Jan 5, 2010

15th Poll Results ~Are you in the RA closet?

Who knows about your Richard Armitage fetish?

Poll Results:
Nobody- it's my secret: 36 (26%)
Only a few select people: 55 (41%)
Most of my family/friends: 28 (20%)
Everyone who knows me: 15 (11%)

Warning: Following is a bunch of Nat-chat.
(Feel free to skip over this part.)
PhotobucketI fit into the "only a few select people" group and I see that I'm in good company.  Several of my family and friends have listened to me go on and on about North & South or Robin Hood, but haven't caught on to the fact that I'm obsessed with RA's work.  (This proves that they tune me out when I start blabbing about such things.)  At least I have my newly-converted sister-in-law to discuss Thornton! 
My dear hubs is pretty much clueless about the RA-craze... which is odd because he's my best friend and I normally talk to him about everything.  The problem is, we like to tease each other.  (It's kind of our weird way of flirting.)  If he found out that I have a blog devoted to an actor, I'd never hear the end of it!  It would be worse than the time he caught me singing (and dancing) in the shower.  (By the way, has anyone ever done that?  It's a bit dangerous.)  All of our extended family would be hearing RA jokes at the next Sunday dinner.  He would start mocking every Armitage show that appeared on our screen.  I'd become very annoyed and instantly plot revenge. 
PhotobucketIn fact, I'm plotting revenge at this very moment (just in case) and have to think, "What's wrong with me!?"  (Maybe I have Armitage Paranoia, which is a worry that my fandom will be tainted by mockery, among other things.)  The hubs knows I look at this blog, but has no idea I'm the one running it!  hahaha!!!  I feel so sneaky... which is fun, yet makes me feel guilty at the same time.  Maybe I need to see a therapist.  Know anyone who treats Armitage Syndrome?  Perhaps I'll settle for a dentist who is an RA fan... Twinklingmoon, do you have any openings?  Anyway, for the time being, the hubs hasn't been filled in on my latest obsession.  The funny thing is, he thinks I'm all-a-flutter for "that Edward guy" just because I was excited to see the Twilight movies and therefore teases me about Robert Pattinson... little does he know, he has it all wrong! :)  I've thought about watching "Spooks" with Mr. Nat... it would be awesome if I could turn him into a partial fan at least.  Ooo, now there's a plan!Photobucket 

The only person in "real life" who knows the full extent of my RA fandom is my younger sister, Allie. She has listened to my Armitage chatter and taken a look at this blog. Since we were young, I've always felt comfortable revealing my current fascinations to her.  (I will be attempting to convert her to RA fandom this year as well as a few other family members!)

The above confessions were not to focus on myself (in fact, I'm well aware they make me sound like a nut job) but to let you blog readers and forum members know why I'm so grateful for your friendship.  Because of you, I know there are others who can relate to my enthrallment!  We can discuss Thornton's cravats or Gisborne's guyliner like they're the most important thing in the world.  So refreshing!  This common bond has given me the opportunity to get to know many of you better and I believe my life is fuller because of it.  The world feels like a smaller place.  So thank you for your friendship and helping me feel more "normal" in my interests, as well as giving me an outlet for this fixation. :)

Now it is your turn to share your stories!

If you have a secret RA fetish,

how do you hide your enthusiasm from others?

How do you rationalize not sharing your secret with

family and friends?

Have you ever been caught as an RA fan?
(Not that kind of "caught"...)

*Be sure to check out the latest Adventures of Stick-Figure Richard in the previous post.*


flandersdreamer said...

My family (hubby included) and my friends know about my RA bewitchment. They don't understand because they don't know RA's work. Slowly I'm feeding a bit of RA into their telly habits and it works almost every time!(except a few die hards!)
My dear hubby doesn't mind me being besotted. He says:"Aslong as I am the one that sleeps with you, all is fine!"
So, I'm a very lucky woman, I can talk to everyone I know about gorgeous RA!

Ricrar said...

Your hubby sounds as devilish as mine Nat...the latter is a terrible tease as well. Which is the primary reason (I rationalize to myself) why I've kept my RA obsession to myself. Although, he's had many clues and probably knows somewhere in his subconscious that his wife has 'a thing' for that English actor who happened to have roles in 3 of my recent recommendations to him.

It started w/watching RH3 on BBCA, after that I bought & read Strike Back and passed the book along to him. It culminated on Christmas Eve with one of my gifts to him - Spooks 7 dvds.

