Jan 15, 2010

16th Poll Results~ What have you watched?

Which Richard Armitage productions have you seen so far?

This was a multiple answer poll
and 180 people voted.

Poll Results
in decending order:

Boon: 0 (0%)
~SFR standing in for "Man in Pub."

This Year's Love: 19 (10%)
~SFR standing in for "Smug Man at Party"

Cleopatra: 22 (12%) ~Epiphanes

Casualty: 25 (13%) ~Craig Parker

Doctors: 25 (13%)  ~Dr. Tom Steele

*Malice Aforethought: 54 (30%)  ~William Chatford

Frozen: 56 (31%) ~Steven

Miss Marie Lloyd: 63 (35%) ~Percy Courtenay

*The Phantom Menace 67 (37%) ~Naboo Fighter Pilot

Ultimate Force- Series 2: 70 (38%) ~Capt. Ian Macalwain

Macbeth: 74 (41%) ~Peter Macduff

Between the Sheets: 92 (51%) ~Paul Andrews

Cold Feet- Series 5: 92 (51%) ~Lee

The Golden Hour: 96 (53%) ~Dr. Alec Track

Inspector Lynley: 98 (54%) ~Philip Turner

George Gently: 101 (56%) ~Ricky Deeming

*Ordeal by Innocence: 101 (56%) ~Philip Durrant

*The Impressionists: 105 (58%) ~Claude Monet

*Sparkhouse: 107 (59%) ~John Standring

*CBeebies: 108 (60%) ~As Himself

*Moving On: 114 (63%) ~John Mulligan

*Spooks- Series 8: 132 (73%) ~Lucas North

Spooks- Series 7: 145 (80%) ~Lucas North

*Robin Hood- Series 3: 148 (82%) ~Long-Haired Gisborne

*Robin Hood- Series 2: 155 (86%) ~Gizzy

*Robin Hood- Series 1: 156 (86%) ~Sir Guy

*The Vicar of Dibley: 160 (88%) ~Harry Hotness Kennedy

*North & South: 172 (95%) ~John *Thud* Thornton

Reminder: this wasn't a popularity question, as in
"What's your favorite RA show?" but "What have you seen?"

There is a * star in front of those I've viewed.
I've been wanting to catch up on those missing a star, and wondered what blog readers may have overlooked too.  I'd really like to see "Miss Marie Lloyd" but don't know how to access it. (Any ideas? Netflix doesn't carry it.)

I wasn't surprised that North & South, followed by The Vicar of Dibley, Robin Hood, and Spooks took the top honors since they seem to be Richard's most popular work.  I wonder how those 5% of voters who haven't seen North & South have managed to skip it!  I mean, just look at the JT picture above!  How could you not want to see that!?!  The sideburns!  The brooding! (Oh, um, sorry... back to the poll.) I was surprised that, with as much as those "peaches" are discussed, only 51% of blog readers have seen Between the Sheets. Ha!  So I'm not the only chicken! :)  It was also interesting to know nobody has seen Boon. Even if Richard was a nameless pub-goer, it's surprising that no die-hard fan (who reads this blog) has found and viewed it yet.

Which missed RA production
do YOU want to see the most

Thanks for voting!
And a BIG thanks to Richard Armitage Online
and Richard Armitage Net's awesome Screencap Gallery
for providing access to many of the photos shown above.


Longhairedtoad said...

I'm kind of surprised there were less viewers for Spooks 8. I would have thought more would watch.

No big surprise on what was the most watched RA work. :)

Twinkling Moon said...

I'm with you Nat, I was totally expecting a 100% viewership of North and South;

and agreed with longhairedtoad, I would have thougth Spooks 8 would have had a higher viewership than #7,

Judith Johnson said...

I don't normally watch tv shows like Spooks so I just tuned in to see RA. First S7 show was great when he comes "in from the cold" and I thought the story line with the ex-wife was interesting. Love his tats, especially the placement of Gnothi Seauton and he was breathtakingly beautiful wearing the blue suit and posing as Roz's stockbroker boyfriend. I melt when he speaks that honeyed Russian. S8 totally lost me when he got the girlfriend, I prefer him with unrequieted love! He just lit up the screen in N&S and carried the entire three seasons of RH but it seems like he has lost his intensity in S8 of Spooks. So wish that he had been Mr. Knightly in the recent remake of Emma. If they would only remake Dauphne de Maurier's Rebecca, he would be superb as the murderous Maxim de Winter or they could make a decent Frenchman's Creek and he could be the charming pirate Jean d'Aubrey.

Phylly3 said...

I wish I could see the Impressionists. I am sure would enjoy it very much as I have always loved that style of art, plus I enjoy biopics. I am more than willing to overlook the squirrel beard!

