Jan 28, 2010


Thursday calls for a little Thornton...
Isn't Richard Armitage gorgeous as John Thornton!?

Real life has been busy!
SFR #5 is coming soon.


flandersdreamer said...

He's to die for, honestly he is!
Thank you for brightening my Thursday, Nat!

WitchyWoman said...

Ummmm Thornton Thursday. You are right Nat. Richard is gorgeous as Thornton.Like Thorntons chocolate he makes me melt.

Phylly3 said...

Thanks for Thorton Thursday!
(How's that for illiteration?

Phylly3 said...

Oops! Now where did that n go?
Thor(n)ton. There it is!

Longhairedtoad said...

I love Thornt-a-licious Thursdays.

Myrtle said...

I have had a very busy day at work. To come home, have a coffee and look at this picture is heaven!

Yes, Richard is gorgeous as JT

Thankyou Nat

DEZMOND said...

A dashing gentleman, any mother would wish him for a son-in-law :)

bZirk said...


You mean you have a life away from this blog?! :D

I'll bet most of us understand. I've got some time today because I'm sitting in an airport waiting on my flight which is delayed by two hours. In fact, the only time I really get to post is when I'm traveling. If I'm at home, forgetaboutit!

Oh, and yes, Richard is gorgeous, and about the sexiest thing I've ever seen on screen. Oh, heck, he is the sexiest thing I've ever seen on screen. I've said that a few times in a few places, but it can't be said enough. In fact, I'm astounded at how much sex appeal this guy has. I really, really didn't think anyone could eclipse Daniel Day-Lewis. Couple that with his seemingly sweet nature (yes, even his Guy character), and it's truly irresistible.

What is wrong with Hollywood?!! And I still don't understand why PBS doesn't play North and South. That ought to be a criminal offense. LOL!

Phylly3 said...
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Avalon said...

Absolutely stunning!
Sorry this is late but I have been busy. I always try to comment on all your posts. I have fell way behind.