Jan 19, 2010

Robin Hood, Season 3 ~Viewing Spree Part 2

Over the weekend, I was able to squeeze in the 2nd dvd of Robin Hood, Season 3
which included episodes 4-7.  Just to recap, I've seen a lot of Season 3 on YouTube,
but not every episode, and it's just not the same as watching it on your television.

One of the only episodes I hadn't seen before was episode 4,
"Sins of the Father."
Since there's no Gisborne in this episode: BORING!
Instead, we had some baddie named Rufus.  Bad guys must have cooler names!
And Kate still had that dumb braid, which made things even worse.
Okay, the episode wasn't that bad, but it lacked umph!

When Gisborne reappeared after his 2-episode absence in
"Let the Games Commence,"I let out a squeal of joy!  My 4 year-old son was watching with me and caught on to my
fascination with Gisborne right away saying, "Mom... why is that one your favorite?
He's the bad guy!" (He was practically rolling his eyes at me.  I didn't bother explaining.)
Gizzy looked awesome, especially in this episode with his cleaner hair and confident smirk.
Ragtag, is always mentioning this "curling ironed hair" look, so this one's for her.
The downside of this episode was...

The lion.
Where in the heck did they scrounge up that mangy, old-fart lion!?
The retirement center for circus-performing lions?
That poor thing.  He looks so pathetic... and not scary.

In episode 6, "Do You Love Me?"we get our first look at Toby Stephens as Prince John.
Some have said they dislike how dramatic he is, however I love Toby's over-the-top version.
I think he is a hilarious villain.  Kind of like the Sheriff, but in a different way.
Favorite quote from PJ in this episode-
Isabella: "...A benevolent king is loved."
Prince John: "But I am benevolent!"
(said right after he ordered the Locksley church to be burned down with the townsfolk still inside.)

There was plenty of Richard Armitage eye candy.  (Gizzy sideburns!)

This episode also had the Gisborne vs. Vasey Fight scene.  Exciting!

In episode 7, "Too Hot to Handle"
while watching Gisborne, I was reminded of...

Edward Scissorhands!!!

And while I'm going off on complete random thoughts... (what's new?)
I'd like to mention the fact that throughout these 4 episodes, Robin's chest hair
kept distracting me with its hairiness... and fluffiness.  Not in a good way.
Stop pouting and button up, Robin!  As if the comb-forward wasn't enough!
Just to clarify: I'm not anti-chest hair, but I don't like the ape-man look with it popping out of shirts.
Some ladies may disagree with me... like Avalon, who loves that sort of thing! :)

Last, but not least... WitchyWoman's favorite was in episode 7 too:

If you would like a "real" review of Season 3,
stay tuned to Mulubinba's blog.  She has been "In search of the Good Guy,"
analyzing Gisborne in each episode of Robin Hood and is currently on Season 2.

Until then... you'll just be getting my weird thoughts on whatever I notice in each episode. :)


flandersdreamer said...

Without Gizzy, there's nothing, period.
He MAKES or breaks this show, it's as simple as that!
And I love him for it, I can't wait for "Strike Back". I've a feeling it's gone be awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love your reviews! It seems we are watching RH Season 3 at the same pace (currently waiting for disc 3 to arrive from Netflix). And, everything you have mentioned I have noticed, but didn't have the right words to explain it. I read your review and I laughed VERY out loud. Anywho, I appreciate your blog. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

Shy Lurker

Avalon said...

Ha ha really funny...Chest hair; yuck!
I thought I was the only foolish mother squealing like a piglet when Gisborne dashed across the screen....
So are you in the "hate Kate" club yet? I've been there, lol.
Stop by my page and pick up your awards when you can pull yourself away from the TV....

@Rob said...

My 3/12 yr old asked me why I had the Gizzy action fig since he was the bad guy. I just shook my head and told her it's waaay to complicated.

But sometimes good girls just like bad boys, esp with those rockin side burns, that cutie patootie bootie in those tight leather pants, and of course that guyliner.