I'd highly recommend your idea for the two of you to enjoy Spooks together. My DH is really enjoying it, possibly because a strong interest in global politics/international intrigue has been something we've had in common from the very first date...when we belonged to different political parties & spent most of the time arguing that fact:) Said to my mother the next day "I've done it again - my date last night will never call again." BUT he did and a year later we were married.

Today we're on the same page political-party wise but continue to find enough differences to get into some pretty animated discussions - most likely it's also our unique way of flirting:)

Starheart said...

My partner knows. I made him translate the squees and gushing on Slavic-language forums about RA and N&S. The teasing hasn't ceased since then.

He still watched RA stuff with me. I agree with RiCrAr, win the OH over with Spooks. They'll come round.

Phylly3 said...

Oh yes, my hubby knows, in fact the dear man actually bought me RH Season 2 for Christmas, along with the 3 part Elizabeth Gaskell set!!
He does tease me a bit, and my kids roll their eyes...and oh yeah! My daughter brought me Thornton's chocolate truffles all the way from England! Yes! I was eating a truffle while watching RA! (Sorry to brag but it doesn't get too much better than that!)
Maybe some people find keeping secrets fun, but it would stress me out too much. I just TRY not to go too gaga about it too often!
Oh, and by the way, my family is not psychic -- I did have a very definite wish list! Sounds terrible, I know, but people do like to buy things that they know will be appreciated! :)

loriBear said...
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B* said...

LOL! You are too funny Nat...
Not since I was a teen have I taken a marked interest in any actor...so I do tend to keep a low RA Admiration profile. Only two people in my life are in the know; neither is my husband. My sister knows (she gave me my first fix - N&S) and a good friend who thinks his "work" is fab (I gave her N&S for her Bday). She is an actor herself, so takes these things rather seriously, while I, on the other hand, have to restrain myself from blatantly ogling/swooning during RA's frequent appearances during our Jane Austen/RA Knitting Club get togethers! Haha.
Actually, my kids know RA as Mr.Richard as they are frequently subjected to his beautiful voice while driving to school/activities. Me: "OK kids, enough Dixie Chicks, it's time for Mr. Richard." My eldest doesn't seem to mind and my youngest often nods off for a catnap!
Oh, and using Spooks as a gentle introduction is a great idea. My husband enjoyed it and we completed a Spooks marathon together after seeing S.7...although I am not sure if he really knows what started it all!! :)

loriBear said...

My hubby knows as well.. but you see I've been clever. hubby can't tell the difference between RA and Hugh Jackman. Normally he would tease me like crazy as well but early on, he tried to tease me only to find that it was not RA but Hugh Jackman we were watching. Now he doesn't trust himself. LOL

Best story I can tell is, one time I was watching a movie and it had an actor that also looked alot like Hugh Jackman. Hubby walked by and said.. "Oh no, is it THAT guy again?" And I very calmly answered, "No, that the guy that looks like the guy that looks like the guy!" It wasn't until after he left the room that I could no longer contain my laughter!

Several of my family and friends that I've converted to fans of N&S, though that it is now MY favorite movie and consider me the "expert" on it. Some of them know that I think know I have a silly crush on him, but I down play it... just to save myself from looking like a complete idiot! I too am glad I have found friends around the world I can completely swoon and act like a nutty teenager with! You all are the best!!!

Avalon said...

Oh my Nat I had no idea your hubby doesn't know! You have put so much work into this blog and have made so many fans happy, and he has no idea of your accomplishment. But I also see your sneaky side, lol, it is healthy for you to have secrets. It must be quite exciting to blog and have this little secret....
And yes I am very glad to have met you! You have become one of my best online buddies as I told you before I never talked to other R.A fans online until this blog. I just did not feel like I had anything in common at the R.A forum (Armitage Army). I have met others through your blog and I am thankful to be able to share my thoughts with them.
As for me I do not try to hide my fascination for R.A or any other actor or author or politician I support. R.A photos are on my myspace page (and so is my family and all my old college buddies), he is my screen saver, and I have a framed photo of him and Ben Barnes in my office, so I definitely do not try to hide my delight. I do not think it is something to be embarrassed about, well as long as a fan doesn't evolve into an obsessed stalker...There is ample difference between being a devotee and a crazed extremist (you know like those fans that stalk and wind up on morning talk shows) lol
I am not married nor do I date, but if I did they would deal with it because I have to be me.
I have two sons and an army of nieces and nephews and Robin Hood and Narnia are like their role models so I kind of joined in. We have a lot of fun together watching the films and collecting merchandise and sharing a common interest as a family.
All and all I think it is up to each individual how they deal with infatuation or fascination or whatever you want to call it....If you do not feel comfortable or you are bashful, there is nothing wrong with that either.
Admiring someone because of their talent is common and I believe healthy, not shameful or immature. Without fan support there would be no celebrities.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Nat, everytime I read this blog you outdo yourself and crack me up even more if that's possible! I don't know if I laughed harder at the fact that your hubby doesn't know about the blog, or knows you check out the site but doesn't know you run it, lol! that's hysterical!

