Jan 22, 2010

Photo Friday ~Pinstripes!

Stay tuned for poll results later today!

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To see more Richard in pinstripes, click
He was at a "showbiz bash" for Sky, where they featured their 2010 programs.
Thanks to Richard Armitage Online for the scanned article,
and to Sue for bringing it to my attention. :)

Richard is shown posing at the party with Shelley Conn, his costar in Strike Back.
The same one who gets to do this:



Judith Johnson said...

OMG Every girl is crazy 'bout a sharp dresssed man. Thanks 4 posting!

WitchyWoman said...

Ummm I do like a man in a suit especially if the man in question is Richard.

Goes off to pour cold water on myself.

WitchyWoman said...

Ooop's sorry for double posting but I've just remembered something.

The other night on tv in the UK in an advert for Santander(used to be the Abbey National I think) came on and Richard is doing the voice over for the ad.

Its sad but Hubby and I play the "Guess the voiceover" game. I was in the kitchen when it came on and my ears pricked up at the sound of that familiar voice but it was Hubby who got in first and said "Thats Richard Armitage" Lol. I have brainwashed...I mean trained my hubby well.

DEZMOND said...

I adore stripes, half of my outfits are striped (unfortunately not stripped as well :)

@Rob said...

all i have to say is THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!

Longhairedtoad said...

Gorgeous picture. It's illegal that he looks good in every kind of outfit.

Myrtle said...

Oh me! Lovely.

I wonder what he was thinking?

"Get this over with, so I put on my running gear and go for a jog"???

Sue said...

He looks like a great, lanky school boy in that pic!

Talking of pinstripes I've just seen a report that Richard has been to a Sky TV shindig and he's pictured with his co-star and love interest (onscreen anyway!) of Strike Back. He appears in OK magazine and you can see a scan of it here thanks to Richard Armitage Online website (a big thankyou for that!)


Avalon said...

Good pic....he must be thinking of me there...lol

Carol said...

mmmm, he looks comfortable. I wanna lie there beside him.

Anonymous said...

Sue your ok piece is gone? Is it still for sale?

Anonymous said...


Doesn´t strike me as the type! Oh I´m quoting Ros again.

It suits him though.

Word jokes, anyone?

Myrtle said...

Avalon, I should have known he was thinking of you:D

bZirk said...

Uh, I can't repeat what I believe he's thinking.


Why do you sound strangely like Dezmond? :D


Thanks for reminding me to check that site!

Twinkling Moon said...

Ok, love RA! of course he looks good, but honestly, the boy's got to expand his wardrobe! I thought Spooks was just cheap and had him wear pretty much the same 2 shirts and jeans, but my goodness I'm wondering if he only owns a couple of outfits in real life too. wasn't he wearing somehthing similar when he went to that Cirque du Soleil event?

I totally agree he looks good in those dark shades, I'm not saying he needs to wear something flashy. But pleeeeeeeeeeeease wear something that shows us you have more than a couple of outfits. Are they not paying you enough? Just be bold RA, and try something new (and not the orange pants he referred to in some interview that he bought as a rebellious teen but never had the guts to wear (lol!) IIRC)

Still love ya RA, no matter what you wear though!

bZirk said...

But he does look good in what he wears, and frankly, I think I like that he wears a lot of the same things. When I find something that I like, I usually buy four or five if not a half dozen.

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, yeah I too tend buy more than one if i like it (and it's on sale,hee!hee!) but I either buy it in different colors or pack the extras away until the one I am wearing is too worn to wear anymore.

A couple of repeats are ok, but it seems like everytime the guy is in front of the camera either acting or as himself, it's the same outfit. I don't get it,

RA you'd look good in anything you'd wear, I promise! (well, maybe not orange pants?) but give something else a go, just for the sake of something new

No matter what you look like, all your fans will still love ya, I swear!

Greek RA fan said...

Poor Shelley Conn!

I've remembered Daniella's interview about N&S final scenes in which she's describing her kissing RA all afternoon as TAUGHT JOB!!!!
Poor Daniella indeed.....

Anonymous said...

If Spooks 9 continues and with RA.. I would love another bankscheming episode (we´re still facing the credit crunch).

Remember RA working at a ´proper bank´ in S7. He was wearing the aqua blue striped suit. I am not sure that color would go down in Holland´s banking scene (dark blue/black with red tie and lightcolored shirt, yes).

In S8 I love RA´s suit as a Russian millionaire and his boasting with the CEO (and cracking the system). Boasting is familiar to some bankers (eherm)!

Use any excuse to get RA back in suit for Spooks I´d say. Or out of suit as others would say %).

BZirk I like a suitable joke.

Sue said...

