it does seem a great idea because it's not as intrusive as approaching him in public (re the poll before that). But yeah you're right he probably doesn't reply personally anymore to the fan mail.

Sue said...

His mum is supposed to deal with his fan mail (or at least she did do) perhaps there's too much to deal with these days. My photograph complete with autograph did have a Leicestershire postmark on the envelope so it could be true.

Phylly3 said...

I had to LOL the ones about Farmville and Facebook as it is so NOT like them! I also like #4, 15, 10!, 15 and quite a few others!
I only got to vote once this time, so it was tough to decide!
Looks like #4 is in the lead!