Feb 1, 2010

18th Poll Results ~ Weighing In

Poll Question:
Which type of weight do you prefer on Richard Armitage?

Thanks to Deb, who suggested this poll question.
222 votes were cast, setting a new voting record here!

Poll Results
in ascending order:

Average- as in North & South or Robin Hood, Season 1: 113 (50%)
You can't go wrong with this choice.

Buff- as in Robin Hood, Season 2 or Strike Back: 77 (34%)
Holy Thornton, these are some smokin' hot biceps!!!  (My personal fav.)

Slim- as in Spooks, Season 7: 25 (11%)
The lean, mean, Lucas machine.

I wish he had a beer gut: 7 (3%)
You people either have my kind of humor, or you like your men plump... 
I'm not here to judge your tastes. haha! :)

I doubt that Richard will ever be in need of a "bro." 
(That's a male bra, for those of you who haven't watched Seinfeld.)
However, he may have a role some day that requires packing on some pounds!

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Longhairedtoad said...

LMAO of that last picture of RA with a beer gut!

Phylly3 said...

Hahahahaha! Nasty! That a bit more than a beer gut! :P

Twinkling Moon said...

Nat, the "bro"! really? I totally thought of Seinfeld when I read that, George's dad, what a character and him with Kramer, forget about it, lol! But isn't seinfeld before your time?

I was a teen when it aired and although I thought it was funny, I didn't appreciate it as much then as I do now. Everytime i catch an episode I realize how accurate of a portrayal it is of human nature, maybe because I'm the age of the characters now, I don't know.

Sorry for going off topic, but I definitley sided with you, I like RA buff! The Spooks lucas seems emaciated to me, I just want to feed the poor boy!

Starheart said...

Oh that last pot belly one reminds me of a good luck charm. You know, stroke my belly for future wealth and happiness. Money back guarantee!

flandersdreamer said...

Well, I'm absolutely nuts about Thornton, he's a fine example of manhood. BUT: we have not a lot to go by as we don't see any chest or biceps in N & S! Or in RH1 for that matter.
No, my pref was Porter!
That's a delectable body if I ever saw one!

bZirk said...

ROFLOL!!! Last one caught me off guard. LOL!!!

I voted buff then changed it to average, but really I should have left it. He looks like he could be buff in the "average" pictures.

Oh, and I'm with flanders about John Porter. Wow.

Sue said...

I love your pic of Richard as the sumo wrestler! God forbid he should ever become like that!

I personally liked Richard when he was in a scene in Sparkhouse and Carol was sponging his back after a fight with Andrew. It just showed his torso and he didn't have bulging muscles, just nicely toned! I'm not a lover of muscle bound hulks really. His thighs always seem to have been quite muscular even in N&S and Sparkhouse but this is mainly due to his running regime I think.

To be honest I'm not fussy I'll take anything I can get!

Avalon said...

Nat, you know sometimes you can be really disturbing....lol

I picked buff. It is funny because I either like men buff like RA in Robin Hood or slim but tall men like Ben Barnes. (but you know they cant have any chest hair...lol)

Myrtle said...

I voted for 'average', I'm a sucker for the 'Thornton look' and the RH S1 wedding outfit.

However, I'm sure JP will be quite easy on the eye.

Those who voted for No4 must be having a laugh!!

@Rob said...

That last pic-y is going to give me nightmares! It's just wrong, wrong, wrong on so so so many levels!!! I need a mental scrub brush to make it go away. :O

Traxy said...

I thought he was too skinny in Spooks s7. Didn't really work for me. I prefer him average or buff. The sumo pic had me in stitches! :)

twinkling moon said...

@ Ragtag, you're right, the last pic is like a Budda mini-statue whose tummy you rub, lol!

You know something, I just took a really good look at this pic for the first time and am wondering now is that guy totally nude?! If so, that's bold man!

Avalon said...

Nat, My little boy was just now looking at your blog because I was on here, then got up to make coffee and he starts laughing and says "Why is Gisborne's head on a fat man?" lol....I said because my friend is crazy!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

TM, Seinfeld may have been a bit before my time when it was originally airing... but they've ran reruns of that show forever, so now all the younger generations can talk about it and quote lines from it! :)

Av, I know... I'm a bit nuts... but I'm sure you'd be disappointed if I didn't throw out something crazy now and then, right? :)

bZirk said...

I love the fat man! I howl every time I look at it. :D

Avalon said...

Nat, You know it! I told you that is why I like your blog, for your sense of humor!
Just PLEASE do not post a photo of him with thick chest hair! That is just going too far....