Dec 8, 2009

Playing Match-Maker

As far as we know,
our dear 38 year-old Richard is still a single, lone bachelor.

Just for fun, I asked a few people this question:
If you could play match-maker and set up RA
with anyone famous,

who would you choose and why?

Idealistically, it might be better for Richard to eventually
settle down with someone who isn't well-known, since he seems to prefer remain low-key at times and a famous partner would just draw more attention to his personal life.
However, I asked for famous people so that we could all know who is being discussed and pictures could be included.
"I want to set him up with my 2nd cousin, Ashley" just wasn't going to work as well.  (Nobody said that, by the way.)

Rup suggests
31 year-old Daniela Denby-Ashe

"Their chemistry was so great not only on screen, but based from the commentary, off screen too. She is shy, very introverted. RA with his humor can bring her out. I really would love to see their pairing in real life."
(Good choice, Rup!  Loads of chemistry!)

Susie proposes
41 year-old Catherine Tate

"She's got a great sense of humour and also spent time with the Royal Shakespeare Company the same as Richard. They also both share a dislike for being in the limelight and red carpet events. Maybe it could be a marriage made in heaven? I think the most important thing in a partner is a good sense of fun as you can often ride out the most traumatic and bad times if you both share a sense of humour."
(Extra points for picking a redhead, Susie!)

Ragtag is rooting for
26 year-old Jennifer Hawkins

"Richard, this Sarah affair makes me reach for the antacids. There's no excuse for her cold-blooded murders and unbleached roots. She's a bigger tease than that feisty one you stab- um... stood up for. Look, your biological clock is ticking away and I've found someone for you. Get this, she was crowned Miss Universe 2004! The lovely Jennifer Hawkins. A beauty Queen will be handy when you do King Richard III. Whaddayasay? She won't pinch your eyeliner and won't mind the leather rashes. The only down side is that her bum is waaaay bigger than yours. I mean more FAMOUS than yours - and she knows how to claim wardrobe malfunction. I'm sure mother would approve."

(Ragtag just likes the fact that Ms. Hawkins is Australian! haha!)

Twinklingmoon offered ideas on 2 possible matches~
42 year-old Lauren Graham (best known for her role as Lorelai in Gilmore Girls.)

"She's funny, independent, has done work in theatre, film and tv (so she's got a resume similar to RA's) and I've seen several of her interviews and she has a witty, self-depricating humor about herself. She also seems to be a bit shy in her interviews, kinda has what I see as a nervous laugh. And we all know RA is a private guy so that's something else they have in common I think. When I did an online search for her it seems she too has a online fan base that has stuff dedicated to her and her work (yet another similarity to RA) I feel like even if they don't hit it off romantically they'd be fast friends."
  32-year old Ewa Da Cruz  who is currently featured in As the World Turns.

"She has an unusual look, very striking (reminds me of RA); Although she comes on a US soap she is actually European (her name is Portugease but she's half Norwegian and half Egyptian); She was raised in Norway so I figure she must have European sensibilities (a commonality with RA); she's also multitalented (is a model, actress, and free lance journalist doing her work mainly in Norway so I figure maybe she's better known across the Atlantic, again similar to RA); Plus left her country to give it a go here (Like RA went to Budapest to join the circus, and if i have to hear one more interviewer ask him about that I think I'll shoot myself, ) I also think that she would look good standing next to him, she has olive complexion and I think that would be such a lovely contrast to his pale beauty (Good Lord! I'm making him sound like a vampire out of Stephenie Meyers novel here.)"
Nat's pick:

This is totally unrealistic since she's engaged to the guy who plays Jim on The Office, but if I could hook up RA with anyone  famous, it would be 26 (almost 27) year-old Emily Blunt(Sorry John Krasinski fans, but he's no match for RA.) 
Emily is an extrememly talented actress, sharp as a whip and beautiful.  Plus, they'd just look so darn cute together!  (Look- she's wearing black... Richard's color!  It's meant to be!)  She's a fellow Brit and both have worked in period films.  Emily is in her child bearing years... so if she and RA hit it off, they could be wed and make a bunch of adorable dark-haired, blue-eyed babies together!  RA offspring!!!  (Aww...)  Hey- don't roll your eyes at me.  This is my blog and my fantasy moment here!

As Twinklingmoon said, "we even take his fake blind dates seriously!"

Now it is your turn, blog readers. 
If you could set up Richard Armitage with anyone famous
(so that we can all know to whom you are referring)

who would you pick and why?


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Que the music!
"Match-maker, match-maker, make me a match! Find me a find... catch me a catch!"

