Dec 15, 2009

Paint it Black

What is up with Richard Armitage and black leather!?
They just go together like Gisborne and Guyliner, I suppose.

We all know Richard looks awesome in black...
and adding leather to the mix has kind of been his trademark.

Of course, his character best known for the
black leather has to be Sir Guy:

Good ol' Gisborne.

There are a few others too...

Ricky Deeming from "George Gently"
donning his biker threads:
*Adding a little white scarf for variety.*

Dr. Alec Track wearing what appears to be a black leather jacket:

I have a sneaky suspician the Spooks writers were messing
with the heads of RA fans when Lucas showed up wearing this outfit:

John Thornton feels so left out...

"I have black clothes, but they're not leather!" he pouts.

Harry decided to be different from the rest and
prefers his leather to be brown:

Have I missed anyone?

By the way,
this is how I picture Richard's living room:


Starheart said...

That Guy pic of him looking down at that angle reminds me of a classical painting. Pre impressionist of course from all the dark shadows he seems to be emerging from. The profile, the leather creases. Noice.

Myrtle said...

I like 'his living room' leather chic but with a soft touch of home, rather like RA himself.

Longhairedtoad said...

The leather just molds perfectly on him. I'm sure the Spooks writers knew that would drive fans wild.

Very pretty living room. I always imagined RA in one of those English type settings with a big comfy chair... big enough for two.

Myrtle said...

ps; do you think he did the work on the lamimate flooring in 'his living room', according to recent interviews he is handy at it!!!

Maybe he is too busy nowadays.

Phylly3 said...

Here's one you missed! From the series Doctors (2001) picture from Ace Marsupial's Gallery:
or this one, for a better shot of the leather:

Avalon said...

Great imagination of his living room but you forgot one image....Me reclining on his sofa with a glass of wine waiting for him to come can just guess what I would be wearing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry girls, I think you are optimistic about his living room. If he still lives in East Dulwich, I suspect he has a 3 bedroom Victorian terrace which would probably fit in that living room in its entirety! But I agree there would be leather furniture... and piles of books everywhere.

bZirk said...

I agree with Ragtag about the top picture. It does have a pensive quality like some of the great paintings. Plus, beautiful lighting and beautiful man. Dumb as I feel saying that, the picture definitely makes me think that.

As for the living room picture, it seems too sterile to be something Richard Armitage would live in.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Anonymous, you speak as if you know! (Secretly hoping it's a friend/family member of RA... why am I such a weirdo!?)

So ladies, I should've clarified, I don't actually picture RA's living room looking like that... just his furniture, or to be more specific, his sofa & couch! I did a google search on "black leather sofas" and just picked my favorite photo from the mix. :)

Avalon said...

Oh Nat most of us knew what you meant, I took the post with humor. I love your blog and posts because of your light heartiness and humor. When I said me on his sofa, of course that was with the same type of playfulness.

bZirk said...

I agree with Avalon.

I only commented 'cause someone else commented on it. Man I sound like one of those chipmunks.

Love the blog, Nat. Keep up the great work -- sterile living rooms and all. :D

Myrtle said...

I bet his Mum told him to tidy up 'his living room' for the photo. I suspect that there is a huge pile of books behind the settee and socks and pants stuffed behind the cushions! I recall in an interview, RA did say that he is untidy.

I'm not bonkers - I do know that it is not his real living room, just one of Nat's very imaginative ideas to play along with!!!!

Keep up the good work!

Sue said...

So Nat what do you think his bedroom will look like? A water bed perhaps and satin sheets (certainly not nylon they create too much static!). At his height his bed will have to be a "kingsize" like the man himself!

You could be right about the wooden floor, didn't Richard mention he used to do those for his mates when he was out of work?

I agree about the books, lots of them, oh yes and a laptop.

Myrtle said...

Sue, I think it was quite recently, he mentioned that when he was out of work his mates would ask "geeky Richard" to lay laminate flooring for them. I think it miight have been in the same article, in which he casually explained that his favourite dance is the Argentine Tango! OMG!
I have a fantasy in which he comes to my house to lay a laminate floor and then we practice the Tango!!!!!

Sue said...

Yes that's right! He must have the patience of a saint to lay a laminate floor, they are a pain, like trying to put a jig-saw together with one piece missing. Would't mind dancing the tango on one when he's finished laying it (the floor I mean!). I remember in an earlier interview he said his favourite dance was the flamenco, now it seems he prefers the Argentine Tango. Not dissimilar I suppose, not that I could dance either of them! I'd just hang on to Richard for dear life as he swung me around like a rag doll!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Ragtag, agreed on the "classic" look of the Gizzy photo. It's one of my favorite "old Guy look" pics I've come across.

Sue, no idea how to picture his bedroom. Hopefully no blue sheets! :)