Dec 26, 2009

Latest Happenings *updated*

Hopefully you all have had a pleasant holiday week!
Here are a few things that have happened since the last post...

The Porter Picture
This awesome picture of Richard Armitage as John Porter in upcoming "Strike Back"
popped up earlier this week and many of us couldn't stop staring at our screens.
Let's observe it some more, shall we?  Wow.
I was excited when I heard Toby Stephens would also be in this production...
but after seeing this picture, I can't wait!  Bring on the Porter!
Ragtag gave us a peek at other Strike Back cast members HERE.

Little Guy is a proud Poppa!

Kiteflier was lucky enough to capture many sweet moments, including
Little Guy & Little Marian's preparations for the baby, plus the blessed day of her arrival.
Visit Little Guy's Pad HERE to see for yourself.  (Thanks for keeping us updated, KF!)

Richard's Latest Message
I'm sure you're all aware by now that Richard sent a message to fans on
Christmas Eve's Eve which can be viewed HERE at Richard Armitage Online.
 This is how I translated it in a nutshell:
It's been a crazy year for me with ups and downs and I've been working my tail off.
I'm exhausted, but want to thank you fans for sticking around and supporting me in everything.

Thanks for the gifts, but I don't need them and there are others who could benefit more greatly
from your generosity.
[Insert list of charities here.]  Happy Christmas & New Year!
Does anyone else have a different interpretation?

The Season 8 Spooks Finale!
I was able to sneak away from the holiday festivities long enough to catch this episode online.

Spoiler Alert!
They included the major points I was hoping for:
*Girl fight between Ros & Sarah -check.
(Although I would've liked to see more Ros-pulling-Sarah's-hair action.)
*Lucas telling Sarah "You disgust me." -check.
*A guarantee Sarah won't return in Season 9 -check.
*A heroic farewell to Ros. -check.
(I became attached to her throughout this season.)

Nat's DVD collection is growing!
This isn't news, but I have to share since I'm very excited.
I didn't bother asking Old St. Nick for "North & South" because my Santa doesn't know
much about period films and I would've ended up with the Patrick Swasey version under the tree.
However, my grandmother gave me money this year instead of the traditional over-sized sweater. (Shocking!)  I've already put some of it to good use and just ordered "The Elizabeth Gaskell Collection" dvd set from amazon! It includes North & South, Cranford and Wives & Daughters.
Owning this set (along with Pride & Prejudice and Jane Eyre -2006) will complete my
collection of favorite period films!  Of course, I'm most excited about Mr. Thornton's pending arrival.
Excited Smiley Group Pictures, Images and Photos

Keep enjoying your holiday break, everyone!

*    *    *    *    *


I forgot to mention,
there is a new Richard Armitage website!
Please visit Richard Armitage Central HERE.

"Richard Armitage Central is the newest, unofficial website for the oldest, dedicated
Richard Armitage fan forum, the Armitage Army @ Richard Armitage Central.
Here we celebrate the work and talents of the English actor, Richard Armitage,

and the members of the fan forum his work inspires."

Now you can access RAC's forum and awesome photo gallery
in one location, along with news, articles, etc.
I've browsed around, and it looks like a great site.
Way to go, RAC mod team!


Starheart said...

Ooohh the complete Gaskell collection! Thanks for sneaking in a quick update amidst all the festivities Nat.

Phylly3 said...

Nat! My hubby bought me the Gaskell collection for Christmas!!(I already had North & South, but now I know why so many fans need 2 copies -- so I can loan one and not be without again!)
He also gave me Season 2 of Robin Hood -- Shout out to Mulubinba! I was so thrilled! (It helps to have a wishlist on Amazon!) LOL
I just watched the season finale of Spooks! What a heartstopper!!! I had to pause the computer at one point for a break because I was so tense!
Nice to catch up with you at this wonderfully crazy time of year!

Debra said...

I heard through the grapevine that the trailer for STRIKEBACK has already aired on SKY TV showing Richard in a beret and camo.

Has anyone here seen this? I would really like to hear more about it (if you have)????

bZirk said...

LOL! on getting the wrong North and South as a gift. I bought mine for the same reason. I just knew it would get messed up, and I didn't want to take any chances.


