Dec 18, 2009

Photo Friday ~ Crazy Backgrounds/Poses

Just for the record,
I like these pictures, but can't resist poking fun at them.

Lynn helped get the ball rolling on this post
by contributing the first 2 photos.  (Thanks Lynn!)

Tea with floating Richard, anyone?

My eyes don't know where to look when it comes to this picture!

This photo looks like it was flipped.
It also appears to be from the same photoshoot as these:
Richard Armitage Pictures, Images and Photos

Richard Armitage Pictures, Images and Photos
(Another flipped image. Enough with the flippin' flipping! 
We know which side RA parts his hair!  Wow, I sound mental.)

The first picture's style reminds me of these...
Richard Armitage Pictures, Images and Photos
How artsy...
Richard!! Pictures, Images and Photos

A very GOLD background.

I want to know who talked Richard into these poses! Haha!
Richard Armitage Pictures, Images and Photos
RICHARD 4 Pictures, Images and Photos
I don't know what's funnier about the next one-
The pose, the pink tie, or the serious expression on Richard's face
while wearing the pink tie and posing like this:
Not a Delivery Boy Pictures, Images and Photos

This is not a weird background/pose...
I just like the picture.
RICHARD! Pictures, Images and Photos
Let's all stare at it for a moment. *Drool.*

Have a crazy-fun weekend!


Starheart said...

I love the artsy ones and that one with him resting his arm on the armchair (3rd last one) now that's what i call a 'come hither' look.

mulubinba said...

I've always liked the 3rd last one. He looks very thin in the last picture you posted Nat - I wonder when that was taken? I can't see him posing like this nowadays - not after the "TV totty" statements from the media that keep cropping up in practically every interview.

hedgeypig said...

The flipping is infuriating, I noticed it in some of the Spooks publicity earlier this year. Do editors not notice.

hedgeypig said...

The last one was done when he'd lost all the weight for Spooks 7. They're from a shoot of about 50 pics. I can't remember the link but will see if I can find out.

hedgeypig said...

Thanks to Alicat for this.

Longhairedtoad said...

I hate it too when they flip the pictures around. Makes no sense to me.

Some of those poses look hard to contain. What must the man have been thinking when he said yes to them LOL! Poor darling.

Sue said...

Yes I remember the last pic was for Spooks 7 and he looked especially thin, not healthy looking to my mind, still lovely.

I was concerned to hear that Mike Ogden suggested that Richard may lose weight to play Charlie. I really don't see why it is necessary, surely a few baggy shirts would suffice? I wonder if he went to a health farm or had some personal trainer to lose that weight and still maintain that sinewy muscular look?

twinklingmoon said...

yep, I'm with all of you who are annoyed with all the flipping! what's that all about? is that deliberate or just stuff that was overlooked? Also, are all these pics "real" pics, as in not edited in some way to make it look like he's posed in front of something or posed in a certain way when he's really not? (in any case, what a photogenic guy! He's got some good genes)

Myrtle said...

I like the one where those long, long, legs are resting on the settee. Oh me!
Don't laugh, but I think that there is is something quite cute about the one of him wearing the suit and pink tie. Sort of Harry Kennedy at the office????

Avalon said...

Thanks for posting....I like the last one...