Traxy said...

I have, but have yet to get around watching, "Ultimate Force", "The Impressionists" and (which arrived this morning) "The Golden Hour".

Some bits I've seen on YouTube but didn't vote for as I haven't seen ALL of it, like "Between the Sheets". So much RA-ness yet to watch! :D

Myrtle said...

Probably Cleopatra, now I have seen a picture of RA in the costume! I reckon that it might be worth a look! mmm nice legs.

For any one who hasn't seen "Frozen" - I would say watch it and see what you think. It might not be everyones cup of tea, infact it's rather bizarre and quite alot is left to the imagination of the viewer, but I quite liked it.

@Rob said...

Frozen wasn't my cup of tea. I pretty much FF'd to the RA bits. He was fantastic in it. Of course!

I really enjoyed The Impressionsts and it is avail on NetFlixs.

Honestly, I would watch the entire list but can't find much of it, esp in the US.

Spooks type shows not my thing, but I really got into it. The entire cast is brillant. I didn't feel the chemstry btw Lucas and Sarah at all. He had waaay more chemistry with the Russian ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

I´ve seen a lot on YT and some of it I bought as dvd because of it.
For now I´m halfway with Golden Hour on YT (4 episodes in total) and I recently stumbled on a dvd of Cleopatra (that´s next) in a rare visit to a village shop. I think I´ve seen Cleopatra on tv back then. Maybe I HAVE noticed the ´extra´(one in particular). Sometimes they stick out (who is THAT?). I have to rewatch it just to check.
Nat I miss picture of ´smug man at party´. No screencap somewhere? I´ve welcomed pics of Doctors and Casualty which are new to me. I will search YT for clips.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Anon above,
SFR had to stand in for "Smug Man" and "Man in Pub" because I could not find a screencap of either anywhere! :( Anyone ever seen a pic of either?

Anonymous said...

Nat. Smug man at party. I´m not helping you but it looks like this:
Can anyone make a screencap or find a picture of this?

Clips of RA in ´Boon´ Casualty´´ and `Doctors´ are supposedly very rare (no clips on YT).

Sue said...

I would love to see a very young Richard in Boon. I used to watch that series too! Can't ever remember anyone catching my eye.

I hear that the BBC have done a deal with the National Archives or something to archive old dramas and TV shows so perhaps we might get to see him as an extra in Boon yet! Can't wait.

Joan Crenshaw said...

Nat, you are welcome to borrow my copy of Marie Lloyd, if you'd like. I have a lot of stuff that requires a region-free player or VLC on your pc. You have my email addys, at least two of them.

Phylly3 said...

Hi there,
Here is a link to the picture you are looking for:
As you can see from the address it's from RichardArmitageOnline.com

flandersdreamer said...

I think it extremely clever to put in SFR when there's no real picture available, Nat!
It looks like our comic hero is developing a life of his own, as thrilling as real Richard's!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Philly3. Allso on http://www.richardarmitageonline.com (tv-section) are videoclips of Casualty & Doctors. Woo-oo!

Phylly3 said...

You are right -- SFR standing in for "Smug man at party" is very cute! The smug expression is spot on! I wondered at first why the balloon, as it is not in the picture, but then I realized "Oh yeah! He's at a party!" Balloon = party! Very clever indeed, Nat!
Love SFR as the Man in Pub too! Woo-hoo! Looks like he's having a good time!

30rock said...

Boon was mostly shown in the 1980s (I think that it launched Neil Morrissey onto an unsuspecting world). I notice that all the references I have seen to RA being in Boon quote the year 1995 (very unsure about the source of this information however). This is interesting because the last series of Boon was actually mostly shown in 1992, but the very last episode was (for unknown reason) not aired until 1995. This was an episode called "Thieves Like Us" S07E14. This episode is available in its entirety on YouTube but I have not been able to spot RA in it yet. He is not listed in the credits. So am I just not eagled eyed enough to spot RA in this episode yet, or is 1995 just wrong and he is actually in one of the earlier episodes of S07. In 1992 he would have been in his early twenties so might look rather different to the RA we know and love today...

Phylly3 said...

Heck! If fans can spot RA in Phantom Menace than I am sure they can find him in a Pub Scene! Any Boon watchers out there want to take this on? Sounds like fun! I would if I had access to the series. Are there many on Youtube? Plus I think Youtube doesn't always have the whole thing posted. RA's scene could be missing!

30rock said...


I think that finding RA in Boon might be a hopeless cause. I don't think that he is in Thieves Like Us - in fact there doesn't even seem to be a pub scene in it at all. He may have been an extra in the background, unrecognisable. Or this may be the wrong episode. Or...whatever.