Okay, I am getting myself a bit too excited, going to take a cold shower now.

Nat your reviews are priceless, thanks for bring a smile to my face!

Longhairedtoad said...

So glad you're enjoying watching season 3. The Edward Sissorhands comparison had me rolling on the floor.

I loved TS as prince John, His over the top performance fit the character perfectly.

Boo on JA, I kept thinking man needs toupee, but I'm probably pushing it.

Joan Crenshaw said...

Great "review" -- all salient points and intellectually sound !

It is better that your son see Mom in this role at an early age. My son is 27 & just shrugs at seeing Gisborne as my wallpaper and my Gisborne and Gladiator posters at work. He grew up with fanzines and conventions, and in fact was most impressed that "Bobba Fett" knew me by name (from Robin of Sherwood cons).

Hate Kate? Count me in! "But he killed my brother...." made me want to puncture my eardrums.

I LOVED the cleaned-up confident Guy, but was trying to figure out WHO TALKED HIM INTO THE LION? I wanted to feed the poor guy some kibble and invite him to sleep before my fireplace.

Chest hair -- struck me as an attempt to appear "manly" as did the attempt to bulk up which made JA look chubby.

Loved PJ (Prince John will always be PJ in my house because of Disney's RH) -- he gets Joan's Clueless Award for 2009.

bZirk said...

Joan, Joan,

We hardly knew ye. Fanzines and conventions? You'll have to give more info on that sometime. :D


Great review as usual, and I agree that it was intellectually sound and definitely the salient points were covered -- eye candy and sideburns. I cannot believe how much I like sideburns now. Truly. I always despised them before I saw them on Richard Armitage. He definitely rocks the sideburns.

As for the chest hair on Jonas, I admit to liking chest hair, and it peaking out of a collar is just fine with me.

As for Kate, she can have braids aplenty. It's her voice I never could abide.

Oh, and Toby Stephens was brilliant in this. He is a total hoot. Love him. My daughters have been bugging me to watch his version of Jane Eyre because they are enthralled with that movie and him. But I'm not sure I can watch it after his PJ interpretation -- probably couldn't keep a straight face.

One more thing. Is RA just beautiful in your "sideburns" picture or what? Whew!

Twinkling Moon said...

Lovely review Nat! I never would have thought of Edward Scissorhands but you are so right! What a memory you have, I haven't seen that movie in over a decade!!!

As for Kate, well, poor girl, i don't think anyone is in her fan club. But I think the deck was stacked against her...too many of us liked Marian, especially with Guy and once that dynamic was lost and don't think another girl could step in...I think it's the role more than the actress. I remember the movie Island at War that aired on PBS several years ago and the Kate girl was in it. I remember actually liking her in that. Does anyone else remember that movie?

bZirk said...

I think it's a case of miscasting. The writers tried to replace feisty Marian with feisty Kate, but she just comes off strident. I don't discount the fact that I did like Marian as making me biased against Kate. No question. But I really did not like Kate's voice. Notice I'm using character names because I have absolutely nothing against Joanne Frogatt.

@Rob said...

something just didn't work in the third season. not sure what IT was exactly, but it wasn't quite as fun. it was inconsistant, some episodes were really good others not so much and the way they ended it. it was like to you hate your fans?

poor jonas, he's up against our man. but i would put jonas in my pocket, there is something cute about him. i think he was well cast as RH.

Myrtle said...

For me, S1 & S2 could have been the 'Sheriff and Gizzy' show, they were so funny, so the fact that both were absent for parts of S3 broke the magic somewhat.

Twinkling Moon said...

@bZirk, I like how you differentiate between the Kate character and the actress that plays her :)

I think sometimes viewers have a hard time making that distinction,

As for why S3 didn't work, well I think when they killed marian they killed the show. Still don't know what the writers were thinking, and it remains unclear to me why LG left. Was it by her request or due to the writers'?