Feb 9, 2010

Robin Hood Season 3 Viewing Spree ~Part 4: The Finale

When the 3rd season of Robin Hood came to the US on DVD last month,
I excitedly watched all the episodes (although a few made me wince) and have posted my
thoughts on each ~some random, some not. You can read the previous "viewing spree" tid-bits HERE

I forgot to do a review of  the finale,
episodes 12 and 13, so let's do it, people!
Warning: long post.

"Something Worth Fighting For, Part 1"
I hate to say it, but in general, I thought this episode was lame. *hides*
However, my favorite parts were seeing Gisborne's hair full of limestone...
(I don't know why but this cracked me up)
and the looks on everyone's faces when Vasey reappears.
Oh crap!!!

"Something Worth Fighting For, Part 2"
This was the better of the sister episodes, even if there were some things I didn't like...

such as Allan's death.
For me, this was the worst thing about Season 3! 
I'm willing to overlook Kate's whiney voice and the mangey lion...
I figured Robin and Gisborne would die since Jonas and Richard weren't returning for a 4th season...
but killing off Allan?  This took me by complete surprise the first time I watched this episode.
It left me thinking, "What was the point of that?" much like when Marian was killed.  I felt robbed.
If the writers insisted on Allan's death, why couldn't they have created a more heroic, dramatic scene?
(Such as Allan jumping in front of an arrow to save Robin or one of the gang.)
Instead, we get poor Allan running through the forest, desperate to get word to Robin about
Vasey's return, only to get shot in the back and dumped at the castle.  LAME!

Instead of focusing on this sad ending,
let's take a second to remember the happier Allan moments, or at least my favorite,
when he became Gisborne's sidekick, following him around and wearing black.
(I think he looks great in black!  And do I detect a bit of guyliner?)
"I'm not being funny or anything..."

Okay, back to the review!

Rather than point out more negatives, let's focus on the positives of this episode:
I liked seeing the team work between Gizzy and the gang.
I liked that Archer stopped being a schmuck and came to the rescue.
I loved it when Gisborne raised his sword in response to Robin's inspirational speech.
Robin's hair looked like it was on fire... haha!
I liked seeing these brothers together.
I even liked Gisborne's death scene.
I'm glad that it was a heroic ending.  This was as close as I got to a group hug. :)
It was sweet when Gisborne looked at Archer and said, "Brother."
His farewell speech to Robin was great.
"I lived in shame, but because of you I die proud... and free."  *tear*

Robin's death scene was milked for all it was worth, being drawn out.
Did this shot remind anyone else of the movie "Gladiator?"
Of course, Robin's slow death gave him the opportunity to get a good last look at
Sherwood Forest and say his emotional good-byes.
As cheesy as it was, I was glad to see Marian again.
Does anyone else think she looks like an elf from "Lord of the Rings?"

As Heathra has so beautifully designed, THIS should have been the ending in a happier Gizzy world:

Before the BBC announced there wouldn't be a 4th season,
I swore that I wouldn't watch another episode of Robin Hood without Gisborne.
However, now I'm curious as to what would have happened in Season 4.

Archer was destined to be the next Robin...
but there were only 2 of the original characters left: Much and Little John.
Would Will and Djaq ever return?  Did the Sheriff really die in the explosion, or would he
have made another surprise appearance?  Would Kate have made the moves on Archer?
I guess we'll never know.  At least Season 3 provided us with several good things:

Sexy, long-haired Gisborne,
hilarious Prince John,
Guy's redemption,
a look into Gizzy's past,
forgiveness and new alliances,
and heroic endings for the show's two most popular characters.

Photos are from Richard Armitage Net's Gallery and Jonas Armstrong Net's Gallery.
Thanks to both sites and also to Heather for the awesome wallpaper.  See more of her stuff here.


Maria Grazia said...

Long but so beautiful, Nat. It has been great to re-live all those emotions with your pics. We all miss Guy so much. And you're right: a 4th series without him? No, thanks.

