Jan 12, 2010

A Gisborne Limerick

There once was a man named Gizzy,
who when angry could throw quite a tizzy.
now don't go and judge him
'cause lots of gals love him
since he makes 'em go all a-dizzy.
Now this Gizzy-man loves to wear black.
He would look good wearing an old sack.
But he prefers his tight leathers,
his guards don yellow feathers,
When he's near, you better watch your back!
At times Sir Guy's a bit shady,
but his heart belongs to a lady.
she is rather a dummy,
'cause with Robin she's chummy,
when Guy finds out, it's much too latey.
Killing Marian was quite a big blooper.
By Season 3 he's in a druken stupor.
Way to go, writers...
your work really biters.
But we all still think Gizzy is super!!!

Yay for the release of Robin Hood Season 3 in the US!
I saw most of the episodes on YouTube, but now I'll be able to watch it on a bigger screen
and see Gisborne in all his long-haired glory.  I already warned the hubs that there would be a
Robin Hood marathon going on this week.  Remembering my Season 1 and 2 viewing spree
last summer, he let out a huge groan.  (I haven't told him about blogging, but he knows what
I watch, most of the time.)  I'll be attempting to trick him into watching an episode with me,
but I'll have to pick one of those least flawed... maybe the Meg episode!  (If not, my 4-year-old son
will be my viewing partner.  He liked the other seasons.)   By the way,  I have not purchased a copy of Season 3. Mine is coming in the mail today from Netflix.  I haven't yet decided if I want to buy
it or not.  Either way- I will probably be on a Gisborne kick this week, so be warned! :)

So here's the question-
Have you or will you purchase Robin Hood Season 3?


Starheart said...

Have not, will not. Not even for the episode where he has great hair.

You know, with the mangey lion.


Ali said...

Yes, bought it when it came out in the UK a few months back. Had to own it because, well, it's Guy isn't it and secondly because I love owning the extra features. Plus I wanted to do caps for the website.

There are several episodes from that series that I'll probably never watch again. But a few of them have some priceless moments: #1 for drunk, desperate Gisborne, #5 for the hair, his scenes with Isabella and the way he leers at Vasey, #6 for waking up in bed after a nightmare and that little wave he gives Vasey when trying to kill him, #7 great fight in the forest with Robin & Isabella in chains and the smile when PJ gives him the key, #9 Meg (obviously), #11 rescuing Archer and being chummy with Robin and #13 because he was such a hero and it was his last :(

Going through that lot, I'm surprised there are that many episodes that I enjoyed. It wasn't so bad after all LOL.

@Rob said...

Jury is still out on whether to buy or not to buy season 3. Kinda PO'd at the writers esp for that ending!!! Money is tight so we'll see. Althou Ali brings up some good points. So maybe movign to a probally. The nightmare scene...that was nice. I liked Meg too. And Archer, yummy. Why didn't they break him out earlier??? Those writers were just, okay, deep breath, letting it go.

Greek RA fan said...

In Greece 3d season just begun and it costs 1,5 euro per DVD as part of a Sunday's newspaper extra bonus gift.
(newspaper 1,5e + 1,5e DVD= 3 euros, can't bye the DVD separately).

There will be 6 DVDs (3 episode per DVD) greek subtitles included - necessary for my 2 boys - they can't read yet but it's a future investment :).
So as I already have the 1st I'll wait until next 5 Sundays for the rest.

Judith Johnson said...

To watch the beautiful Sir Guy in full fury with flashing eyes and flying tresses whenever one wishes is worth any price *_*

Longhairedtoad said...

That was cute and funny.

Will probably purchase RH3 as I already own 1 and 2, so why not complete the set. I want it more for any special features, interviews or the making of stuff.

Joan Crenshaw said...

I have it already (UK set) and it's on my ipod and my iphone, and yes, I have a US set coming today.

I swear it's for recruiting purposes only.

Yes, I have just admitted to how sad my obsession with Sir Guy truly is.

Loved the...poetry..btw, Nat!

Traxy said...