Unknown said...

Okay, I love the Daniela Denby-Ashe pick which is (no surprise) one of the first that came to mind. I also like Catherine Tate - but my choice would be Ruth Wilson from the Jane Eyre miniseries (2008?). Whaddya think?

Longhairedtoad said...

I always think of JT and Margaret as the best couple so I would choose Daniella... but my first choice is naturally me! LOL!

Avalon said...

Interesting choices but I have never really thought much about it so I don't have any ideas.

loriBear said...

Daniella has my vote too. I've read articles with both of them saying really wonderful things about each other. One article had RA calling her Danny... which I think was sweet.

So my vote is Daniella!

Traxy said...

18 years younger actress Lucy Hale. Although fans of Merulafisk would be quite happy just to see the two on them as a couple on screen. :D

OML said...

If I had to choose from the suggestion, I'd pick Heather Graham, as the comment says, even if they to became I couple I think they sure'll be good friends.

Jacqui said...

Maybe RA likes 'larger' women..?
Saw this on Dawn French..

The best match for RA could be a down to earth british lass..

Andrea Milano said...

I propose Rachel Weisz I think she is the right one for Rich!! At least until he met me ^_^

Phylly3 said...

I like Daniella for him too, and I agree that Emily Blunt would look fantastic with him.
However, this may not be a romantic match, but I'd love to see him do a movie with Amy Adams. It would be a musical with singing and dancing! Can't you just see it? Fantastic!!! Hollywood are you listening??

Starheart said...

I thought of Rachel Weisz too Andrea! But she's married with kids or something. Not that any of this is realistic...

Ricrar said...

Can't believe no one mentioned 'the love of his life' Marian. (oh no...that was Guy) The on-screen chemistry between Richard and Lucy Griffiths was extremely potent. Why not in RL as well? They're both warm and down to earth - could be the perfect match. Of Although Lucy might be spoken for by now...have not heard anything about her since the final ep of RH2.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Um... does anyone know what kentcabe said above? My screen is showing a bunch of asian-looking characters. It looks cool though, and I bet it's something interesting. :)

I agree with Jacqui... we need some more variety here! Women with curves or closer to Richard's age. Rachel Weisz- good choice! I wouldn't mind seeing him with a "normal" looking woman who likes t-shirts and jeans. (Since that's my style. haha.)

Charleybrown said...

Daniela Denby Ashe, Lucy Griffiths or Ruth Wilson would all be good matches I think! As much as I love Lauren Graham, I think she's too perky for Richard. She's so spunky and he seems so reserved and introspective...

And tsk, tsk Nat,for you suggesting that Emily Blunt abandon her fiance. If she were single, I could see her with Richard, but seeing as she IS engaged to the totally adorable John Krasinki, I can't bear the thought of anyone trifling with him :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Apparently, kentcabe was some chinese website advertising adult movies/sites. No thanks, skanks! :)
So yeah, I deleted that one, if anyone is wondering. Thanks for the heads up, CB. (Advertisements are pretty much the only comments I delete with my admin authority.)

Traxy said...

I'm larger! (Working on getting smaller!) ...And also very married. *giggles* Cheers for the link, Jacqui. Interesting read. :)

twinklingmoon said...

Ha! ha! ha! Just how do those adult advertisers always manage to sneak into anything? Even the foreign ones! lol! Don't they know we can't even read what they're posting? I too thought of Emily Blunt in the beginning but remembered that she was engaged so quickly dismissed her, but like you said, it's it's all good!

Starheart said...

Perhaps it's a mark of the popularity of your blog, nat. Spammers and adult content pushers are trying to weasel in on your high traffic.

Sue said...

Hey Nat I forgot to mention Nigella Lawson as I remember Richard saying that he liked her!(Whether it's her or her cooking or both I'm not sure!) If I were Nigella I'd come equipped with whipped cream for her date with Richard!She's older than him but that's no bad thing is it?

Starheart said...

I thought of Nigella Lawson too! She's gorgeous and can cook.
But i think she's involved with someone, and is pro-fur. : ├×

Jessica said...

OMG- my 1st thought was Nigella Lawson too! He once said something about it being sexy when at the end of her show she stands eating in front of the fridge in her nightgown. I can do that! Always thought that was a great thing for him to say. Well, if it can't be me, then Nigella gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

The train station demonstrates that RA has deep love for Daniela. Daniela is a very nice person and also she is down to earth. She is not other actresses and does not get involved in any scandal. I have the feeling that RA and Daniela truly love each other.