Longhairedtoad said...

Guy was the only reason I watched. No Guy... pass on Season 4 if there had been one.

bZirk said...

I cannot imagine RH without Guy. I actually sort of mourned his death. Can't believe I admitted that. Even months later I got choked watching Angela's birthday video when it got to the farewell to Guy.

I love that he got redemption and would have been pretty hacked if he hadn't. I'm not rabid. :D

Unknown said...

I had to chuckle at your comment about "forgetting" to review eps 12 and 13, because I did basically the same thing. I think my subconscious didn't want to face up to saying "the end" to a show I'd loved so much for 3 yrs. That said, I was surprised by how much I was able to overlook the elements that annoyed me about season 3 and focus on the positives - like Guy's redemption. Great post, and thanks for sharing those fabulous screen caps!

Avalon said...

Cute review. Yes, Allan's death tore me up. I agree he deserved better. Guy's death was good and I thought Robin's death was also touching. I thought Marian looked beautiful and the ending scene fit, hearing her giggle while hugging Robin helped dry my tears. I was a fan of all the characters (except Kate and Tuck) so it was hard to see any of them die.

Twinkling Moon said...

Nat, I thought the same thing about Archer when he returned to fight the good fight. Your use of the word "shmuck" had me laughing because I think you were dead on, lol!

I also thought of Gladiator during that scene. Maybe it was some subconsious recognition of Russell Crowe playing RH in the upcoming movie? (I'm grasping at straws here)

flandersdreamer said...

Good review, Nat!
So nice that it made me rewatch RH3 and you know what? I agree with everybody on this blog: without RA there's no point in watching!
Gizzie was the real hero and I would even watch RH4 without RH if there was Gizzie in it!

Red Shoe Artist said...

Great post!

I have no desire to watch season 4... I only started watching RH for Guy, but to continue Robin Hood without a Robin of Locksley just doesn't get around my head. And no Richard Armitage? No thanks! I really enjoyed season 3 and I think I'll call it a day. LOL

Myrtle said...

Yeah, It was time to close the door. Goodbye Guy, we have lovely memories xxx

During Guy's final scene I was somewhat distracted by those brilliant white, straight teeth.

Lovely review as always Nat.

@Rob said...

Is Gizzy REALLY the hero or did RA bring that humanity to him? Ponder. Discuss.

PS Those fake lilies they stuffed in RH hands, were TOO much!!! Me & my hubby both got the giggles when they carted him out on the stretcher.

WitchyWoman said...

I wouldn't have wanted to watch series 4 but would have through gritted teeth for my little one who I'm sure would have watched it because there would have been horses in it LOL.
Speaking of my little one she was more gutted about Allan being killed than Guy or Robin. I think it was because he was running to warn Robin and then got shot in the back. He didn't have a chance. Also she knew, like we did, Allan hadn't betrayed the gang.
My ideal ending would have been Robin laying down his life to save Guy and Archer then Guy taking the rune tag from Robins neck and saying "I am Robin Hood" then Archer saying it etc and Guy becomes head of the gang(not Archer) and they gallop off into the sunset ready for adventure and plenty of tree tying scenes just for me..blush.

Judith Johnson said...

Requiescat in pace my beautiful Black Knight!

@Rob said...

@WitchyWoman -- I love your ending!!!

endorwitch said...

iwas appalled at Allans death. i really loved his character!! season 3 was a travesty all over apart from super hot gizzy and awesome giz-moments like the ep with Meg.

Jessica said...

These set of pictures here caused me to dream last night I was in RH(but it was real and not a show filming), we were at an end scene yet we had a 'do over' and we were all trying to figure out what actions we could do differently so Allan wouldn't die- even Guy was contemplating helping so it wouldn't happen. I was trying to work it so Guy would save me too. Very strange!! Now I think about it, I would have been a much better character than Kate! You know you are obsessed when....hahaha!