To be honest I don't think Richard enjoys buying clothes or he likes to stick to things that are "safe" and he feels comfortable in. I always think that people often wear black because they don't want to draw attention to themselves (forget that Richard!). He does need to inject a bit of colour into his wardrobe. I've often thought that he seems to wear things that he's been wearing during various shows he's been acting in(not RH obviously, although you never know!) and as actors are often given the opportunity of buying clothes from the wardrobe department at a cut price he might just do that. (I know I would!Ever the tight arse, me!)Mind you when you think what made to measure suits cost these days he might just have bought the odd suit from Spooks.

I hate him wearing shirts, they are so old fashioned and look untidy without a tie. He should wear one of those shirts with a mandarin collar which look really chic and smart. I think he should wear pale blue preferably and ditch the suit and choose the "casual smart" look. A pair of beige chinos and a casual jacket of sorts, maybe brown suede or leather.(Obviously I haven't given this subject much thought!)

Hey Nat! How about Stick figure Richard getting a choice of wardrobe? I remember when I was a kid getting cardboard cut-out figures where you could also cut out cardboard clothes for them from a book, to wear. Could these be introduced to SFR? (Personally I prefer him in the buff!)

Anonymous said...

Really cute pic of Richard and Shelley Conn,can't wait to see Strikeback :)

I think the man should wear what he prefers and likes even if it is always the same shirt or suit,if that is ok with him.

Keep wearing what you want Richard,you always look great to me!

twinkling moon said...

@Sue, nice to know I'm not the only one who has given RA's wardrobe some thought, lol!

Yes! Yes! Khakis are a basic staple in every closet, yet where are his? Maybe you are onto something and he does buy his clothes from the wardrobe department on the shows...

Or it could be a simple laundry strategy....if all the clothes are dark/black all it takes is one load! maybe I should consider that strategy myself, lol!

Myrtle said...

I do remember RPJ saying in a interview, that, he went shopping with the wardrobe girls (lucky them) for his clothes for Spooks. He liked them so much he decided to buy them, (the clothes not the girls) after filming had finished. Perhaps RA did the same thing.

I ask myself, I should have gone shopping with RA for the 'boiler suit' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he needed help trying it on?

I don't think that our boy is too bothered about fashion. He wears what he feels comfortable in. Perhaps, it didnt even cross his mind that he had been photographed within a couple of weeks in the same shirt & similar outfit. Maybe, he will have to think about this a little more as his career develops ??

I recall the differences between RA in his BAFTA tux 2007 & 2009. He looked much sharper in 2009, although there was something endearing about the 2007 look.

bZirk - I think your thinking, what I,m thinking he's thinking in the picture? so there you go ha ha
Or is it just our wishful thinking??

Phylly3 said...

You can call me immature all you want (and I'll agree) but I like that idea of the paper cut out RA doll or SFR as Sue suggested. Then we can change outfits all we like, ladies!
And Nat, as in your next posting, speaking of things or characters in RL reminding us of RA, I was reminded of my old Ken Doll the other day, and I thought he bore a resemblance to RA! (The late '60's version Ken with the dark helmet head hair.) You know, dark hair, blue eyes...
That would be even more fun to dress than a cut-out doll!
And WAY bigger than Little Guy!
LOL Hahahaha (I DO amuse myself!)

Twinkling Moon said...

@myrtle, how interesting that the actors get to be involved in "dressing" their characters. I would think that is a rare thing in the business and is left to the costume people and the actors gotta run with it.

Well, as much as I've talked about RAs wardrobe choices, the fact is I don't think I've ever seen him look bad, seriously. he does know how to dress, it's just that I've seen him in the same things so much that I couldn't help but notice, that's all.

@bZirk, I had no idea that there was a dark haired Ken doll, who knew?

Sue said...

I dread to think what I would do with a "Guy" doll! I remember when I was young plaguing my young nephew (who is only five years younger than me) by putting the limbs back to front on his action man doll. Poor devil, he used to go mad when he saw what I'd done!

bZirk said...

Uh, I'm not the one obsessed with the Ken doll. :D

BTW, I was thinking that he was thinking, "Do I have to pose for this crap again?" Or something like that. ;-)



MissJJ said...

Yes love a man in a suit and this one certainly knows how to wear one, I just hope and pray for ONE WHITE SHIRT ~ Pretty Please Richard! Am more than happy to nip to nearest department store!!!

MissJJ said...

Talking of the Santander Ad, Euston Station in London has practically been redecorated by Santander, am just gutted that there is a larger than life Lewis Hamilton looking down on me, it could/should have been a larger than life RA would have had to go home that way every night, despite the walk!!!!!

Sue said...

My building society was recently taken over by the Spanish company Santander and every time I log on to my account online and see the Santander banner I can imagine Richard's voice saying "we are Santander". His voice is like pure honey!