I'm waiting for a complete series 1-3 box set to be released... and then for it to come down in price. *cough*

I would never have even come up with the idea before getting seriously into RA, but Gizzy would make me consider spending money on that otherwise not-so-awesome show... I mean, he might be in the extras, and I've not seen those! (Like buying series 1 of "Brothers & Sisters" on DVD just because Ken Olin was in the extras. Which I may or may not have done. *cough*)

Either way, I loved Gizzy in s3 and it has Toby Stephens as Prince John as well, so yay!

Phylly3 said...

Once I finish watching Season 2, I am definitely putting Season 3 on my Wish list. After all, my birthday is coming up!
I will follow Gisborne to the end...
I always knew you were a poet at heart, Nat!

Avalon said...

You are hilarious Nat....Always bring a smile.
I always purchase my dvds from AmazonUK so I can get them quicker. I have already ordered my Dorian Gray copy which will be released Jan 18!!!!!!

Twinkling Moon said...

Nat, you are hysterical! Does this stuff just come to you naturally or do you have to work at?

As for RHS3, don't know about buying it. For some reason I'm not much a buyer of videos, I always just get it for free from the library. I already watched S1 and S2 with the DVD extras from the library so will probably do the same for S3

bZirk said...

I've already bought it (pre-ordered on Amazon), and I will admit I only did it to salve my conscience. I don't like getting videos or music without paying for them. So now I won't feel bad about all those eps I watched via torrent. :D

bZirk said...

I hit enter before I meant too!


You are something else. I LOVE the limerick.

Oh, and I can handle your Gisborne kick and raise ya. :D

Ricrar said...

I've RH1&2 sitting along side N&S, Golden Hour, BTS, Sparkhouse, VoD, adjacent to the all-region player, but not planning to purchase RH3. Somehow it didn't have the compelling story of the other 2 seasons. Suppose Marian's demise had a great deal to do with that.

Wonderful Gizzy poem,
Nat. "he loved a lady...found out too latey" hahaha. 'You're a poet but you don't know it' so consider yourself hereby informed:)
Thx for the great laugh.

Mulubinba said...

Lol! I used to be part of a very entertaining thread where we wrote ridiculous (but very funny) poems based on al of RA's characters.

As for S3, it is nowhere to be seen over here in Oz!

flandersdreamer said...

What? Not buying RH3? I preordered it the second it was on Amazon UK!
Missing a part of Richard's work?
Unthinkable! Unheard! Shame! Shame! Shame, ladies!

Myrtle said...

I bought S3 DVD when it came out in the UK, simply had to, I couldn't possibly not have the complete set, even though Gizzy isn't in every episode. My favourite scene has to be the one in the forest with Meg. I found it moving, more than anything between Guy with Marion.

Sadly I dont recall any Glove Porn in series 3 - shame Ha Ha!

WitchyWoman said...

I got all the series on dvd but they are the ones we recorded when they aired on tv. I'm waiting for them to come down in price and will get them for my daughter(which mum will borrow sometime).

My fave episode of series 3 the one where Gizzy is tied to a tree..but then you already knew that.

Myrtle said...

Oh yes, S3 Gizzy tied to a tree was very good:D Compensated for the lack of gloves perhaps???

Sue said...

To be honest I'd quite forgotten about good old Gizzy since watching Lucas North, it's been so long since RH3 was shown in England.

I used to love watching the interviews and snatches of episodes on YouTube but these seem to have been stopped. Shame because I think this was a good bit of publicity for selling more DVDs not less. Please can we see some of the interviews from the "Extra's" disc uploaded? We have them from RH1 and RH2 but no RH3,(not as far as I'm aware anyway). I think YouTube are good at promoting such series and if uploading has been prevented then the BBC/Kudos have well and truly shot themselves in the foot (with a great big arrow!). Far from discouraging me from buying the DVDs they have the opposite effect and ENCOURAGE me to buy them! Am I alone in this view?

Mind you series 3 was my least favourite. The episodes where Richard was absent were very dull indeed and I did miss the top-to-toe leather instead of that black baggy smock he wore to cover his weight loss needed for filming Spooks 7. I think Kudos should go back in time and rewrite the ending of series 2 and 3.