He must work long hours because how on earth do you have time to pull this blog together with 2 small kids and he has no clue you are running the show here?

I am definitely one who has kept my RA love on the downlow here. People know that I love N&S and because of that became an RH fan, and that I like RA, but have no clue that I check out blogs about him or any other site related to him. I think I'm too worried that my RA love will turn me into one of those weirdos who lives in a basement apt and has no friends in RL and just sits in front of the computer addicted to stuff that has no bearing on my RL and fantasizing about some random actor. I've never been one to have serious crushes, even as a teen, so actually my RA love has even taken me by surprise.

So for now, the secret-keeping is fine with me, nothing wrong with it I say!

And if therapy is needed to cure one of this RA love, well Nat, I'm right there with ya! Sorry, dentistry doesn't cover mental health issues :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I forgot that I HAVE mentioned Richard's work on my private family blog. Every once in a while, I'll take a break from our family adventures or "look how cute my boys are" posts and do a Nat's Review where I talk about the books I've read or movies I've seen recently. I've featured N&S and RH and even posted a few pics of RA! I'm surprised my fam/friends haven't caught on to my latest fascination! I'm kind of insulted. haha :)

I think it's interesting how we all deal with our RA admiration differently. If someone struck up a conversation with me about RA or his work in front of my husband, I'd start chatting away and not care if he heard... so I guess it depends on the situation.

TM- I usually blog late at night (around 11 pm, after the hubs has gone to bed- he gets up really early for work) or in the day during my youngest one's nap time. I usually think about what I'm going to post ahead of time so it usually doesn't take very long. Browsing the various RA sites/blogs is what traps me online too long and I have to limit myself!

Greek RA fan said...

Well as I am hoplessly romantic I've kept the depths of all my RA obsession for myself.
Fine, my hubs teases me about keep watching all these, quite alike for him,
period drama series because he is totally unromantic (a typical military/ sci-fi/
horror fan) and truly belives that all real men of +40s are like him and
romance is something boys experience only for a short time through high
school. Not a chance to change his mind at all. He didn't even give a
chance to Spooks or Golden Hour (too unrealistic for him) so I had to watch
all by myself too :-)
So my revenge will be (sweet) on April when "Strike back" will be on
My only RA-company are my 2 little boys (3 and 4,5) when I'm showing them
(and translate) on Youtube the Bedtime stories. RA is so wonderful and that
voice so deep and velvet he can read anything from poetry to grocery lists
and have me bewitched!

A Greek RA-desperate housewive.

endorwitch said...

i'm one of the folks who voted 'everyone who knows me'. i have been getting obsessions since i was a little kid and i have NEVER been shy in sharing. so yeah if you talk to me for long enough RA will probably come up! :D
its kind of cute that you gotta keep it from your hubby though. :D

Avalon said...

Twinkling Moon you will not end up in the basement and even if you did you would still have all of us R.A maniacs as friends...So you are not alone!
I have always said I live in a fantasy because I am happier that way.
But I have read something on here and never commented on it. I noticed many of you have stated R.A is your first real adult crush and in all honesty he and Ben Barnes are mine too.(I am a two-timer, lol) I do not think I have liked a celebrity so earnestly since my teen years. I thought it was just because in my real life I do not have relations with men (my choosing) and this was my body's natural way of expressing attraction for the opposite sex but maybe not....Maybe he has a spell on us...(just joking) But whatever it is I am not complaining.

Anonymous said...

A few select family members know, and have watched N&S and Robin Hood with me. They like RA but I'm the one who is really into the fandom, and is active on message boards and watches all the fan videos and so forth. One family member has read some North & South fan fiction, and I've recommended some Robin Hood fanfic for her.

A few other friends whom I've known for ages (and who are serious fangirls, but for different fandoms at this time) know, and why would I keep a secret from them since we're all flaming fangirls?

