Dec 14, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off!

After reading the "Before & Afters" post,
blog reader Fran sent in this
before picture.

Notice anything that isn't usually there?

If the title didn't already give it away,
I'll help you out...

We're used to seeing Richard's chesticles looking like this:
So it seems RA's smoothness doesn't come naturally.
This isn't very surprising, given that five o'clock shadow he often sports.

I think RA looks great either way,
but it's nice to know he (and the make-up/costume department)
care enough to make the extra effort for these sort of scenes. 
(Note to Robert Pattinson: Edward is supposed to be smooth.  Follow RA's example!)

By the way, Richard... Fran wants you to know she's an expert chest-waxer
and doesn't live far from your home town. *wink, wink*
(It's true.  She contacted me from a day spa email address.)

Since Twinkling Moon is a dentist and has been commenting on RA's teeth,
and Fran works at a day spa and has mentioned his chest hair... it makes me wonder
what the rest of you do for a living and therefore notice about Richard?

Before staying home with the kiddos, I used to be an insurance underwriter,
so perhaps I should be analyzing the hazards on the set of Spooks?
I hope they have good liability coverage.  I can hook you up with that, Richard! :)


Unknown said...

Oh, this post just made me smile. Any pic of Richard is a great way to start my day (it's quite dreary here).

If I ever get my great American novel written, RA HAS to read the audiobook. PLEASE, Richard m'dear?! LOL

Starheart said...

How could a fangirl miss that tuft of hair when there's a conveniently placed pendant pointing the way? Ever since the cravatless scene in N&S I've an unhealthy obsession with his neck. Damn.

Longhairedtoad said...

It's the little things that stick out. My eyes went straight to that lock of uneven hair on his forehead. Can just imagine brushing it back with my fingers...

Traxy said...

Oh, this post made me giggle!

I noticed his wand (...hey, eyes up here, ladies! I didn't mean That One, I meant the one he was waving about in the CBeebies fairytale! :P) as I've taken up wandmaking as a hobby. I thought the wand was a bit too plasticky and thought he'd look so much better with one of mine. *cough* The Other "wand" of his, I haven't seen, and I don't wish to see it either because that would be WAY too weird.

As a wannabe writer, I just tend to relish in his characters looking angst-ridden, because that's soooo much fun to write. And also, it fits in with the character I have that looks like him. :)

Oh, and I wonder if he's any good in the kitchen. Not up against the counter in a passionate embrace (although that's a pretty nice mental image, actually...) but I mean cooking. Can he cook? What sort of things does he like to cook? Does he have a speciality? Or, if he can't cook, does he like to eat, and what sort of things does he like eating? Which is something I'm wondering because I happen to like cooking... not to mention eating! Which I seem to be enjoying a bit too much and paired with NOT enjoying excercising at all isn't good. Then again, if RA was working out at my local leisure centre, dangit if I wouldn't be super-fit very quickly, as I'd spend all the time working out there! ;)

bZirk said...


Yeah, it was definitely hard to believe all that hair on his neck magically ended at his chest.

twinklingmoon said...

Yep, I'm with you bZirk, when I saw that scene in RH for some reason I just thought it was a bit off....all that hair at his neck couldn't just end I don't think, I don't think that would be natural...Nat, you said how some of our "work-related" comments had you wondering about what some others did for a living, but actually based on our "professional" assesments of hair and teeth I'm beginning to wonder is there something else that's not fully natural about RA? Please don't tell me his eyes aren't naturally that color? Is there a photo of him running around somewhere with a different shade of eyes?

bZirk said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I'm qualified to give expert analysis of hair and teeth. Let's see, mother of four, uh, yeah, I can give expert advice on all sorts of subjects. :D

Seriously, if we're talking IT, then I can maybe give some insight, which I guess rules out people. LOL!

Of course if I fancy myself a connoisseur of male chests and faces, then uh, yeah, I'm back to being an expert. :D

Avalon said...

Nat, remember we had this conversation by email, lol....Now I know.....And you know how I feel about chest hair, lol....

Oh by the way I have a degree in history and Native American studies....don't think he needs any lessons in history and he probably thinks Natives died with Columbus....However I do volunteer work in genealogy, lol, maybe I can trace his family tree....

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I did think of you when doing this post. haha. I thought of doing a warning for you: "Av, skip this one! Your eyes can not handle the hairy peek ahead!" :)

Avalon said...

Lol Nat, terrific warning...First the booty issue and now, but I still adore him.

Sue said...

Traxy, I think the only speciality Richard can cook is beans on toast (not too many beans I hope!).

I'm beginning to imagine a thick matted chest of curly black hair. (Fancy running your fingers through that girls?)Please stop waxing Richard and give us a peek at your muscles "au naturelle". It must be a real pain waxing all the time. I wonder if that's the only thing he waxes. Certainly doesn't attend to his underarm hair so I doubt it.

I also notice he no longer wears a necklaces either. I never did like the "medallion man" image.