Oh, everyone needs at least two copies of N&S! It is the ONLY movie that I have ever purposely owned more than one copy. It's also the only thing on Amazon that I've ever reviewed, and I've bought TONS of stuff on Amazon over the years.

Twinkling Moon said...

with ya on the need to clarify which N&S you're referring to. Every time I recommend it to one of my friends they give me this blank look and I have to say "no, not the one with Patrick Swazye about the civil war, but the British one" Hope you had a great weekend!

Mamen said...

Hi Natalie!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I really enjoy your blog, it's fun. I love Richard and I am very well informed thanks to you. Sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand me.

Greetings from Spain

Avalon said...

Hi Nat, Glad you had a Merry Christmas.
Little Guy and Marian is so cute and funny.
Sweet message from R.A. Glad you posted the link because I never have time to visit the fan links anymore.
Hope you have a happy and safe New Year.

Mulubinba said...

Thanks for all these updates, Nat! I heard a rumour (wishful thinking) that they changed the ending of Spooks Ep 8 and are renegotiating with Hermione Norris - there may be a reprieve for Ros! I enjoyed her interaction with Lucas and want to see more.
@Phylly - after playing with my new toy for hours, (not Gaskell, Austen or Bronte DVDs, I'm ashamed to say, but my photoshop program), I have just dusted off our copy of RH Series 2, so my quest to find the "good" Guy is about to commence ....

MTA I think Guy should pay a visit to Dibley at some point on a photo friday in order to get some lessons from Geraldine of forgiveness :)

bZirk said...


I can't wait to see that! :D

Jessica said...

Thanks for the idea. I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas and for days have been trying to figure out what the heck to buy. Now I know! I almost exclusively watch period dramas and have watched N&S 6 times on Netflix, now I can own it- loved Wives and Daughters too and have yet to see Cranford though I read the book. You know I hate to say it, with the last ep. of Spooks we are mourning the loss of Ros, but we aren't quite sure how Lucas fared either- he did go flying. Can't even think about that! Too bad they only had 8 episodes for the season. So glad Sarah got what she deserved! Happy New Year!

Charleybrown said...

I'm delighted to see which DVD set you bought, you've got great taste! Just be sure that you don't overplay N&S...your DVD player can only handle so much! :)

WitchyWoman said...

Cranford is brilliant Nat(if you havent seen it already).
Santa didnt bring me anything of Richard..sniff.

Looking forward to Strike Back(the book is terrible btw and its nice to see from the picture Richard hasnt suffered too much for his art as I can see all his fingers) His character in the book has some missing.
Oh and god how hot does he look in that uniform!! The action man look really suits him.

Sue said...

You'll love Cranford Nat. I watched the special Christmas two-part series that was made over Christmas and I couldn't help wishing that Richard might one day get a role in it, even a small cameo part, it's so well written. Maybe he could be a doctor if they make any more as they seem to be missing a doctor in the village of Cranford these days. He'd have all the old-maids (and young maids) swooning and reaching for the smelling salts left, right and centre! (Me included!)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

WW & Sue- I saw "Cranford" a few months ago and loved it! I can't wait to see the Christmas sequel.
I also like "Wives and Daughters" so when I saw they came in a set with N&S... I just had to get it!

WAM said...

Still trying to figure out how to post a comment :-)

Nat, I share your assessment of R.A's Christmas message and I see nothing wrong about it. Admiring a celebrity for whatever reason is one thing, subjecting them to arbitrary gifting is something else. I mean, gifts are meant for people we love and we love who we love because we know them.

On top of that, spending money on virtual strangers for no other reason but to feel some kind of no less virtual bond with them isn't the healthiest of things, don't you think? Charity is good for it makes a difference. Much more difference than random presents that will be thrown away (worst case scenario, but think about the environment ;p), re-gifted (50/50 scenario-not very thoughtful of the recipient who didn't ask for them in the first place) OR...Sent to charity!!! (best case scenario, but then again, why would the poor bastard serve as a transit hub???).

To make a long story short, I think it's a rather elegant way to say :" I am touched by your adulation, but I don't think should spend money on people you don't know and who don't need it, especially in these times of hardship".

Sounds sensible to me :-)

Happy holidays