I have told a gentleman friend (he's not quite a boyfriend--it's complicated lol) that I am involved in a fandom for an actor, but I won't say *which* actor. I would never hear the end of it if I got more specific than that! My friend only knows that this guy is British. So of course he now frequently makes jokes about how all British men are unattractive wimps! LOL. He doesn't fool me, he's just jealous!

For most everyone else, I'd DIE before telling them. It's just too difficult to explain! I know that it's not anything horrible, but I'd definitely prefer that it not get out and be public knowledge! LOL.

Anonymous said...

My hubby knows and is kinda jealous. Even thou he looks like RA -- tall, dark hair, blue eyes. I told him, "He looks like you!" But it didn't help my case. So I try to keep it on the down low. I work from home so I indulge in my RA time when hubby is at work. I feel like I am cheating on him. The cat was really out of the bag when my Guy of Gis action figured arrived in the mail.

I have told my female friends and relatives about RA -- there is enough of him to go around. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, I am the Anonymous who posted right above you! LOL, my not-boyfriend-gentleman-friend is also tall, dark hair, blue eyes, and I told him that it's no coincidence that I like tall, dark-haired handsome actors, because they look like him! But it doesn't seem to stop the comments about British guys being unattractive wimps.

LOL for being outed by your Guy of Gisborne action figure!

bZirk said...


Oh, I so understand the joking as flirting thing. That is exactly what my husband would do and does do! He is a big tease, and he's pretty clever with it, so I have to stay on my toes or rather keep a low profile. ;-)

My son is just like him, so I get the ribbing from both of them. My oldest girls, who also like RA, don't give me too much lip about it. LOL! Although one of my girls thinks he's scary, but she means that in a good way. :D

As for anyone else, I've mentioned it to a couple of my friends and to my mother, who is also a fan now but not like me. I have one friend in particular who kind of teases me. But for the most part, I don't say a whole lot. Not because I'm ashamed of anything, well, maybe I am, I don't know, but because I'm "the sensible one." I'm the one who would NEVER do anything silly like be a fangirl, and truth be told, the idea of that is kind of weird to me too. Oh, don't get me wrong. I hope I don't take myself so seriously -- at least not all the time. How dull. But to participate in something shallow like a fandom (man, that word almost sounds obscene LOL!), no, that's not how most people I know see me and not how I normally see myself.

However, I figure I've raised a couple of pretty good kids (even though I have a couple more I'm still working on who aren't grown yet), I'm married to a great guy, I love people, I like to laugh a lot, I have all of my teeth, my weight is not too out of control, so hey! who is it going to hurt for me to enjoy a particular actor's work? Plus, I've gotten to talk to all of you! :D


Your description of the basement made me think of King of the Hill when Bobby got caught up with the wiccans. ROFLOL!!!

Traxy said...

Like the majority, I went with "Only a few select people", I think. With RA, I've mentioned to my hubby that a friend of mine has a crush on RA but kinda neglected to say she caught it off me, as I was the one who sorta started it to begin with! ;)

My hubby does know about my Sam Neill obsession, but that's not half as severe as this one. I collect Sam films, but nowadays, that's pretty much it. I don't hang around blogs about him (possibly because I don't know of any, to be fair) but it's still different. This is a full-on schoolgirl crush! And that's a bit silly, but maybe I can blame it on being a student? In a way, I still AM a school girl then, right? ;) (We'll pretend uni counts!)

I'm all out in a roleplaying community I'm in, where it's also difficult to get me to shut up about him and a number of other things. To be fair, though, my sisters' wedding speech for me had my obsessions as a recurring theme... so it goes to show, really. I mean, one minute, it's X-Files, next RA...

Myrtle said...

I am a 'select few' person. My hubby is one of the few, we watch Spooks together and Robin Hood. Over the Christmas holidays we watched Sparkhouse DVD, which my OH hadn't seen before. He was amazed how different JS was to RAs other chararcters. My hubby agrees he is a 'fine actor'. However I keep my audio CDs to myself, being alone in the car with Richard's voice is something I do not share with anyone!

My hubby does tease me, but he also drools over Nigella Lawson the TV cook, as does RA I believe. We both know it's all very light hearted.

