Jan 21, 2010

Lucas Highs and Lows

Awesome Lucas North video by KatSw3
featuring Spooks Season 8 clips HERE.  Worth watching!
(Embedding not allowed, which is why the link is provided instead.)

As many other sites have reported, Spooks Season 9
has been comissioned, but it may be the last season due to
budget cuts at the BBC. See article HERE.  Nothing is set in stone, but
what a bummer!  I wasn't expecting Lucas to remain on the show too much longer,
but it's sad that they'll be getting rid of quality shows (whatever they are) and possibly
replacing them with cheaper stuff... like reality crap.  Boo!

I hope they don't decide to end the season/entire series with the death of Lucas.
We're still mourning the loss of Gisborne!  Have some pity on the Richard Armitage fans, Beeb!

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Update~ 1/22/09:
The BBC is denying Spooks will be cut.  Read THIS. 
Perhaps I was being dramatic earlier... but you never know.


bZirk said...

That is a wonderful video! This one made me wonder if Richard Armitage ever watches these things. Oh, I know there are scads of them, but there are a few so well done that it's a shame if he has never watched them.

Longhairedtoad said...

Well, if it has to end,(Grumble... Grumble... that it won't) they better have one heck of an ending.

Am torn on whether I would want Lucas killed off in some grand fashion (ala Adam) or sent happily off into the sunset.

@Rob said...

the poor guy, after all he's been throu deserves to go off to happily into the sunset. to kill him off would be heartless.

btw forgot how much i liked the bangles that was a bit o'flash of the past. wasn't it?

Unknown said...

I have the DVDs of MI-5/Spooks seasons 1-4...haven't really gone past that except for different clips of things online. I do think it's interesting that Spooks may be on the bubble as far as getting canceled goes - didn't the seasons used to have 10 or so eps, and now they're down to 8?

bZirk said...

Better than the original, and I'm a Simon & Garfunkel fan.

As much as I like that music, it does not eclipse the editing of this video, which is stunning. This is going some for me since I'm so tuned into music that it does many times eclipse images for me. In other words, if the song is good, the video can be crappy for all I care.

bZirk said...

Oops. I should have put @rob.

Regarding Spooks, I hate to say this, but the last several years just aren't as good as the first few. The first three seasons are still superior to all the rest. I definitely fault the writing, but in fairness, how long can you really keep a show like this fresh?

Plus, the Lucas/Sarah facet of the show was bleh. I just didn't like it. It was not believable (ducks) in comparison to past shows. If I had never seen the past shows, then maybe I wouldn't have had the standard I do, but after watching Tom and some others, the Lucas/Sarah thing just doesn't come close. Obviously, I'm saying that as a fan of RA. I don't know exactly what went wrong with this season, but I'm not excited about buying it. Oh, I'm going to buy it because frankly, my conscience dictates it. But if it weren't for that, I'm not sure I would -- even as much as I like Richard Armitage.

Avalon said...

Nat, it is the same here in the states, reality is taking over. That is why we rent or buy series that we have never seen and watch those as a family.
Great vid by the way.

bZirk said...

I can feel some of my brain cells dying when I watch reality shows.

@Rob said...

she has mad editing skills. how long do you think it took to edit this video?

loriBear said...

Hey Nat this just got posted on thehttp://www.richardarmitagenet.com/latestnews.html

[21st January
Digital Spy is reporting that the BBC has denied that Spooks is facing the axe. Click here for the full article. Maybe there will be a series 10 after all?]

It will be interesting to know what is really going on!

DEZMOND said...

this might sound as a blasphemy in this exact place and blog :) but I've never heard of a show called SPOOKS, I must check into it immediately :)

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

*GASP!* Dezmond... how dare you!!! Um, actually, I hadn't heard of "Spooks" until last fall... so we'll cut you some slack! :)

twinkling moon said...


Coudn't agree with you more about how great that vid is and I too hope RA gets to see it.

@Nat, thanks so much for bringing it to our attention. I don't watch too many fanvids because I become impatient with them (blasephemy perhaps) but I like vids that play some of the original audio too because I feel that the diaglogue can add so much to a vid if done well So I get frustrated with just a bunch of music playing without telling a story, Anyhow, I felt this vid managed to tell a story and well (I still hate Sarah though!)

@bZirk, I am catching up with the earler seasons of Spooks online now, I'm on season 2 and must say I'm with you, the earlier seasons just felt fresher and had more twists and turns in the plots I think; but hey, I'll still watch season 9!

