Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year!


We Richard Armitage fans have a lot to look forward to in 2010...
Strike Back, Spooks Season 9, Charlie (if/when contracts are signed) and maybe more!
  American fans can look forward to Robin Hood Season 3 coming out on dvd January 12th. 
Say what you want about the writing... long-haired Gisborne is gorgeous!
Let's stare at this picture for a moment to confirm that fact:

Told you so.

The New Years goals that will NOT make my resolutions list:
*Give up chocolate.  ~Not gonna happen folks.
*Spend more time cleaning and less time blogging.  ~Yeah right.
*Quit obsessing over books & movies.  ~I know myself too well.
*Learn a new language.  ~I'm not feeling that ambitious.  Does Pig Latin count?

A few of Nat's New Years Resolutions:
*Give more service to others and be extra mindful of those around me.
(Even something as simple as as a smile or "hello" to a stranger at the store.)
*Send a birthday card to everyone in the family to let them know we care & remember.
(I married into a huge clan with tons of nieces, nephews and in-laws,
so this can be challenging to keep up with!)
*Spend more time enjoying the present, rather than looking forward to the future.
(My boys are growing up so fast!  I need to treasure every moment... destructo phases and all.)
*Fold laundry instead of letting clean clothes sit in baskets all over the bedroom for weeks.
(Don't laugh.  This will be the hardest to accomplish, believe it or not!)
and last but not least,
*Convert as many people as possible to RA fandom!  Yessss!!!

Must... spread... RA... love!

Anyway, those are a few things (off the top of my head) I'd like to work on in 2010.
I'm sure I'll be adding more goals to this list.

Someone who apparently has no problem spreading RA love is loriBear,
with her tally of 33 converts.  Holy crap!  She deserves a tacky gold award:

What are some of your New Years resolutions?
May you all have a fun, safe and exciting New Years weekend!


Myrtle said...

Happy Hogmanay to Nat & everyone.

It's just started snowing here in Scotland - again!
This is excitng as we often don't get snow until late January.

Hoping that there will be lots of 'RA admiring' to be done in 2010!

Ricrar said...

Snowing here on the East Coast of the USA as well...hope it clears for partygoers later this evening.

Great resolutions's hoping you have better luck keeping them than my past record. One of this year's for me is to visit your's and others' blogs more often in the new year. Everyone is hereby warned:)
Happy 2010!

Longhairedtoad said...

My New Year's resolution, watch much more of RA's work as possible apart from N&S. TeeHee.

I also need to read more fanfic. Ben very slack lately, but hopefully that will change soon.

Can't wait for the next season of Spooks, Strike Back and anything else our dear lad gifts us with.

Happy New Year's everyone

Avalon said...

Happy New Year! I wish you a safe, joyful, and prosperous 2010.

WAM said...

Happy New Year!
I love the first pic montage! Fun and humorous! Bravo!

Joan Crenshaw said...

Happy New Year, Nat. My resolutions are fairly straight forward:

Spend lots of time with my granddaughter.

Add yoga and walking to my exercise program.

Continue with fitness bootcamp.

Travel whenever possible.

Clean out the closets.

Remember it's NEED/want when shopping, not WANT/need.

Introduce girlfriends to Richard Armitage because I love them.

Learn Photoshop.

Phylly3 said...

Happy New Year Nat!
I like your resolutions, especially the laundry basket one LOL! I discovered long ago that you can get wrinkles out of clothes that have sat too long in a laundry basket by simply throwing them back in the dryer for another few minutes. Works like a charm!
Love your RA Missionary Award, it's a droolworthy picture and I would be ecstatic to win in some day. (Can't see it happening though, but I am certainly trying!)

Jonia said...

Happy New Year!!!!

Twinkling Moon said...

Happy New Year to all! Love this blog not only for the laughs it brings but for the other like minded folk I get to "meet."

Now I'm going to ask a stupid question here guys, but that long-haired Gisborne, is that really RA's hair or a wig? I always just assumed it was the real deal because everyone looked a bit more scraggly in Season 3 to me, but then I feel I read something somewhere which made me think that it was a wig. Does anyone know?

As for resolutions, well, I gotta go with Oprah's motto on this one "Live your best life." That's my aim, live my personal best, in every aspect that I can.

Wishing all a prosperous 2010! (Boy am I old, I remember all the hoopla around Y2K!)

Starheart said...

Happy new year everyone!

My resolutions include
Convert 10 more friends to N&S/RH/Spooks/VOD
Consistent blogging
Finish building my house
Eat healthier

Mulubinba said...


1. Dreaded weight loss - am still recycling those kilos but I need to lose 8 kgs so I can sit comfortably on the long haul flight to London in Sept.
2. Not worry so much about kids and family members (pigs will fly). Maintain sense of humour.
3. Blog more; write better.
4. Keep house tidy, get new bathroom, new carpet and keep the weeds out of the garden.
5. Keep fit and strong.
6. Continue maintaining interest in philanthropic causes.
7. Convert more people in Oz to RA's work including Sydney Theatre Company directors so he is persuaded to do a stage play out here :)

Unknown said...

The RA missionary award? Lori kept that one quiet...All I can say is, you go girl!

WitchyWoman said...

Happy New Year Nat and all you lovely ladies here.

I tend not to make resolutions but reflect on the year passing and what I can improve on in the year to come.

I hit the big 40 this August..eek!!

This year I would like to focus on myself more..not in a selfish way of course. Its just I put others before myself all the time and leave myself out. This year I want to devote time to myself in mind,body and spirit. Treating myself now and again. Awakening the inner Goddess.

Myrtle said...

Twinkling Moon - I think RA had hair extensions for Gizzy S3. I recall an interview on BBC Breakfast last year, (it's on You Tube) prior to filming S3 and his hair is tied up, not very sexy I thought!

Twinkling Moon said...

@Myrtle, thanks for answering the question! I think I saw that interview on YouTube, and yep, his hair was tied up. That's why i was so confused. I thought he had tied it up because he grew it out and wasn't very comfortable with it. But extensions make sense, because they sew it right in, so it doesn't look fake like a wig can. And I'm with ya, it wasn't a very good look in that interview :(

Sue said...

My New Year's resolution was not to post on RA forums. I lasted just 8 days before I made a post about Richard! Mind you as Nat kindly pointed out this website is not a forum it's a blog, so I've decided I'll only post on this website and try to keep my resolution. Don't expect it to last long.

Glad I've avoided the other forums, it seems all hell has broke loose again! I'm not going to get into the why's and wherefore's but I can well understand why Richard gets fed up with us. This makes me feel slightly disappointed that I may be "tarred with the same brush" which was basically behind my decision not to post. Oh well ours not to reason why! (Just as well!)

By the way Nat do you think Richard will get a new agent now Duncan has decamped to the USA? I was interested to read that the management at United Agents hoped to "co-represent" with Duncan Millership. I'm hoping that Duncan may help Richard break into the American market what do you think?

Another thing I'd like to mention. I received a printed letter thanking me for a book I sent Richard a while ago (don't usually send gifts) and at the bottom it said "United Artists" not "United Agents" do you think this could be an omen or simply a typo?

Titania said...

I have always love the Robin Hood tale and seen almost all versions. And here's to THE best Guy of Gisborne I have EVER seen!! Richard is AWESOME!!! Most Sir Guys I've seen have been 2dimensional and he was anything but - and not to mention Tall, Dark & Gorgeous ;) and so much character depth, and that voice ... swoon! I just *adored* him. Just finished watching the entire series. I hope Guy is with Meg now. *Sniff*

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