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, Thanks for understanding (and appreciating) my "basement" comment. I am very much like you, the sensible one. I think eveyone I know would be shocked to find out that I am into an actor this much, or part of any sort of fandom. I've never been one to be, dare i use the word obsessed, by anyone. I'm the one in the group that always says, "he puts his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us. He's just a person." So now, I'm a little worried about my own mental health here, being so taken by a guy I've never met (and never will), but hey, I figure if I got mental health issues because of RA, I'm in good company!

@Nat, you must be a night owl to do such great work at night on your blog, but my goodness, when do you sleep with 2 little ones?

bZirk said...


Oh, we're so on the same page.

Well, I'm blaming all of this on middle age crazy. Either that or being a crazy Texan. Somethin'. 'Cause my sense has taken a holiday. Kick in the head is that I don't want it to come back. :D

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, you're too funny! However, if this RA love is a result of a "middle age crazy" then honey, I'm in big trouble over here because I'm not even middle aged yet (well, I'm in my 30s, so I hope that isn't middle aged, hee! hee!)

Greek RA fan said...

Since last post I've told my hubs after all. He 'd caught me laughing while reading the lines Nat had written after posting the BAFTA photos "Stop drooling on your keyboard!And stop kissing your screen.Have some self respect, people!!!(I told you, a lot of exclamation points.)"

I couldn't really stop laughing so Jim 'd read the lines and he actually found pretty amusing (to imagine me drooling and kissing the laptop screen). I must say he took it real nice so I 've pushed my luck trying to make him watch the last train scene of N&S but that was more than he could handle (for God's sake stop woman or I'll start about Angelina Jolie...)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Greek Fan- HAHA! That's awesome. I'm glad your husband thought it was funny too. That is an accomplishment. :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Forgot to respond to you, TM-
I'm a bit of a night owl, but nothing like my college days! :)
I try to be in bed by 11:30-12:00. My boys usually sleep in until 8:30, so I get plenty of sleep! (I'm going to try to start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier so we don't waste so much of the morning. :)

Marie said...

I've been reading your blog for some time and have a real affection for it with the added bonus that I too am an RA fan. But in my defense I don't like him simply on looks the man can ACT! I thought he did a great job as Guy of Gisborne and he put many layers to what could have been a mere cartoon type character. But I loved him in North and South it is one of his best shows and best perfomances. I am very much looking forward to Spooks series 8 to be released in Britain I shall be buying it.



Anonymous said...

Why choose Nat?

I am mad about Richard AND Robert, both amazing actors, and OH knows all about both of my crushes.

I kept both a secret from RL friends for a while, but there is an advantage to letting friends know.

If (like me) you like to get a pic with your fave actors and actresses, and your friends KNOW about your admiration, they can then let you know when their nephew spots that person in a hotel and you can act on the info and your make dreams come true.

Just sayin'......

P.S. Maybe this only works if you live in LA, NYC or London though

P.P.S. Still love this blog....x

Anonymous said...

A selected few. First I explained a friend of my mother how You Tube works with a clip of North and South (hint!). ´Oof, he looks quite stern´ she and mom agreed (I blushed). Then later I visited a long time friend of mine. We were talking while watching tv (her hubby within hearing distance) and I said at some point. ´I pretty much like the acting of RA (notice my understatement). Have you heard of him?´. She responded ´With the dark hair?´. I was like ´WHAT?´. To my amazement she reads every name when the credits roll and she can tell this or that person was in series such or so. I asked ´Do you remember the old series Robin Hood of twentysome years ago?´.´Yes´. I said ´Well, in it the good guy was handsome, however there is now a new version in which the bad guy is handsome. And that gives it a whole new dimension!´. She promised me she would look into it on internet.
Together with mom I watched ´Moving on´(hint, btw great script and I really love the acting) to hear her view. Well, it didn´t cheer her up so to say.
And I gave my sister a book of ´North and South´, because she has a lot of period drama dvd´s and books , but no time to sit down and see the dvd (baby kids). Response ´A lot of small print!´. Nice :(

bZirk said...

I was talking the other day to my friend who loaned me N&S, which I've stated I had on the shelf for months before watching. I was talking to her about it and how much I loved it. Turns out that she bought the DVD but never really watched it! No wonder she let me keep it so long, and now she can't find her copy. Yes, I returned it. LOL! But now I'm loaning mine to her.

Oh, is she in for a treat. I know her, and she's going to love it!

Anonymous said...

To add to my message as anon 1:23: I told my friend and her hubby that they really, really, really should watch Spooks on BBC later that year. I really sold it!

I´ll teach RA´s marketing cowboys! Let your people call my people! GRRR...LOL!!