Sue said...

According to a new press release from the BBC Press Office there is a new series called Outcasts due to start filming in April by the makers of Spooks. I'm guessing that depending on how successful this new show is will effect whether Spooks gets mothballed or not. Take a look at the details:


The casting hasn't been confirmed yet, wouldn't it be great if Richard could get a role in this instead of Spooks, which admittedly has become a little stale. A bit of a sci-fi, that would be something new for Richard wouldn't it?

Sue said...

Here's the link again and also a copy and paste of the article save you searching.


Outcasts commissioned as new primetime drama series for BBC One
Date: 14.01.2010
Category: TV Drama; BBC One
Following on from the innovative and era-defining hits Spooks, Hustle and Life On Mars, Kudos Film & TV is moving into another new world. BBC One has commissioned a new eight-part drama series, Outcasts.

Created by Ben Richards (Spooks, The Fixer, Party Animals), Outcasts is set on a recently-discovered planet and tells of the dilemmas, loves and lives of a group of people setting up a new world.

This life-sustaining planet is now home to the surviving population from Earth. Here there is a chance to start again, to bring the lessons learnt from Earth and to put them into action on a new planet.

Set in 2040, Outcasts begins on the day the last known transporter from Earth arrives, prompting great excitement on the new planet: Who is on board? Friends and loved ones? Important supplies and news from Earth? But also many questions: Will the new people bring the problems of Earth with them? Will the mistakes that destroyed Earth be repeated? Will the arrival of a new, would-be leader, rock the fragile and precarious equilibrium of our fresh, unified and courageous new world?

And, most importantly of all, how do you create a new and a better world?

This commission marks the latest high-profile scripted drama Kudos has produced for the BBC over the past decade, including such popular, award-winning shows as Spooks, Hustle, Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes.

Jane Featherstone, Kudos Creative Director and executive producer of Outcasts, said: "With his usual wit and insight, Ben Richards has imagined a near-future, when humans are still led by their hearts even though their surroundings have changed. Action packed and full of surprises, we hope Outcasts will have everyone gripped right from the start."

Simon Crawford Collins, joint MD of Kudos and executive producer of Outcasts, said: "We have a long and highly-successful working relationship with the BBC forged on such shows as Spooks, Hustle and Life On Mars and are really excited about continuing this on Outcasts.

"Outcasts is as original, contemporary and compelling as our past shows but will take viewers into a new world, literally, as it explores humans' drive for power, politics and sex in this new post-Earth era."

Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning, says: "The Kudos team have an amazing track record in delivering iconic new drama series and with Ben's truly imaginative but emotional, intuitive writing, Outcasts has the potential to be an intelligent and unmissable BBC drama."

Outcasts is an 8 x 60-minute series and will be produced by Richard Fell (Inspector Lynley, Blood & Oil, Fantabulosa) and directed by Bharat Nalluri (Tsunami, Spooks, Hustle, Life On Mars).

Shooting starts in South Africa in April 2010 with casting to be confirmed.

Executive Producers are Jane Featherstone, Simon Crawford-Collins and Faith Penhale from Kudos and Matthew Read for the BBC.

Outcasts was commissioned by Ben Stephenson and Jay Hunt, Controller, BBC One.

Twinkling Moon said...

South Africa! is it me, or does it seem like quite a few UK shows tape outside of the UK (RH, Merlin, Strikeback)

Sue said...

I think it might have something to do with finance. Perhaps it's cheaper to film over there? I know many new shows over here are now filming in Liverpool.

Twinkling Moon said...

@Sue, you're right, It must be cheaper as I know many US shows tape in Canada for the same reason. but it alwasy seems funny to me that it's cheaper to go to a foreign country and put up all the people involved in the production

Sue said...

It's to do with the exchange rate mechanism. The dollar against the sterling and all that. The pound is pretty weak at the moment.

Phylly3 said...

Don't feel too bad about not hearing about Spooks because unless you are a Raving RA fan, you might have missed it.
In North America it is called MI-5 and it is about 4 seasons behind over here. Ros hasn't even shown up yet. I just saw the episode where Adam Carter's spy wife was killed.
So except for those kind people who upload current episodes to the internet, I would have no idea what was going on with RA on Spooks. (Other than fanvids, which tend to alter the storyline, somewhat.)